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Made in Britain Author Testimonials

It is the rigorously defined policy of WRITERSWORLD not to change a single word of any review on display here with the exception of correcting spelling errors and protecting our trademark by displaying it as WRITERSWORLD. We have never had a detrimental testimonial and there are over 200 very positive testimonials on this website. One is from the part-owner of one of our competitors thanking us for doing a great job publishing her book using our extensive services.

Book cover

Title: Murder by Cluedo
Author: Adam Hartopp
ISBNs: 9781919630304 & 9781919630311
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Deciding upon which publisher to use was down to authors’ testimonials. For me, WRITERSWORLD came out top of the class. The subsequent engagement and attention to detail from Graham Cook, copy editor Ian Large and book cover designer Jag Lall was first class, and turned my idea into a finished article which was better than I could ever imagine. Consequently, I would highly recommend WRITERSWORLD as a must for any self-publisher.

Book cover

Title: Exodus of Evil
Author: David R. Marston
ISBNs: 9781916902305 & 9781916902312
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I did not have a clue that I was going to write a book this year. Covid 19 had been a stinker for nearly a year and the adventure started like many others with a need to alleviate the pressure in my role as a Mental Health Nurse. I started to write and couldn’t stop and told a story that developed all on its own. It was as if it had been waiting for expression on a subconscious level. The joy of it was that it is pure fantasy and absolutely nothing to do with my role.

Graham Cook and his wonderful cohort of talent made it very easy to make the decision to self-publish. I read through the very helpful information on the website and it seemed to be just what I was looking for. All the expertise needed to create a book has been generously donated by Ian Large and Jag Lall who worked with Graham Cook to make sure I was given a sense of control over the process, when in fact they did all the work in reality.

The patience shown to me in my ignorance of the process was always present and Ian painstakingly brought my script up to scratch with kindness and understanding. Jag Lall helped me design my book cover with which I am delighted. In a very difficult year for everyone I have been able to enjoy the process, which has given me a surprising amount of pleasure. I have already started the script for Book Two and I will be sticking with Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD.

Book cover

Title: Felons of Hathersage (A Brief History of Crime)
Author: David Moseley
ISBNs: 9781919603100 & 9781919603117
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Although I had published papers in learned journals in the past, the thought of producing a book on a subject other than my academic speciality filled me with trepidation. But it was something which I was gradually driven towards during the enforced isolation of the Covid ‘lockdown’.

I had no need to worry. Having spotted WRITERSWORLD on the internet and liked the sound of their pragmatic and honest ethos I decided to give them a call. They were entirely true to their word.

Graham Cook was able to take me through the procedures to ensure the smooth progress of my project and as soon as I had supplied the details to them, I was contacted by both Jag Lall and Sue Croft. They both oozed experience and gave me the confidence to keep the job moving. Jag soon had some ideas for a cover design and displayed superb flexibility when we discussed ideas. Sue was a paragon of patience when dealing with my inevitable uncertainties and indecision. She had the knack of making slight changes which always enhanced my prose.

These experiences have encouraged me to consider another writing project and I would have no hesitation in choosing WRITERSWORLD to help me again should I ever do so.

Book cover

Title: The Small World I Ching
Author: Peggy Jones
ISBNs: 9781999623920 & 9781999623937
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having worked with Graham Cook and his WRITERSWORLD team on my first book, I didn't think twice before deciding to work with them again on The Small World I Ching. The experience both times has been one of warm collaboration and support. Throughout the entire process I was consulted on every aspect of the finished book and how I envisioned it. Ian Large and Jag Lall never hassled me, making me feel the book was always mine to shape as I wished, but they also offered guidance when I needed it.

When I published with an academic publisher years ago, I was left with a feeling that my book had been taken from me, that I had little or no choice about the final product, and that whoever was managing it was not particularly interested in my views. The experience left me feeling bruised. However, my experience with WRITERSWORLD has been the complete opposite, and I would recommend them to anybody seeking to see their book in print.

Book cover

Title: Red Couch in the Sky
Author: Judith Nicol
ISBNs: 9781916397705 & 9781916397712
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I was contemplating self-publishing, I had no real idea what it involved and wanted a service whereby I was guided through the process professionally without having to worry. WRITERSWORLD delivered this in spades and delivered a high quality product. The copy editor Ian Large was excellent as was Jag Lall the book cover designer. Everything was managed to a tight timeframe and yet I was never hurried. When I had questions they were patiently answered. The service is not cheap but I have been very happy with its value for money.

Book cover

Title: Straighten Up and Fly Right
Author: Brian Smith
ISBNs: 9781838434106 & 9781838434113
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I started out on my quest to write a book, I quickly realised I did not know an ISBN from my elbow. I needed help. WRITERSWORLD were there to rescue me. The detailed information on their website is exceptional. All you need to know about publishing a book—and were afraid to ask!

The team led by Graham Cook has been outstanding. His attention to detail and customer service have been to the highest standard. Jag Lall, the book cover designer, and Ian Large, the copy editor, have shown great skill and patience, very professional—a pleasure to work with. The whole process has been seamless. The sample copy of the book arrived yesterday. To say we are delighted with it is an understatement. The cover and whole layout of the book far exceeds our expectations. It has been produced to the highest quality.

I would thoroughly recommend WRITERSWORLD to any budding author.

Book cover

Title: Taking the Tide Where it Serves
Author: Dave Adamson
ISBNs: 9781838376307 & 9781838376314
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I started writing my memoirs to amuse myself during the pandemic it was initially for the fun of it and to possibly to amuse friends and relatives but as it grew and a few people read sections and urged me to publish I suddenly realised that I hadn’t a clue what that involved, searching the internet made it clear that I needed help and could be swimming in shark infested waters. Luckily I stumbled on WRITERSWORLD and sent them an email which immediately resulted in a call from Graham Cook. My initial skepticism was soon allayed and I could not be happier with the result. Graham Cook has supported throughout and his advice given on the phone invaluable, the copy editor Ian Large and the book cover editor Jag Lall have been brilliant, nothing is too much trouble for them. Being from Yorkshire I like to get value for money, you certainly get that from these guys.

Book cover

Title: The Attendance Card
Author: Peter Llidon
ISBNs: 9781838392901 & 9781838392918
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I decided some years ago that I would try and write a book. Since retirement I have had a story line in mind that was nagging at me and I was quite desperate to get it written down.

Once my manuscript was completed, I set about trying to get my story published; I had no idea how to go about it. The more I researched the process of publication, the more I became concerned. What should I do about a book cover? How would I get my book checked for spelling and grammar mistakes? How would I get my book printed? How would I get my book into book shops? I really had no idea how to do this; it was an absolute nightmare and I just could not see a way forward.

I was about to make the decision to shelve my project when I found the WRITERSWORLD website, and I sent off for the free self-publishing guide. I spoke with Graham Cook, who explained how he would handle my manuscript if I decided to proceed, which I did. I am very impressed with the final result, the quality and presentation being of an extremely high standard. Making the decision to go with WRITERSWORLD has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Book cover

Title: Percy Monkman: An Extraordinary Bradfordian
Author: Martin Greenwood
ISBNs: 9781838342326 & 9781838342333
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having lost confidence in the publisher of my first book, I was pleased to switch to WRITERSWORLD who I knew would do a highly competent and efficient job, and, of course, they had already gained my trust in the first book they published for me. Moreover, this would give a hardback and Kindle version as well as the softback version that I started with. I wholeheartedly recommend WRITERSWORLD to any potential author.

Book cover

Title: Thomas Ravenscroft’s Psalter 1621
Author: Andrew K Mulford M.Th
ISBNs: 9781838312404 & 9781838312411
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Writing a book is one thing but getting it published is another. As an author or, in my case, editor, one would like to share a book with as large a number and range of readers as possible. Self-publication can be a bit of a minefield. With my book, I had to find a publisher that could cope with a large specialist book of nearly 600 pages, incorporating graphics of music with accompanying text, and in a specific order. I searched the internet and made quite a few enquiries. Then I discovered WRITERSWORLD. For a fixed price I found personal attention. This included my own copy editor with whom I had contact on a regular, at least weekly, basis. He formatted and proof-read my text and made my draft into something that is attractive, clear and comprehensible. Alongside were the services of a very professional artistic designer, who could take my ideas and produce a superb cover. The package also took care of all the necessary details of registering, printing and marketing, giving peace of mind, knowing that I was in the hands of people who knew what they were doing. To complete the picture there were the regular telephone check-ups to see if I was happy and if there was anything more that could be done.

Being a complex book, including archaic text, multiple footnotes and several indexes, this has been a challenging task to complete, all done with patience, diligence and commitment to my desire to see this work published. Both inside and out it is beautifully printed and with an attractive cover that gains attention. The end result is large book that is a real joy to feel and behold, to turn the pages and consume its contents. Now I just need a choir to bring it to life!

Book cover

Title: Betrayal of Hope
Author: Victor Rumanyika
ISBNs: 9781838367701 & 9781838367718
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I would like to thank the team at WRITERSWORLD for all the effort and hard work that they put into publishing my poetry book. I initially looked around for a publisher but once I had looked at the service they provided and spoken to Graham Cook, I was confident that they provided the best service. Graham Cook, Sue Croft, and Jag Lall were very accommodating and kept me updated with any progress that had been made. Everything WRITERSWORLD stated that they offered they did without any hidden charges. Looking at the final copy, I was very impressed, as it exceeded my expectations. The print quality and presentation were excellent and I will be utilising their services again when my next book is complete.

Book cover

Title: Every Day Bradford
Author: Martin Greenwood
ISBNs: 9781838342302 & 9781838342319
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Despite a promising start, my first venture into assisted publishing over three years ago turned out to be less than successful when trust broke down. This second time I had to do better and with WRITERSWORLD I have. Its online publishing guide was very useful in its own right and also helpful in the selection process. Unusually when I approached them, my book was well on the way to being designed by a trusted designer, but WRITERSWORLD were more than happy to take my book over as work-in-progress at a reduced charge. Since then, it has been a very efficient, well-organised process, leading to a quality end-product. Graham Cook keeps in regular contact to check on progress from my viewpoint. WRITERSWORLD have taken away the hassle of publishing and allowed me to concentrate on the book.

Book cover

Title: Arthur’s Seed
Author: David M Cubbage
ISBNs: 9781838212902 & 9781838212919
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

For those of you who have ever written a book and tried to get an agent or publisher interested in your work, you will know how difficult it is to get them interested. Yes, they will tell you on their website they are keen to sign new authors and will encourage you to submit your work. However, if you don’t follow their submission rules to the letter it will most likely end up in the bin. All I can say is, publishing companies and agents must have very large bins! Most likely they won’t even notify you. How do I know? Because I have been there myself, many times.

Frustrated with the process, I decided to self-publish with WRITERSWORLD and have never looked back. I got excellent advice from Graham Cook on the best way to proceed, and from the very start of signing my contract I was assigned my own, very talented copy editor, Sue Croft, and a fantastic cover designer, Jag Lall. From day one they both contacted me and worked tirelessly to turn my manuscript into a printed book, fulfilling my dream of becoming a published author. It doesn’t stop there. Graham Cook’s vast expertise and experience in the self-publishing world is like having your very own publisher by your side. He took care of everything for me and was at the end of a phone line to answer any queries I had.

Once I was happy with the final draft and cover design, the order went to the printers to print a sample copy. I can’t describe the feeling I had opening my parcel the day it arrived, but just to say, wow! The quality of the printed copy was amazing as was the feeling of finally seeing my book in print after years of trying. On the day I gave the go-ahead for the first print run, Graham Cook had an order from Gardners Books for copies of my book for their stock. They are the largest book wholesaler in the UK and from that day my book will be available to order from any bookshop in the country. You try getting that sort of deal from any other self-publishing company. My book will also be available to order from Amazon as a printed copy or a Kindle. All this and many more bonuses are offered by WRITERSWORLD. I’ve had an amazing journey with his company so, if, like me, you want a better alternative than getting a publishing house to take you on, visit his website and give him a ring. Go on, you won’t be sorry!

Book cover

Title: Soul Guidance
Author: Essence Rising
ISBNs: 9781838234003 & 9781838234010
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The self-publishing world can be a minefield for the new author. After exhausting research of several self-publishing methods, I gratefully found WRITERSWORLD and their self-publishing guide. I was amazed to read such a true, authentic reflection of how self-publishing should really be, especially after noticing many inaccuracies in my previous research. The true reflection of what an author is really entitled to is represented extremely well by what WRITERSWORLD offer and deliver.

After finding such an authentic resonance with what they offer, I decided to take my self-publishing journey with WRITERSWORLD. I have been completely amazed with the level of customer service that I have received, as this rarely exists in today’s world. WRITERSWORLD go above and beyond their contractual obligations and are very accommodating to your specific needs.

It has been such a nice experience working with the WRITERSWORLD team, knowing that I could relax and was in good hands, always receiving the best and most experienced support available. I will definitely be working again with WRITERSWORLD as the level of service, experience and transparency is way beyond average. Thank you for lighting the way to self-publishing.

Book cover

Title: From Burgos to Bedroom Floor and Back Again
Author: Louise Hulbert
ISBNs: 9781838221706 & 9781838221713
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I decided to self-publish the book I had written in an effort to occupy and exercise my mind during the coronavirus lockdown in the spring of 2020, I was a complete novice and knew nothing about how the process worked, so I googled self-publishing and investigated the WRITERSWORLD website, downloading and digesting the very comprehensive guide they provide, which I found extremely informative, comprehensive and useful. I was quite nervous about investing my savings into the self-indulgence of self-publishing but was sufficiently convinced by the self-publishing guide to pursue it further and, after a telephone conversation with Graham Cook, my mind was even further put at rest and I arranged to go and meet him for lunch to discuss my project.

After spending a leisurely lunch talking to Graham Cook and checking out all of the concerns and gaps in my knowledge I felt very confident that it was the right thing for me to do and signed a contract a couple of days later. Within a few days of payment I was allocated both a copy editor and book cover designer, with whom I remained in frequent contact throughout the editing and preparation phase. Both of them were incredibly professional and supportive and guided me carefully through the process and I found working with both of them helpful and enjoyable. The whole process was relatively worry and pain free and happened in exactly the way Graham Cook had described. I am very happy with my relationship with WRITERSWORLD and was impressed with the way that Graham Cook kept tabs on how things were progressing at all stages and made himself available at all times to deal with any concerns or queries I had. The whole project has been thoroughly enjoyable and if I ever produce another book I’ll definitely use WRITERSWORLD again.

Book cover

Title: Alphabet Soup
Author: Jon Kaufman
ISBNs: 9781838163303 & 9781838163310
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The self-publishing industry doesn’t have the greatest of reputations. A money making machine and very little after-sales service. I’m happy to report that WRITERSWORLD has bucked that trend. From the very beginning, there has been an attention to detail and a recognition of individual needs that has been pleasantly surprising. The quality of the finished product is excellent and when they say they are going to do something, they do it. I would be happy to recommend this UK based company to anyone contemplating their first foray into the murky and complex world of self-publishing.

Book cover

Title: The Walking Hills
Author: Rosina Umelo
ISBNs: 9781838097905 & 9781838097912
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The publishing world has greatly changed since those days when I first saw my books in print. Looking back, I find the service I had then from publishers was a nannying experience. Once the manuscript was accepted, everything was out of my hands. Self-publishing had to be completely different and it has taken a long time before I ventured into something where I knew nothing. The information and good advice from WRITERSWORLD began in the excellent Self-Publishing Guide and has been available all the way by email, text and telephone. The book cover for The Walking Hills (thank you, Jag Lall, the book cover designer) is the best I have ever had. Prompt help has been available from everyone whenever it was needed.

I was well guided in my choice of WRITERSWORLD for this experience. I wish the right circumstances had been there for me to enjoy this opportunity years ago.

Book cover

Title: Me, You and the Next Generations
Author: Ageed Murad
ISBNs: 9781838068905 & 9781838068912
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I chose WRITERSWORLD because I simply could not find any better print-on-demand book publishers that offered all the services, such as editing, cover design, marketing, e-book/Kindle version, consultation… I also love WRITERSWORLD because they have a fixed Standard Service Fee and do not charge any extra fees throughout the producing process. Thank you WRITERSWORLD for the support and professional work in converting my manuscript into a well-presented form. Your unique expertise added a great deal to the impact of the text. I will definitely return to you with my future manuscript.

Book cover

Title: The Sundial
Author: Elizabeth Lavers
ISBNs: 9780957205383 & 99780957205390
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Thank you also for the complimentary copies of ‘The Sundial’, the third book of my poems produced by WRITERSWORLD. The parcel was delivered yesterday afternoon, and I am delighted with the books, which are of the high quality that is your hallmark. It has also been a pleasure to work once more with the endlessly helpful and patient Sue Croft as my copy editor. Current circumstances make it difficult for me to write, but I have recently whole heartedly recommended WRITERSWORLD to a friend who may already have been in touch with you.

Book cover

Title: Never at the Office
Author: Mike Clegg
ISBNs: 9780995482364 & 9780995482371
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having had two books published by WRITERSWORLD the company was a clear choice for my third, a non-fiction account of my experiences as an RAF officer serving in a NATO appointment in Naples during the Cold War. Hardly had I signed the contract than the copy editor, Ian Large, and the illustrator, Jag Lall, contacted me. Thereafter they worked closely and quickly with me to finalise the book: ‘Never at the Office’. Throughout the process Graham Cook, the owner of WRITERSWORLD, kept in touch to provide a friendly and helpful oversight of the process. Overall it was a pleasure to work with such a great team and the finished product was a book of which anyone would be proud. I’ve said this before but it is worth repeating: there may be bigger companies than WRITERSWORLD but there can be none better.

Book cover

Title: A Dangerous Inheritance
Author: Patsy Smith
ISBNs: 9781838007409 & 9781838007416
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Professional, understanding, skilled, responsive, ethical are just a few words that describe our experience of WRITERSWORLD. I say our, because I have acted as the link between WRITERSWORLD and the author, Patsy Smith. Patsy is blind and ‘A Dangerous Inheritance’ is her first novel. I am a ‘reader’ for Patsy and knew that she wanted to publish this book. My research brought me back time and time again to WRITERSWORLD. Graham Cook’s online publishing guide is invaluable and this combined with Graham Cook’s honesty and professionalism in talking me through what was needed made me feel confident in recommending that Patsy self-publish through WRITERSWORLD. Jag Lall was able to interpret Patsy’s vision for the book cover and tweaked the design to all of our suggestions to produce a high quality cover design that has impact. We thought we had proofread the draft, but Sue Croft as copy editor sensitively brought to our attention details where there were errors in grammar, or the text didn’t quite match up with earlier themes but also if I didn’t agree with her would adjust as needed. Graham Cook, Sue Croft and Jag Lall are an awesome team. If you are thinking of self-publishing, we thoroughly recommend WRITERSWORLD.

Book cover

Title: Memories of a Synchronistic Gap Year
Author: Andrew Cole
ISBNs: 9781838048600 & 9781838048617
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having written a manuscript over fifteen years ago but not published it because the timing wasn’t right, it was vitally important to me to find the right method of publishing and the right company to use when the opportunity to publish arose. After all, the manuscript represented a significant emotional investment.

From my first telephone conversation with Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD I was certain that I had found exactly the right partner. As he suggested, I read the publishing guide which outlined the process, pitfalls, opportunities and costs. All of which I have found to be 100% correct.

He put me in touch with Jag Lall, who would design the book cover. The finished product is something that clearly reflects the content of the book and in my view something of a ‘work of art’.

Ian Large worked with me to formulate the layout, correct the grammar, spelling and improve the overall reading experience of the book. Something that I couldn’t have achieved without his help, experience, guidance and patience.

Therefore, as we work toward the launch date, I should like to thank the team from WRITERSWORLD for all their work in helping me achieve my goal. The sheer elation of seeing my book for sale on Amazon or holding the first hard copy in my hand, have in themselves been emotional.

Finally, I feel safe in the knowledge that I have made the correct decision with my publishing company and they have provided me with a book I can be proud of.

Book cover

Title: Space for Farming
Author: Pammy Riggs
ISBNs: 9781916387607 & 9781916387614
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Once my book was finished, I left it for a year, then thought that I may as well take the next step of self-publishing. Wow! What a minefield! Again and again I came back to WRITERSWORLD and read and reread their online publishing guide. The generosity of information in that guide, whether ultimately you went with them or not, gave me the courage to approach Graham Cook.

Now I not only have a book in print but also have been thoroughly and professionally edited, something I was very keen on since I know that my punctuation is, well, not always perfect, and seeing past one’s own mistakes is the norm, thank you Ian Large. At every stage of book publishing there are more and more nooks and crannies to negotiate, getting ISBNs, who even heard of The Book Depository? Being exposed to a worldwide distribution centre and e-books, all of these things come together seamlessly with the WRITERSWORLD team and every question, and I had many, was answered swiftly and in a language I understood.

Putting the cover artwork together was really good fun. I supplied some of the ideas and images I liked and the book cover designer Jag Lall, whose painterly style I love, chatted, made tweaks and suggestions and jiggled images until we were both happy. A collaborative project.

Ethics are close to my heart, I like that UK businesses are printing my book on thoughtfully sourced primary materials, at the same time I access a potential global market for my book. That I have self-published is not correct, I could have ended up with some shabbily produced books piled up in my garage but instead I have a shiny product out there for the world to see. It is up to me to make the sales work but I do it in full knowledge that my book will be easily and breezily seen on all platforms and that 100% royalties come to me.

WRITERSWORLD is an ethical business, true to their word and continues to support me at the administrative end even now. If you are wondering about your book, I would say, yes, go for it! There is a professional team waiting to take care of you.

Book cover

Title: Life of Action II: Interviews with the Men and Women of Action Cinema
Author: Mike Fury
ISBNs: 9781916251809 & 9781916251816
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Working outside the traditional publishing world and collaborating with WRITERSWORLD has been a very good experience. Graham Cook is extremely knowledgable on the complete publishing process, from technical know-how to the commercial side of releasing and distributing a book. He is always available and on hand to discuss ideas or offer guidance and his team are professional and very friendly in helping writers through the process, from copy editing to design. Crucially, they are also open to external input, in my case I have my own artwork designer, so they ensure the entire creative, technical and commercial process runs smoothly. For maintaining maximum creative control over your own work and product, I would recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone wishing to publish their book.

Book cover

Title: The Final Voyage of the Clipper Ship Teviotdale in 1876
Author: Stuart McEwen Jenkins
ISBNs: 9781916060203 & 9781916060210
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

This was my first attempt at writing a book, which I do not think I could have completed without the dedicated help of WRITERSWORLD. The task proved to be a very difficult one because of the sheer amount of information available relative to the Victorian subject history that was available, which proved to be absolutely daunting. It was only finalised with the professional help of the WRITERSWORLD team. In fact, during this exercise, one of the WRITERSWORLD team remarked that the exercise was like having to find the solution to a complex puzzle. However, I am very pleased, due to their efforts, with the final result. I must therefore, sincerely, thank Graham Cook for his frequent contact and the professional dedicated help from Ian Large and Jag Lall of WRITERSWORLD.

Last, but not least, I must also thank my friend, Robert Hughes for his interest, help, enthusiasm, research and dedication to the project.

Book cover

Title: A History of the Speake Families in Shropshire
Author: John D. Speake
ISBNs: 9781916114203 & 9781916114210
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After ‘finishing’ writing my family history book, I needed to publish it an. After viewing the various self publishing options, the one which stood out above all others was WRITERSWORLD. After a conversation with Graham Cook the owner founder of WRITERSWORLD I decided to go ahead, and everything moved on quickly and smoothly from that point on. Ian Large my copy editor and Jag Lall my book cover designer were professional and efficient. Graham Cook was in contact on a regular basis to check that everything progressed smoothly. The result is a very professionally presented book of which I am proud. Many thanks to Graham, Ian and Jag! Highly recommended.

Book cover

Title: Vicky and the Magic Crystal
Author: Mike Clegg
ISBNs: 9780995482333 & 9780995482340
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

My first children’s book, Vicky and the Magic Wood, was published by WRITERSWORLD. The service I received throughout the entire process was outstanding – friendly, efficient and expeditious – so I had no hesitation in contacting the owner, Graham Cook, and asking him to publish the second, Vicky and the Magic Crystal. Immediately on signing the contract I was contacted once again by Sue Croft, copy editor, and Jag Lall, illustrator and over the next few weeks I worked closely with them both: Sue Croft did an excellent job, especially in suggesting improvements to my text, while Jag Lall created a striking book cover illustration embodying key elements of the book: Vicky, Ancient Egypt and, of course, the Magic Crystal itself. Throughout this painstaking procedure Graham contacted me frequently both to monitor progress and to answer any of my queries. In short, as owner of WRITERSWORLD he has a dedicated and professional team who make self-publishing a real pleasure, the final result being a beautifully produced book of which anyone would be proud. There may be bigger companies than WRITERSWORLD but there can be none better.

Book cover

Title: Rosemary for Remembrance
Author: Anne P. Stewart
ISBNs: 9781916133303 & 9781916133310
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have no hesitation recommending WRITERSWORLD to those contemplating self-publishing a novel or, as in my case, an anthology of war poetry. I was a complete novice and ignorant of what questions to ask. However, from the very first interview with Graham Cook, I was guided through the potential cost, their ethical belief, the 100% payment of royalties and most importantly that ISBN numbers were bought in my name and not that of the publishing company. I was given adequate time to think about everything and, following my acceptance to go ahead, received meticulous care and advice throughout. The copy editor Ian Large and cover editor Jag Lall offered reassurance, emailing me at regular intervals about the progress with my work. At all times I was assured that it was my book and that they would abide by my decisions, yet were willing to discuss pros and cons if I was unsure about certain aspects. Graham Cook was always there in the background, checking that I was happy. So if I may quote Ian Large in his first email to me, I can confidently say “your book will be in safe hands”.

Book cover

Title: Phoenix
Author: Roger Fountain
ISBNs: 9781916160002 & 9781916160019
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Once I had decided to write a book on my restoration of a vintage car the “Riley project”, I investigated the route I had to take to get the book published. Having heard the horror stories of rejection after rejection by established publishing houses I began to look at self-publishing, aware also of the pitfalls in following that route. During my search I came across the website of WRITERSWORLD, who seem to have put together a formula which eliminates virtually all the pitfalls of conventional publishing with a unique package which for a single fee covers all the steps I was aware of and had no idea how to handle, and several more issues that I didn’t know existed. Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD takes care of everything from obtaining ISBN numbers, and in conjunction with Jag Lall and Ian Large takes care of any design and production requirements, copy editing, proofreading, printing, distribution, marketing. In fact the whole package from the time you finish writing to the day it appears in bookshops or via Amazon and hundreds of book retailers, or electronically through Kindle. A very innovative concept by Graham Cook and without it I think my book would have been stillborn and never proceeded to publication, so thank you, Graham Cook and your team for enabling it to happen.

Book cover

Title: Together in Biafra
Author: Leslie Jean Mitchell
ISBNs: 9781916159006 & 9781916159013
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

If you think writing ‘The End‘ on completing your manuscript means you can sit back and relax think again. My first experience of publishing was a total disaster so this time I wanted it to be done properly. Publishing is a very complex industry which most of us know nothing about full of pitfalls for the unwary. After talking to other authors, consulting the Writers and Artists yearbook, researching on-line self-publishing companies and reading several guides, the only one which impressed me with its clarity and commitment was WRITERSWORLD. Having met the owner and founder of WRITERSWORLD Graham Cook for a face to face meeting after signing up Graham Cook, Jag Lall (cover designer) and Ian Large (editor) have guided me through the process with great patience over recent months (and I have had to work on it too) but finally my book is a physical reality which I am delighted with. I am very proud of this joint production with WRITERSWORLD and I strongly recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone seeking to self-publish.

Book cover

Title: Oxford’s Strangest Tales
Author: Malcolm Horton
ISBNs: 9781916074606 & 9781916074613
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I had previously self-published seven books over a period of 20 years which I found to be somewhat stressful. My latest book, Oxford’s Strangest Tales, has been published by WRITERSWORLD and what a difference there was – minimum stress. The WRITERSWORLD team Graham Cook, Ian Large and Jag Lall alleviated the stress. They were thoroughly professional, creative, and prompt and eliminated the inevitable mistakes, even checking my facts. They were always available to solve problems however minor and my not having to deal with the multitude of administrative and legal details was of a great relief to me. Above all, the financial package was fair and reasonable and I shall certainly use WRITERSWORLD for future books.

Book cover

Title: Visitors’ Guide to Scotland
Author: Nigel Cole
ISBNs: 9781916133204 & 9781916133211
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I am very happy to recommend Graham Cook together with his associates at WRITERSWORLD, namely Jag Lall and Ian Large. This was my first venture into publishing which was well facilitated by the professionalism and teamwork of Graham Cook, Jag Lall and Ian Large.

Book cover

Title: Benches
Author: Peggy Jones
ISBNs: 9781999623906 & 97871999623913
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have just received the sample copy of my book and I am delighted with it. The whole process of getting to this point has been a pleasure: working on the cover with Jag Lall was an exercise in creative cooperation that I really enjoyed; spending time with the ever-patient Ian Large, the copy editor, was unpressured and affirming. I appreciated their responsiveness and support enormously. Graham Cook checked on me regularly to be sure I was happy with how things were progressing, and I felt he delivered everything he promised. Above all, I really appreciated feeling so much a part of this creative process. I would recommend WRITERSWORLD to anybody.

Book cover

Title: Generations and Genealogy
Author: John Beacham CBE
ISBNs: 9780950114606 & 9780950114613 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD has turned the complex world of self-publishing into a simple process for a virgin author. He has maintained a close contact, checking progress all the way. His initial advice was very useful and enabled me to determine what I needed. Graham Cook arranged for my excellent copy editor, Sue Croft and book cover designer Jag Lall, who have both been very helpful, creative, understanding and patient as we changed my manuscript into a real book. Lastly Graham Cook and his staff have made this whole process enjoyable and exciting. I have no reservations in recommending Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD for any self-publishing requirement.

Book cover

Title: Closer: 30 Days of Devotions to Help You on Your Faith Journey
Author: Rob Carter
ISBNs: 9780995451803 & 9780995451810 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I highly recommend WRITERSWORLD. As a first-time author my aim was to self-publish but I had seen some attempts of the budget do-it-yourself variety whereby a good story and content was often ruined by poor presentation, grammatical errors and cheap paper. I was therefore keen to draw on the experience, professionalism and contacts of an established publisher. I found WRITERSWORLD via the internet and I am so glad I did. Graham Cook has guided me through the whole project, offering wise words and encouragement along the way. The copy editing process was structured and thorough. I didn’t really have much inspiration for the cover but the designer grasped the concept of the book and came up with an excellent idea. I particularly appreciated the way WRITERSWORLD set up the book distributor, online sales via book retailers and an Amazon Kindle version of the book. It is worth bearing in mind that although WRITERSWORLD do not ‘market’ the book for you (that is your responsibility) they do provide the infrastructure and international press release for the whole publishing process to work and that is no small feat. In summary I now have a book that looks great and I am getting some very positive feedback.

Book cover

Title: Cancer with a Small ‘c’
Author: Elizabeth Caush
ISBN: 9780993091322
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Graham Cook was very encouraging about my book idea and I decided to work with WRITERSWORLD again in order to publish my second book. I have enjoyed a professional relationship with everyone involved with my book at WRITERSWORLD and have been able to make as many changes as I wanted without feeling a nuisance. For example, I tried several different fonts and wanted the cover changed until both were as I wanted them. Nothing was too much trouble. WRITERSWORLD did everything for me from obtaining the ISBN number through to putting the book on leading booksellers’ websites. They also sent the press release to thousands of papers and magazines which helps considerably with the marketing of the end product. I would recommend them to anyone considering self publishing.

Book cover

Title: Owen’s Journey: The True Story of a Little Boy’s Fight Against Cancer
Author: Karen Harmsworth
ISBNs: 9780995564206 & 9780995564213 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After months of research into trying to find a suitable self-publishing company, I finally discovered WRITERSWORLD. After reading their self-publishing guide, my gut feeling was that WRITERSWORLD was the company I wanted to contact and I am so glad I did. Myself and my husband arranged a meeting with the owner, Graham Cook and as a first time Author, I was quite nervous at first but Graham Cook instantly put me at ease. After a casual chat, he went onto explain the publishing process in more detail and straight away we knew that WRITERSWORLD would be able to help make Owen’s Journey into an actual book.

I cannot fault the service I received, Graham Cook kept his word throughout the entire process, he kept me informed via phone calls and emails, he put me in contact with a copy editor, Ian Large and cover designer Jag Lall who were absolutely brilliant, they responded to my emails quickly and efficiently. Their honesty, commitment, patience, expertise and efficiency to get the job done was second to none. I highly recommend WRITERSWORLD to all, they are absolutely wonderful and you will not be disappointed.

Book cover

Title: Design it Yourself Interiors
Author: Annabel Buckley
ISBNs: 9780957658509 & 9780957658516
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

For all those of you who are undecided on who to choose to publish your book, look no further, Graham Cook is your man and WRITERSWORLD is your company. He has been true to his word from the first day I met him and in my case very patient! Honesty and integrity are rare qualities to find in a person these days, particularly in such a competitive industry, so to find someone with these attributes is a genuine find. Graham Cook and his team will guide you through the process of self publishing with ease and make the journey a smooth ride which might otherwise have been a turbulent affair. I would not hesitate to recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone wishing to self publish their book.

Book cover

Title: For Exemplary Bravery
Author: Nick Metcalfe
ISBN: 9780957269514
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

This is my second book to be published in conjunction with WRITERSWORLD I have to say that the process has been even easier than the first. From the outset, Graham Cook put everything in place — he made no assumptions that I might know what to do next, I got exactly the same level of service this time round. No cut corners, no surprises, no hidden extras. Just first class support from a super team. I had the same copy editor and cover designer and they, again, did everything I needed. What I really like about WRITERSWORLD is that I know that they all put my interests, ideas and priorities before their own. I’ll be back – no doubt about it.

Book cover

Title: A Change in Fashion
Author: Susan Gale
ISBN: 9780957658400
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Perhaps you are like me? I see myself as a writer, rather than a computer scientist: I resent being told by a chirpy twenty-something-year-old in a video how “simple” online-publishing is, and have a nightmare vision of my work vanishing forever into the anonymity of the web! I have no knowledge of the technicalities and legalities of publishing. Nor can I afford to enter into a financial agreement without knowing how much it will cost me in the end. I have put an enormous amount of effort and time into writing my book and would like to enjoy the profits. Most of important of all, I care passionately about my writing and believe that, even though my work may not be to everyone’s taste, both it and my person should to be treated with respect.

That is why discovering WRITERSWORLD was a godsend for me! Graham Cook and his team have done everything possible to make publishing my book an exhilarating, pleasurable and memorable experience. I admit that I gulped when I saw the fee but, now that my work is due for publication, I can honestly say that the service that WRITERSWORLD provides is worth every penny. Graham Cook has guided me step by step through the whole process with great courtesy and immense care. Sue Croft, my copy editor, has worked thoroughly with an expert eye to bring my manuscript to perfection. Jag Lall, my cover designer, has used his creative skills to give my book exactly the right image. These are people you can trust, people for whom personal contact is a priority, who are always available to answer your questions and carry out your wishes, and who never make decisions over your head but involve you at every stage of the publication process.

If you are like me, I could not more wholeheartedly recommend that you use WRITERSWORLD.

Book cover

Title: Community Youth Club Handbook
Author: Kirstie Brown & Jeff Brown
ISBN: 9780906089019
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I am happy to recommend WRITERSWORLD. The information they produce is interesting, clear, easily understood and really helpful, without being pushy. The process of getting a quote for the production of our non-standard book was smooth and quick, and once we’d committed to the publication the support was constant without being intrusive. Our enquiries were dealt with quickly and with patience, the copy editing and cover production were dealt with professionally and the many versions were produced quickly and our comments and suggestions were incorporated each time. The service WRITERSWORLD offer is professional, easy to use and hassle-free. We wanted someone to take the strain out of publishing our book; Graham Cook and his team did just that and the finished article was everything we’d hoped for.

Book cover

Title: On a Cushion of Air: The Story of HOVERLLOYD and the Cross-Channel Hovercraft
Authors: Robin Paine & Roger Syms
ISBNs: 9780956897800 & 9780956897817
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When we first decided to write the history of the hovercraft three years ago, we didn’t give any thought as to how we might eventually have our work published. As time moved on we thought we should at least start to make some enquiries, but it soon became apparent that for a specialist subject like ours we would probably have difficulty in finding a publisher to take it on and even if we could find one, the process seemed to be fraught with difficulties, not least that we would not have control of our book. It was then that we investigated self publishing on the Internet. It didn’t take long to come across WRITERSWORLD and, after making comparisons with a few other websites, it seemed that they were head and shoulders above the others in presentation and content. What gave us huge confidence was they told a very comprehensive story about publishing, and while not pretending to understand it all, it was clear they had nothing to hide. In fact they went further and covered many of the pitfalls.

We started the process a whole year before publication, which, for a first book, was very much the right thing to do. Having met Graham Cook, we had no hesitation in signing up with WRITERSWORLD. Nothing seemed to be a problem and it was the ultimate in professionalism from day one. Graham proved to us that the term ‘self publishing’ is a misnomer, because you do in fact need a publisher. It is just that you take the risk, but reap the rewards and, most importantly of all, have total control of your book.

ISBN numbers were obtained, we were set up with the book distributor, who supplies Amazon and the major UK book stores, and all the nuts and bolts were put in place so that when we were ready to go to print it was all there. We were allocated a copy editor, Ian Large, and front and back cover designers, Charles Leveroni and Jag Lall, all of whose praises we cannot sing loudly enough. We had no concept of just what was involved in the art of designing a book to fit the topic – size of book; font style and size; presentation of pictures; page numbering and headings; fitting the pages and pictures together; and not forgetting the corrections to grammar, punctuation and formats for all things numerical. Our tome was 700 pages long and Ian Large did an outstanding job in producing what we think is the perfect design and presentation for our story. We had no idea as to how it should look and feel, but as soon as Ian produced it we knew he had got it exactly right – a rare skill indeed – resulting in two very happy rooky authors.

Likewise the front and back covers produced by Charles Lereroni and Jag Lall were beautifully and skilfully designed to add to the overall high quality of our book. Their printer, Dave Matthews of Print On Demand, did more than justice to the print quality of the book, and, like everyone else involved, was a joy to deal with. The bottom line is that those involved with WRITERSWORLD work as a highly professional team to provide a service to authors, which one would imagine would be hard to beat. Like an orchestra with the best musicians, it still needs a skilful conductor to bring everything together, and that is embodied in the aforementioned team at WRITERSWORLD.

Book cover

Title: And There Was Light
Author: Elizabeth Lavers
ISBN: 9780957205307
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I was introduced to WRITERSWORLD by another writer and satisfied client of WRITERSWORLD, who had looked carefully for a self publishing firm based in England, run by people one can meet face to face, and whose contacts in the complicated process of producing a book are in the United Kingdom. The other writer was rightly pleased with the resulting book, and generously passed on details to me. Previously I had preferred to give my poems away, typed on A-4 paper, to a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, aware that many seemingly bona fide publishing concerns are in fact untrustworthy. I now have a proper book, available from book shops and numerous Internet book retailers, with its own ISBN. It is attractive to look at, the cover being the work of Jag Lall with three illustrations by Scott Evans. The Amazon Kindle e-book version, which looks superb, was organised by another WRITERSWORLD sub-contractor, Ian Large. My book copy-editor Sue Croft was not only efficient but endlessly friendly, patient and amusing; I may have to do another book simply for the pleasure of our telephone conferences. My thanks go to them all, and in particular to Graham Cook, the owner/founder of WRITERSWORLD, who holds all the threads of the enterprise in his hands and yet makes himself available at any time to answer queries and to facilitate progress.

Book cover

Title: Help, My Daughter Has Scoliosis
Author: Hilary Lowne
ISBNs: 9780957340008 & 9780957340015
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I finished writing my book in May but was unable to persuade anyone to publish it, so I decided to look into self publishing and fortunately discovered WRITERSWORLD. After an initial telephone conversation in June I met with the owner/founder Graham Cook, who immediately put me at my ease, and I felt that this was a genuine, ethically sound company who could help me. A mere five weeks later (and I was on holiday for two of these) my completed book has been sent to the printer. The whole process has been extremely professional and incredibly easy from my point of view. Graham Cook e-mailed or rang regularly to keep me informed of every step, and answered any questions I had, immediately. Sue Croft copy edited my book brilliantly and again emailed or rang me if there were any queries; I felt totally informed at every stage. Jag Lall designed my cover whilst incorporating my ideas, and the end result is perfect and exactly how I had envisioned it. I can highly recommend Graham Cook and his team to anyone who wants expert knowledge and skills, and ultimately wants their book published to a high professional standard in the shortest possible time. It has been an extremely positive and exciting process.

Book cover

Title: Just Desserts
Author: Aubrey Waddy
ISBNs: 9780957097940, 9780957097933 & 9780957097926
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD has just finished working on my second novel, Just Desserts and I will be taking delivery of the complimentary copies of the finished book in a few days. The fact that I’d never have considered going anywhere else, after a brilliant experience with WRITERSWORLD and my first book, says something, and I haven’t been disappointed. I’ve benefitted from the same relentless attention to detail, the same courtesy and the same professionalism. I know that I couldn’t have done better elsewhere, and I’ve had a lot of fun along the way with Jag Lall, who designed the cover, Ian Large who did the editing and Graham Cook, who did everything else with unflagging care and good humour.

Book cover

Title: Imperial Vancouver Island: Who Was Who, 1850-1950
Author: J.F. Bosher
ISBN: 9780957375307
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD at Woodstock, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom has the best habits imaginable in dealing with its authors. I write this after having published books with several university presses, a couple of commercial presses, and two other do-it-yourself publishers. The copy editor at WRITERSWORLD, Ian Large, was rigorous, careful and patient in working through the MSS I sent him. The book’s new cover was designed by Jag Lall, who made some modest changes in an established design, without any of the usual flourishes of the frustrated artists employed by some publishers. Meanwhile, the firm’s founder/owner Graham Cook, telephoned weekly across to me in Canada in order to chat about the project and gather whatever thoughts I might have. All three, Graham Cook, Ian Large and Jag Lall were sensible and attentive. The entire process was reassuring and well worth the cost to an author who might otherwise have been tempted to put the money towards a world tour, a boat on the river, or a summer cottage, like some of his colleagues.

Book cover

Title: Cancer Concerns: A Practical 10-step Path Towards Recovery Described and Explained
Author: Xandria Williams
ISBNs: 9780956855206, 9780956855213 & 9780956855220
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Thanks are due to Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD for the smooth way in which his company has published various versions of this book, at great speed and with great care and efficiency, keeping me informed of every step along the way, and to Ian Large for his meticulous copy editing. www.xandriawilliams.co.uk

Book cover

Title: Shoppology: The Science of Supermarket Shopping
Author: Phillip Adcock
ISBNs: 9780956956408, 9780956956422 & 9780956956415
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

For a number of years, people told me to empty my head and write a book. Having finally done so, I became aware that the writing was the easy bit. Getting it out there was much more of a challenge. I finally found a literary agent and left things with him for a period and suffice to say, nothing happened. So as I became more and more frustrated, I decided to seek an alternative route to market for my finely crafted manuscript. After some considerable Googling, I came across WRITERSWORLD, and in particular a marvellous gentleman named Graham Cook. Combined with the WRITERSWORLD website and Graham Cook’s knowledge and expertise, I decided that this was to route to go; and boy am I glad I did. Without exaggeration, I don’t know how anyone could publish a book without the breadth and depth of knowledge that Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD. Suffice to say, my book is now in hardback, paperback and as an e-book. It is available from all good bookshops and on Amazon. What’s more, the entire process from manuscript to Amazon ranking took just a few weeks. If anyone wants to publish a book, look no further than WRITERSWORLD

Book cover

Title: Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond
Author: Caroline Tracey
ISBN: 9780957061200
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Before spending my hard-earned money on self publishing my French grammar book, I spent a lot of time researching the different companies who are involved in the self publishing world. Anyone who is reading this is bound to have done the same by now and you will know that there is a wide and confusing range of services on offer. So why did I choose WRITERSWORLD? Not because it’s cheap — it isn’t. My first impression was that the WRITERSWORLD website was the only one that had all the information publicly available: the whole publishing process; what you, as the author, get; what you don’t get; what input you’re expected to make; and, above all, how much it all costs. So I thought: these chaps are up-front – they quote a price and tell you what you’ll get for it. No extras within the stated limit of 80,000 words. And beyond that limit the price is given per thousand words. I like it.

I still contacted some other companies to see what they offered and how much it would cost. In the case of several companies I had trouble getting hard information out of them, so I mentally discarded these. In the case of other companies I found that the ISBN numbers would not be in the author’s name — a potential issue, particularly if ever there were a conflict between the company and the author. In another case I found that although the quoted price was much lower, the company retained a considerable portion of the royalties on the sale of the published work — for the lifetime of the book. And in yet another case I found that the quoted price was very low indeed but then everything, but everything, was an extra. I sat down and did my sums, comparing like with like, and found that the WRITERSWORLD price was not much more than this other company when I calculated everything in, and no hassle.

I’m a difficult customer, I admit. I sent a copy of the WRITERSWORLD contract to a friend of mine who is a solicitor. He looked at it and picked a few holes in it. So I contacted Graham Cook about this and he immediately made a few changes to his contract because he saw that the solicitor’s comments were fair. Hats off to Graham Cook! The two people Graham Cook got me to work with – the copy editor Sue Croft and cover designer Jag Lall – were both highly professional and efficient, and both have done a great job for me, really listening to my particular needs for the book and bending over backwards until they were sure that I was happy. Graham Cook has kept me informed at every stage and has made regular phone calls to me in order to make sure that everything was going smoothly.

self publishing with WRITERSWORLD has been a totally hassle-free experience, everything has happened as expected, there have been no unpleasant surprises and Graham Cook has systematically kept his word about everything he said he would do. So, having started off on this venture with great doubts and trepidation, I now have no hesitation in recommending WRITERSWORLD to other authors.

Book cover

Title: Rail Industry Liabilities
Authors: Dan Mitchell & John Morrell & Rupert Nevin
ISBN: 9780956503701
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD made the publishing of the Rail Industry Liabilities book very easy and smooth, keeping us up to date throughout the process.

Book cover

Title: Memory Lanes
Author: Peter Robinson
ISBN: 9780955807404
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Writing a book of any type is a daunting task once the initial enthusiasm has given way to a daily need to get words on paper. It would be encouraging, particularly for the first time author, if a publishing deal was already in the bag before their book was started. However that is quite obviously not possible and so one writes in the naive assumption that someone will publish your book once it is finished. Of course this does happen occasionally and there are many instances of first time authors “hitting the big time”. However they are the tip of the iceberg and for most there is the constant rejection by publishing houses who, most often, treat one as little more than a nuisance. “Send us a completed and printed manuscript in our format and we may get back to you in six months”.

There comes a time when anybody will grab at a deal if they can see their hard labour’s finally in print. This is how I discovered self publishing. Trawling through the internet I came across a number of companies offering such deals but they all left a nagging doubt in my mind as to what the practicality of such a deal might be, perhaps even, that they were too good to be true. I was also aware that at that moment I was so keen to get my book published that I would probably have accepted any type of deal. I then came across WRITERSWORLD. In their web pages were descriptions of exactly what they offered put into the context of a first time author’s comprehension of the publishing business. This and the general openness of their concept gave me a great deal of confidence. A call to Graham Cook and the ensuing conversation with him confirmed my initial thoughts and made me look back at the other self publishing companies that I had considered with a more jaundiced eye. WRITERSWORLD appears to be unique in looking after the interests of the authors first and foremost. This did not seem to be the case with the self-interested comments of some of the other companies I had looked at. Now my book has gone to print I have no hesitation in recommending WRITERSWORLD to anybody thinking of self publishing. On each step of the way Graham has been helpful, encouraging and courteous whilst he has arranged for me to be able to deal directly not only with the copy editor and the design studio (who had to make my cover the finished article!), but also directly with the printers themselves. That has been an excellent arrangement. However that is only half of the story. With WRITERSWORLD I own the ISBN numbers and I have complete control over the way in which I wish the book to be sold as well as all aspects of pricing.

When I write my next book I only hope that Graham allows me to do it again with WRITERSWORLD.

Book cover

Title: Nothing Else Matters
Author: Steve Robbins
ISBN: 9780955817700
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I found WRITERSWORLD to be a very thorough and professional organisation. Having not used a self publisher before I found the staff most helpful and willing to assist in every department of the publishing of my book. All the deadlines in the contract were met within the time scales and I must say I have found the experience as a first-time, self published author to be most enjoyable. Graham Cook, the owner of WRITERSWORLD, was most accommodating in respect of any information that was required. I would highly recommend WRITERSWORLD to anybody who is thinking about self publishing.

Book cover

Title: Berlin: A Journey in Time and Place
Author: John Boyle
ISBN: 9781904181767
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Quite simply — they offer the best deal I can find. For example: my own account with the printers, all royalties, cover design, editorial assistance and my own copies at cost. In addition WRITERSWORLD provide libel liability assistance as part of the package — not that I believe that I am defaming anyone! As for the service: They and in particular Graham Cook are always there for the client (Me) providing support and helpful advice on a one to one basis; the writers best friend.

Book cover

Title: Busman’s Holiday
Author: Ian Milligan
ISBN: 9781904181694
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Busman’s Holiday is my first serious attempt at writing a book. I now live in Thailand so to do anything regarding getting a book printed let alone published from here is not easy. I searched the internet as most people do these days, found WRITERSWORLD’s address, forwarded my E-Mail address along with my phone number and the same day received a lengthy phone call from Graham Cook, M.D. of the same company. Graham was so helpful and friendly that he removed immediately any doubts or negative thoughts that I had of my impossible task about publishing my book. At the same time as his excellent team were working on my book Graham, through no fault of his own was going through a difficult time and was under great pressure. However he as far as I am concerned come through the situation with flying colours and throughout, provided me with great service keeping me informed at all times on the position of my book. I never expected to get a book ready for printing at such low cost.

Book cover

Title: Ibrahim: Where in the Spectrum Does He Belong?
Author: Shahidun Rahman
ISBN: 9781904181354
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The service I received from WRITERSWORLD was excellent. They are very efficient and prompt. I would recommend them to anyone. I made the right choice choosing WRITERSWORLD to publish my book and I have no regrets!

Title: Love and Other Distractions
Author: Maurice Spillane
ISBN: 9781904181583
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I self published my previous books and sold a few hundred of each, so I was comfortable about the process. However, WRITERSWORLD opened up opportunities that I did not expect: Amazon, distributors in the UK and USA, and royalties for goodness sake! I expected a reasonable service and was caught unawares with an excellent service. I am so excited about the cover design for the cover; the copy editor lifted the text and the presentation and genuinely surprised me, and their Managing Director Graham Cook was continuously attentive. The company oozes integrity and honesty. I simply don’t understand how they give such a brilliant service and still make money, but I hope they continue to do so for a very long time!

Title: Caterpillar Construction Equipment
Author: John Alan Oliver
ISBNs: 9780956921451 & 9780956921444
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

My third book “Caterpillar Construction Equipment” gives a comprehensive cross section of the world’s major designer and manufacturer of earth moving equipment, renowned worldwide for quality and international back-up service. The guidance and support services of Graham Cook, head of WRITERSWORLD, and his team has now become my immediate choice for their book publishing services, based on their co-operation, support and dedication with my first two books both published by WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Cranes in the Construction Industry, Volume Two
Author: John Alan Oliver
ISBNs: 9780956921437 & 9780956921420
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

My second book was received by the team at WRITERSWORLD with as much enthusiasm as the first, which I hasten to add was a very difficult book to produce, however with the specialised proof-reading and editing, we got there in the end and I must say I am highly delighted to see it sitting on my bookshelf. I have not met Graham Cook personally, as I live in France, but our telephone conversations over the last couple of years soon gave me an insight as to his professionalism, personal guidance and more importantly his patience and commitment. It was the excellent quality of my first book that encouraged me to have the second produced and I am now commencing with a third.

Title: Evacuation Stations
Author: Peter O’Brien
ISBN: 9780957228702
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having decided on self-publication for my book Evacuation Stations, I turned for help to the highly-reputed agency WRITERSWORLD, owned and managed by Graham Cook. He offered a comprehensive service which would take the book from typescript to finished copies available through retail outlets such as Amazon and Waterstones.

Graham Cook personally superintended the process as the digital text passed to and fro between the excellent copy editor Sue Croft and me for amendments, decisions on typeface and arrangements for layout, and his involvement too when the graphic designer Jag Lall was creating the cover (which included copyright material), ensured that at every stage any snags were dealt with promptly and effectively by e-mail or phone calls. At the same time the printers were sending specimen examples of bound books so that decisions could be made ahead of completion. So printing was done in a matter of days, not weeks, once the text and illustrations were ready. Graham Cook had everything costed at the outset, and it was all set out clearly in the contract, he adhered rigorously to his costings; there were no unforeseen or hidden extras. Graham Cook explained clearly how the sale of the book would operate through print on demand, how wholesale distribution would be managed and retail outlets contacted, and he had many suggestions to offer for creating further publicity and sales, at every opportunity he ensured that the author made the final decision, although he was always ready with expert advice and a suggested decision if asked.

Perhaps most heartening of all for a diffident author, Graham Cook combined his shrewd business sense with a good-natured straightforward friendliness which built confidence all round. It was a pleasure to work with WRITERSWORLD and I now have a published book that is all I could have hoped for.

Title: Administration of Heavy Construction Equipment
Author: John Oliver
ISBNs: 9780956921406 & 9780956921413
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Not only is the cover of the book initially inviting to most mechanical, civil and plant engineers engaged in earthmoving work, and the picture of a variety of heavy machines at work on a rocky construction site, but more important the contents of the book. I would conclude that during my writing of the book, I had not given a second thought to the printing and publication, it was my good fortune to come across WRITERSWORLD which relieved me of a lot of work that was totally foreign to me, and finally producing an excellent presentable book.

Title: Backwaters
Author: Matt Swain
ISBN: 9780957070806
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Graham Cook and his team are a friendly, flexible and ultimately very effective team and it was very reassuring to have the experience of Graham Cook who managed my writer’s neurosis. My designated copy editor and cover designer were similarly courteous and highly creative and now knowing how complicated the process of getting a book to all platforms and outlets is, WRITERSWORLD delivers very good value for money. I have just launched my book and the initial feedback is all about the high quality of the book — whether people will feel the same about my writing, that is a different matter.

Title: Living a Lie
Author: Kevin Nilon
ISBN: 9780957057005
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The thought of getting your first book published can be a reason for potential authors not to start. Thus it was for me until a friend told me about self publishing and I found the WRITERSWORLD website. The “publish your book” document on the web site was a real confidence boost and a breath of fresh air compared to the documentation on other web sites. I submitted my book “Living a Lie” to WRITERSWORLD and discovered that Graham Cook stood right behind his documentation. He rang to speak to me personally upon receiving my first e-mail and has been a constant source of support and encouragement through the whole process. My assigned editor, Ian Large, did a great job getting the text into shape. The cover designer, Jag Lall, did a wonderful job as I only had a vague idea about the cover but in three steps we had an interesting and eye-catching book cover. The process of getting my book from a text on my computer to a marketable product is a complicated one, but Graham Cook and his team paved the way for me so that I hardly noticed it. The final product, my printed book, is now a very classy object and something of which I am very proud thanks to Graham, Ian and Jag. I believe Graham Cook and his team at WRITERSWORLD give novice authors such as myself the best chance of achieving their dream, getting their book in print and into the market place.

Title: Grow Beautifully
Author: Guenther Rohde
ISBNs: 9780956807304 & 9780956807311
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I entered the world of publishing with little knowledge. With the help of WRITERSWORLD my book which I had in mind became a reality. WRITERSWORLD were kind enough to give advice to get the book in hardcover which I hesitated about however it makes a big difference to look and feel and I am happy I listened. I am grateful and thank WRITERSWORLD for getting my book distributed to all major book stores.

Title: Esther and Athaliah
Author: Richard Bunning
ISBN: 9780956293718
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I am as very pleased with my second book entrusted to WRITERSWORLD as I was with my first and for any writer with the confidence to really see their work in print WRITERSWORLD have all the professional help one could need, ensuring that you are soon the proud publisher of a first class product. Whether a first time author with no expectation of every becoming a commercial success or a well established author with a stable of best sellers, one can do far worse than look to WRITERSWORLD for the next project. I am the first to admit that my books, so far, are never going to exactly make me a fortune, and it might even be many years before I can say that my costs have been covered, but I feel fulfilled and immensely proud of what WRITERSWORLD have helped me achieve. For the author with a commercial product WRITERSWORLD holds no bounds. To see a quality product just look up one of my titles, Alexander the Great of which the ISBN number is 9780956293701, or Esther and Athaliah, and even if the content is of no interest to you, marvel at the pure quality of the product. WRITERSWORLD is a seriously great business that can do you a huge amount of good.

Title: Suitors and Wasps
Author: Richard Bunning
ISBN: 9780956293725
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Suitors and Wasps is the third book that I have entrusted to the brilliant WRITERSWORLD system, and I am planning to stay with WRITERSWORLD as I return to my primary interest, writing speculative science fiction adventures. It is great to be part of a team I can really trust in the chaotic world of publishing we all now suffer from. Unless one is touched by fame, or already well established one has about as much chance of getting into print through the traditional channels as of swimming without the benefit of buoyancy aids, east to west, around the Horn of Africa. WRITERSWORLD helps writers like me create beautifully produced books that stand above comparison with any published anywhere. A well written book, well presented is a vital step, providing grist to the mill of success. Without a product the greatest of scripts remain as little more than hot air wafting under the disinterested noses of a risk adverse and increasingly dysfunctional publishing industry.

Title: The God Who Says Sorry
Author: Anthony Bird
ISBN: 9780956659705
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Thinking of self publishing? An approach to WRITERSWORLD and a meeting with Graham Cook, its Director, will ensure you a sympathetic and professional introduction to what’s involved and trustworthy, personal guidance through the whole process. My book required the particularly patient, skilful and sensitive editing provided by Brian Stanton and the imaginatively artistic cover design of Charles Leveroni. WRITERSWORLD produced for me a high class book, technically proficient and aesthetically pleasing on good quality paper. All this at a customer friendly price. Graham Cook and his team are to be congratulated. Still thinking of self publishing? Here’s the solution: arrange an appointment with Graham Cook at once.

Title: The Great Shift
Author: Manfred H.E. Rohde
ISBN: 9780956480705
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

It was my desire to publish my own book but had no understanding as to achieving this. My first choice was the Internet and WRITERSWORLD came into view. I was impressed with the initial impact and professionalism that I perceived. I studied the contents of the web page of WRITERSWORLD and immediately became aware that the level of openness and honesty was remarkable. I decided to download the ‘Publish Your Book’ Specification to familiarize myself with the content and I became very impressed with detail of the specification that formed that basis of the contract that would follow. I made phone contact with WRITERSWORLD and a meeting was arranged between me and the owner of WRITERSWORLD, Graham Cook. At this meeting, in the Cotswolds, I had the opportunity to meet the person who would be pivotal in guiding me through the publishing process. The moral integrity and honesty of Graham Cook was immediately perceived during the discussion that followed and this confirmed my perceptions of what WRITERSWORLD was all about.

During the publishing process I come in contact with other professionals, such as the editor Brian Stanton and the cover designer Jem Butcher. As a team they would finally accomplish to deliver the final product of a well presented book text and beautiful cover design for which I have received many commendations and much praise. The effort expanded by Brian Stanton in the editing process is nothing short of marvellous and caused me to be extremely happy, I was impressed. I must acknowledge that Brian has contributed much to the success. Apart from this, Jem Butcher also amazed me by his unique ability to create a cover design that was indeed beautiful, thought provoking and impressive. Finally I want to thank Graham Cook, of WRITERSWORLD, for his professional management style of the whole publishing process. His exacting approach to communicating regularly and keeping me informed was most impressive and I am delighted to consider WRITERSWORLD for any future books that are to be produced. This was a great team effort, an experience that caused me great delight and much pleasure.

Title: A Drop in the Ocean
Author: Geoff Pettit
ISBNs: 9780956298409 & 9780956298416
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

It’s one thing writing a book but something quite different getting it published. It didn’t take me long to find out that self publishing was the way to go but there were so many options available and so many pitfalls to consider that I almost gave up, or even worse almost stumbled into something which could have had serious consequences further down the road. I was especially concerned about owning my own product and getting value for money as my book was both in colour and quite long. After evaluating a dozen or so self publishing organisations I decided that WRITERSWORLD were the only ones talking my language. With them I would be my own publisher and therefore own the ISBN numbers allocated to me. I would own the final PDF files, including front and back cover and photographs. I would have my own dedicated editing and design consultants and not least the cost of printing would be based on a mixture of black and white and colour rather than pure colour, bringing down the production cost of the book to less than a third of what some others were offering. On top of that I would also be receiving a large number of copies myself at no extra charge. After a long telephone conversation with Graham Cook, the proprietor of WRITERSWORLD , I knew that I had made the right choice. He understood exactly where I was coming from and I felt immediately that WRITERSWORLD were most interested in helping me and less interested in exploiting me. Now that my book is finished I think that even my high expectations have been exceeded and can, without reservation, recommend Graham Cook and his team to anyone who is wrestling with the same issues I had when I started.

Title: Alexander the Great
Author: Richard Bunning
ISBN: 9780956293701
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

So many of us feel there is a book in us, and many get as far as placing a finished manuscript in the bottom drawer. Then, if we find the courage to set scripts to the world, we find ourselves blocked by a million problems. The modern world of publishing-on-demand, represented so well by WRITERSWORLD, has given me the inspiration and the opportunity to see my work in print, through their protective gates. Don’t give up hope without being wise enough to at least talk to WRITERSWORLD. I wish I had considered their first rate service three frustrated years earlier.

Title: Orla’s Gift
Author: Michelle Armson
ISBN: 9780956359308
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After spending six years writing my novel and a further two years letting it fester on my hard-drive, I decided it should be published. Knowing that to find a conventional publisher is a non-starter for the unknown writer, I decided to go it alone. However, I wanted a polished product I could be proud of – which meant I wanted my work to be edited professionally, with a proper front cover. Having trawled the internet for the best deals, I came across WRITERSWORLD. Heartened by our telephone conversation, I made the decision to forego my annual ski trip and make use of their expertise. So, despite leaving my children aching for the snowy slopes of the Alps, I have a professionally produced novel, with a great front cover, free from embarrassing plot anomalies and typographical errors. It was great to have my own editor, cover designer and Graham Cook at the end of the telephone on the numerous occasions I required their expertise. In short, this was not a cheap option and I recommend that you read the PDF files very carefully. However, ultimately I have a book I am proud of and have no regrets about using this service. By my calculations, if I sell all my complimentary copies and a further 300 books, I can book next year’s ski holiday.

Title: My Soul: Enslaved
Author: Sheila Moore
ISBNs: 9781916189904 & 9781916189911
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The decision to have my book published by WRITERSWORLD has been an excellent choice. The experience and professional approach has certainly enhanced my experience. I found that sharing my thoughts and written words with my copy editor Sue Croft and my book cover designer Jag Lall gave me more confidence in myself as a writer and artist and I feel that the finished work will now be acceptable to a much wider readership than I had originally hoped for. The knowledge that there is someone behind me to guide me through the future stages is a great help, I would certainly recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone wishing to have a book published.

Title: Another Brief Encounter
Author: Mary Spicer-Davies
ISBNs: 9781916367708 & 9781916367715
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I had no intention of publishing: my writing was for my own enjoyment and to prove to myself that I was capable!

Shortly after completion of a book I had been harbouring for a very long time, a WRITERSWORLD advertisement appeared in a local ‘through-the-door’ freebie paper and, tongue-in-cheek, I ’phoned Graham Cook. He undertook to appraise the work for me, we later lunched together and I was persuaded.

Since then Graham and his team have been fantastic – no other word adequate. I must have been very trying to them all from time to time, yet they were all, without exception, gentlemanly and accommodating in every way, from the tiniest punctuation upon which I insisted to their best advice on worldly issues. They were all there for me every step of the way, and I am so glad I saw that advertisement and reversed my earlier resolve.

Title: On His First Leave
Author: Sue Hatt
ISBNs: 9781916316300 & 9781916316317
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I want to express my thanks and appreciation for all the support that you and your team have given me during the publication of “On His First Leave”. I never realised how many decisions would have to be made to get the product right but my book cover designer Jag Lall and Ian Large my copy editor were superb in guiding me though every step of the journey. Jag was extremely patient while we discussed ideas for the cover, worked through initial sketches, and tweaked them to arrive at the final product with which I am delighted. It has just the feel I wanted. Ian took me through the editing process stage by stage and helped me to work with him to complete the text edit, and to make the decisions about book size, font, layout etc. He was thorough and methodical and both he and Jag were easy people to work with. Finally, my thanks to you for always being there in the background, keeping in touch with each stage of the process, making sure I was satisfied and everything was on track. You have all been a pleasure to work with.

Title: Sense and Nonsense Ability - True Stories are Best
Author: Keith Dowell
ISBNs: 9781916093805 & 9781916093812
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Before choosing WRITERSWORLD, I made a list of what I expected and the help I needed to publish my book. Included were: Would I know the full cost before I committed? Would I get expert help and advice from people and not just computer generated information? Would the process be reasonably hassle free? (I have enough hassle in my life already.) Most importantly, would I end up with the book that I wanted? Nearing the publication date of July 19th 2019, I am now able to answer those questions: The cost was up-front. I knew what I had to pay. The help and advice from Graham Cook, Sue Croft (copy editor), Jag Lall (cover design), and Ian Large (e-book) was by far the most satisfactory part. They were always just a call away. As a novice, their guidance made the process as hassle free as I could have wished. That is my experience. Thanks to them, I now have the book that I wanted.

Title: Tales of Wow ‘Brave Sir Dave and the Gorgaron’
Author: Sean Smith
ISBNs: 9781916113305 & 9781916113312
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When searching for a company in order to get my first children’s book to market I carried out a lot of research looking for the right company. Each time I looked I kept coming back to WRITERSWORLD due to the great reviews, my brain saying, “Is this too good to be true?” Eventually I made an enquiry. Shortly after this I received a call from Graham Cook who guided me through the service offered and even suggested a meeting. Hence to say we met, I took the plunge and I could not be happier with the exemplary service that Graham Cook and team have given me. Professional yet friendly, highly detailed yet very inclusive, every step has been a pleasure and each person I have worked with in the team has been very quick to respond. What else can I say about this fantastic publishing business other than if you are thinking about using them then do, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Title: Tomb in the Sky
Author: Bearnairdine Beaumont
ISBN: 9780993302527
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I found WRITERSWORLD for my first book The Air I Breathe – It’s Classified I was a bit cautious, even nervous after initial downfalls with both small and large publishing companies, nearly losing a lot of money on top of everything else. But, everything changed when I received an immediate response to my email. I realised quickly that this time I had taken the right pick. Graham Cook and his team at WRITERSWORLD are no less than a wonderful group of people who are very supportive, always friendly, kind and understanding, and they never lose patience. They all went above and beyond through the entire process and I am now looking forward to my second book being released in a few days. For publishing newcomers a good-to-know fact is, that with WRITERSWORLD you can be sure that all your rights as an author are respected 100% which includes your right to the ownership of the ISBN. I can whole-heartedly recommend WRITERSWORLD anytime. Thank you WRITERSWORLD!

Title: A Legend of Firdous
Author: Petra Delahunty
ISBNs: 9781999370206 & 9781999370213
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I joined WRITERSWORLD for my debut novel A Legend of Firdous, I must admit I was a tad nervous. I had heard all these sceptics put in their two-penny worth about the perils of the self-publishing world. However, as I embarked on the journey with Graham Cook, Jag Lall, and Sue Croft, I discovered that I had definitely taken the perfect route. Graham Cook was always ever-supporting and re-assuring throughout my journey and helped me along every step of the way. Sue Croft went above and beyond in her editing contributions, and my cover designer Jag Lall was incredible in helping me and offering advice through the entire process, both on a personal and professional level, which was wholly welcome. The result? A perfect book exactly how I had envisioned it to be - I couldn’t be happier and prouder. WRITERSWORLD could not be recommended enough by me.

Title: Mr Shapeshifter
Author: Mike Harris
ISBNs: 9780950279206 & 9780950279213
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD provide an excellent publishing service, efficient, imaginative, talented and responsive. I can heartily recommend them.

Title: Bournemouth Heroes
Author: William Pyke
ISBNs: 9781916496408 & 9781916496415
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I had researched the story of hundreds of young men from Bournemouth who served in the First World War over many years, and wrote this book because I wanted to find a way of recording and honouring their service. I was not confident, however, about how to get the work published. I tried to find out about the publishing process, and came across WRITERSWORLD and this seemed to give me all that I would need. I met Graham Cook and he was extremely helpful and encouraging, though I realised at that stage that my draft book was too long and unwieldy. Graham Cook gave me excellent advice, and I decided to sign up with WRITERSWORLD, and I am so glad I made that decision. After talking to Graham Cook, I revised my draft and then sent it to my proof reader, Ian Large. Ian was fantastic in the work he did for me. He was thorough and painstaking. He gently brought me up to date with modern capitalisation rules, and with a wonderful eye picked out and corrected my grammatical mistakes, and those places where I knew what I meant to write, but where my readers might have difficulty following my train of thought. I cannot praise Ian enough for his care and diligence. Graham Cook also put me in touch with designer Jag Lall who liaised with me about the creation of an appropriate cover. (Graham Cook had quite rightly counselled me about not trying to create my own design, but to leave it to the expert - I’m glad I took his advice). Jag Lall, like Ian Large, did a great job for me.

At all times Graham Cook kept in touch and was infinitely patient with me, even when my ignorance of the publishing process might have made him despair. He offers a very important guide to help on the website, which I used, but still as a first-timer I could get confused, but Graham was always there to help. All in all I am very grateful to the team to help me to turn a vast personal project into a book, and to get it printed and published, copyrighted, and all the other things needed. I was so pleased when I was finally able to hold a copy in my own hands! Thank you all so much.

Title: Theodore & Eliza
Author: Susan Harvard
ISBNs: 9781999595203 & 9781999595210
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Theodore & Eliza was the result of many years of research. By the time I had finished writing it, I had reached an age where I felt that my time was too precious to spend hawking the book round dozens of publishers. The obvious answer was self-publishing. I began exploring various online proof reading, editing and formatting services, but none of them was ‘just right’. Then I chanced upon WRITERSWORLD and found what I had hoped for - a one-stop service with technical know-how, commercial contacts, and personal service.

I rang the founder/owner Graham Cook, and arranged to meet him for lunch in his local pub. His unstuffy manner and evident professionalism was an unusual and winning combination. I decided to go with WRITERSWORLD and have not regretted it. I was allocated a proof reader, Ian Large and cover designer, Jag Lall. But they are much more than just a proof reader/copy editor and a cover designer. Ian also deals with the printers, submits an Amazon account application, and enters the books in their ‘Look inside’ service.

As a non-fiction work with a digressive narrative and many unfamiliar references, it was not a standard job. But my proof reader Ian Large took it in his stride and patiently guided me (a Mac user) through compatible editing in Word. With his unerring eye he ironed out my idiosyncratic punctuation, and highlighted any grammatical errors or textual inconsistencies. Both Ian Large and Jag Lall were quick to grasp the ‘feel’ of the book and, with their valuable input have helped me to bring my project to a worthwhile conclusion.

Graham Cook has been diligent in looking after my interests, quick to answer any queries, and patient in overseeing the progress of my book from manuscript to hard copy in the three formats hardback, paperback and e-book. His amicable and professional relationship with the printers and distribution network are an invaluable help in the final stages of getting the book wrapped up. Graham Cook has constructed an outstanding service. I have already recommended it to others and will continue to do so. Had I not ‘signed up’ to it, I would still be dithering and achieving nothing.

Title: Diary of a Toe Rag
Author: Steve Riches
ISBNs: 9781916441309 & 9781916441316
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having written Diary of a Toe Rag, my childhood autobiography, I was persuaded by my daughter to seek a publisher rather than merely hand it over to my grandchildren, which was my original intention. For her insistence, I shall forever be grateful. Initially, I went down the dispiriting route of trying to find a literary agent and found all 22 I contacted to be unhelpful, totally disinterested or just plain rude. They are a law unto themselves. And so I found WRITERSWORLD, having checked out all manner of so-called rivals. And what a pleasure that turned out to be. From first meeting Graham Cook to receiving my box of published goodies, it was a uniquely joyous experience despite the fact that I’ve been a writer for 50 years, albeit in national newspaper and magazine formats. Graham Cook is an honest and enthusiastic man, hugely experienced and available day and night. My designated designer, Jag Lall and copy editor, Ian Large, were friendly, keen and superbly professional. Jag Lall’s idea to put a photo of me on the cover of my own book was inspired. Ian’s spotting of a couple of real howlers saved me potential embarrassment. I felt it was hands-on all the way through the publication stages, with nothing too much trouble, and the finished product, on top-quality paper, is truly excellent in both paperback and hardback versions. What more could a writer ask?

Title: Forgotten Heroes
Author: Stephen Wilson
ISBNs: 9781916424708 & 9781916424715
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having just completed my first book project Forgotten Heroes with WRITERSWORLD I must congratulate them on the service I have received. At all stages I have been impressed with the level of personal service I have received and the expertise of Graham Cook and his team. Before going with WRITERSWORLD I sought the views of other authors who without exception could not fault the services of WRITERSWORLD.

Jag Lall the cover designer has produced a first rate impressive and eye catching cover and Ian Large the copy editor has the patience of a saint accommodating my queries and changes. I also particularly appreciated the regular phone calls from Graham Cook keeping me updated and ensuring that I was happy with the service and progress.

At all times they have maintained a professional and efficient service and nothing has been too much trouble for them to accommodate. The final product and the print quality cannot be faulted. I cannot recommend their services too highly.

Title: Firefighting with God
Author: Peter Hamblin
ISBNs: 9781916414501 & 9781916414518
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I discovered WRITERSWORLD through a conversation that followed a chance meeting with someone who had already extensively researched the many self-publishing companies available, at the very time I was considering self publishing my book. If I needed a sign that this ‘chance’ meeting was meant to be – very much the theme of the book – then it was in my own research that followed and the informative and extensive content of the WRITERSWORLD web site. I have not been disappointed. Now successfully published I have confidence in recommending the team who have professionally transformed my book script into one without fears of mistakes in punctuation, grammar and spelling, and ensured it reads easily to get my message across, as well as designing what I can only describe as an outstanding design for the book cover and it’s final layout. But it’s not just the logistics of preparing the book that’s been outstanding, it’s also been the many legal aspects required and the seamless transition from the books production to selling and the onward management of resupply and royalties due. I cannot recommend WRITERSWORLD enough.

Title: Tales of the Four Winds: The West Wind
Author: Duncan Tamsett
ISBNs: 9781916406605 & 9781916406612
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I published my first book – a children’s picture book – with WRITERSWORLD in the summer of 2018. The whole experience of dealing with WRITERSWORLD from first contact to having the published book in my hand was a good one. The process began with my sending an email to Graham Cook. He contacted me by phone the same afternoon and immediately began dealings with my questions. Though I live in Inverness a meeting was arranged in Graham Cook’s home village just outside Oxford at a time I was visiting family in Norfolk. We learned a lot about each other in the space of an hour over lunch and whilst the arrangement was very much a business one I think it is fair to say we also became friends that day. A contract that protects the client’s interests as well as it does the contractor’s interests was shortly afterwards signed. I was introduced by email and phone to my copy editor. She did a first class job of identifying improvements and making superb presentation suggestions but with a sufficiently light hand that the book remained mine rather than became hers. Similarly I was introduced to my cover designer. I had some ideas of my own on what a cover should look like and these I communicated to him. I was frankly amazed by the beauty and balance of the layout and the colour scheme of the design that emerged with all my hoped for wishes incorporated.

Graham Cook claims that the interests of his client are his first priority. My experience of dealing with WRITERSWORLD supports the claim. I think he is the captain of a happy ship. The various people involved in the business seem to cooperate and collaborate happily with each other and with the client. I believe that Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD operate to the highest standards of integrity and I am happy to highly recommend their services.

Title: Good Thinking and Bad
Author: Kieran Sheedy
ISBNs: 9781999623807 & 9781999623814
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Graham Cook and his team at WRITERSWORLD are enthusiastic, hard-working, and expert. They are very responsive and happy to answer questions and offer advice. If you have a book ready to publish they are the right people to help you get it out there on the market, in an attractive format, accessible to the whole market.

Title: Classic Pacing for a better life with ME
Author: Ingebjørg Midsem Dahl
ISBN: 9781999641801
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD has been a pleasure to work with. They have fulfilled, and more than fulfilled, my expectations. They are professional, have a high standard and provide an excellent service. Graham Cook has been kind and patient, quick to answer questions and has followed me up the whole way. Ian Large and Jag Lall made a great team. They understood what was needed, worked quickly and did an excellent job.

WRITERSWORLD follow up every step of the way, take care of the formalities such as ISBN numbers, provide a book wholesaler and printer and send out a press release that goes out to the media and to many, many countries. I am happy to say that you cannot get a better self-publishing company than WRITERSWORLD and I recommend it to anyone who wants to self-publish.

Title: The Ladies Hope and their Shetland Ponies
Author: Elisabeth Mead
ISBNs: 9780950199207 & 9780950199214
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I went with a big American print-on-demand company for my book. Their web site claimed “You send the manuscript, we do the rest.” Most misleading as I had to do a great deal more even though my MS was submitted in the required format. I found their bullying attitude and pressure to spend large sums of money on extras very wearing. After nearly a year, my book went to print but after three attempts, the end-product was most disappointing. Many of the photo reproductions were quite unacceptable and I ended the contract. Fortunately, I then found WRITERSWORLD run by Graham Cook. What a difference! WRITERSWORLD is a very friendly, personal service. I was allocated a copy editor to manage the entire interior work and a designer for the book cover, both very approachable & easy to work with. My book is fairly complex with many old grainy photos but I am very pleased with the final product. My queries were answered very promptly and everything explained by Graham Cook as we went along with all expenses covered in the initial fee. I would highly recommend WRITERSWORLD for stress-free publishing.

Title: The Quality Quotient
Author: Jeremy Bullmore
ISBNs: 9781999681609 & 9781999681616 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Nearly 20 years ago, several traditional publishers each took a very long time before rejecting this book. So I forgot about it. Then in June 2017, a cyber attack infected my laptop and I feared for its contents. To my great relief, most of the work was retrieved – and I nervously revisited my forgotten book. Rather to my surprise, and with the increased objectivity that came with the distance of time, I quite liked what I found. And decided to share it with family and friends.

Too impatient now to return to the hassle of conventional publishing, I started to research the self-publishing field. When I found the WRITERSWORLD guide to self-publishing, most of my instinctive doubts and apprehensions were laid to rest. Not all of them, of course: only hard experience could do that. But here was a company that had taken enormous trouble to detail the processes, the advantages and the potential hazards of self-publishing; and was also utterly fearless in proclaiming its own professional standards. It was my clear choice. A letter to Graham Cook prompted an immediate phone call; and from that moment on everything that WRITERSWORLD had promised to deliver they duly delivered: with impeccable, considerate professionalism. Ian Large was my copy editor, Jag Lall my cover designer, and Graham Cook himself was a constant, attentive watchdog. They formed a faultless, friendly team; and the book they made between them was everything I’d wished for.

Title: The Sleighmaker
Author: Ian Shepherd
ISBNs: 9780995588004 & 9780995588011 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I first self published my book in 2015 with a large American publisher, which proved to be a very difficult and unrewarding experience indeed. My contacts changed every time I wanted to talk to someone and none of the people I ever talked to cared about the book or the author, just only how much they could charge you or what they could sell you next. They constantly bombarded me with services they were offering that week, without any thought to the seasonal nature of the book (Christmas) nor did they allow any control on pricing, and only issued ISBN numbers for the book and not the author, which only goes to proves my earlier point. Last year I found WRITERSWORLD and met Graham Cook, who is the complete opposite to the faceless corporate American publishing machine of Xlibris. As an author himself, Graham Cook has complete understanding of what it means to you and what it takes to guide you through the publishing process with care and attention and without any trouble. Like all good publishers Graham Cook has a fantastic team around him to help support you through the process for a successful launch of your book. From copy editing, design to marketing your book online. I am so grateful to Ian Large and Jag Lall for their professionalism and care in making my book what it is today. I can’t recommend Graham Cook and his team highly enough.

Title: The Remarkable Rhoda Garrett
Author: Graeme Taylor
ISBNs: 9780993355530 & 9780993355547 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

A couple of years ago, my mum and I were struggling to find a publisher for our book. I then looked online and found the WRITERSWORLD website, I was so impressed that I decided to give Graham Cook a call. We were immediately put at ease and the service we received was exemplary. So, when I had finished drafting my new book, I had absolutely no hesitation in contacting WRITERSWORLD to publish my book again. Jag Mall again produced a fantastic front cover for me and Ian Large did a superb job of editing, I can’t thank him enough. I would certainly recommend Graham Cook and his team at WRITERSWORLD to anybody looking to have their book published. They’ll certainly take any worries you have about the whole process away!

Title: A Devine Experience
Author: Elizabeth Johnson
ISBNs: 9780999680100 & 9780999680117 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

A few months ago my story was just a mass of jumbled up words on Microsoft Word - now as if by magic it has been transformed into a glossy, professionally produced, highly readable book which I am proud to call my own. Many thanks to Graham Cook, Ian Large and Jag Lall for their patience, invaluable help and advice - without you this would never have happened.

Title: Jem’s Clifftop Adventure
Author: Jennifer Bell
ISBNs: 9780993403286 & 9780993403279 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I am in the throes of my 4th book with WRITERSWORLD and I cannot recommend them too highly. Graham Cook is efficient, caring, gives a first class service and has that rare quality of integrity. I would not go to any other company and recommend that you sign his contract with confidence.

Title: Clipped Wings
Author: Elizabeth Dent
ISBNs: 9780995581005 & 970995581012 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After helping to write and arrange publication of several local history books, I realized what a complex process publishing could be, so for publishing my own book I spent some time trying to find someone who could guide me through this. I feel very fortunate to have found Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD and to have been able to reap the benefits of his many years’ experience in the publishing world. Graham Cook has kept in regular contact with me throughout the process and has speedily resolved any issues. He has worked tirelessly to make the smoothest path through the possible pitfalls and to ensure the best possible product. Also, I was able to meet up in London with my Copy Editor, Ian Large, and Cover Designer, Jag Lall in order to talk through the format I envisaged for my book. They were both very patient in addressing my numerous requests and very professional in the way they worked, managing to transform my father’s photos, diaries, drawings and letters into just the sort of book I had hoped for. Jag Lall’s beautifully designed front and back covers are exactly right for the book and, together with Ian’s meticulous attention to detail and his design for a format that suited the book, both worked together well to produce this excellent result. I would thus have no hesitation in recommending the wonderful service offered by Graham Cook and his team at WRITERSWORLD to other self-publishers like myself.

Title: A Secret History, The London Gay Men’s Chorus
Author: Robert Offord
ISBNs: 9780995583009 & 9780995583016 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

It feels like a tremendous achievement to have arrived at the final steps of such a complex process as self-publishing a book with such little difficulty. All the problems that could have derailed the project were dealt with efficiently and quickly. It’s been very easy and a pleasure working with the WRITERSWORLD team.

Title: FORE: Open Minded Birkdale Boys (The story of Alfie Fyles and his caddy colleagues)
Author: Mags Eatock & John Murray
ISBNs: 9780995581807 & 978099551814 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have no hesitation in recommending WRITERSWORLD to anyone who is seeking to self-publish their book. When we met with Graham Cook in February 2017 I could not have dreamed that, just weeks later our book would be ready to go to print. the owner/founder of WRITERSWORLD Graham Cook has been professional, courteous, knowledgeable and a real gentleman. Within hours of signing our contract we had a cover designer and copy editor assigned and we even got the chance to have a tour of the printers who are, as I write, preparing to finish a print run so we can have our golf themed book ready for the Open at Royal Birkdale. We have been involved in the process from day one and Graham Cook has rung me every week to ensure everything is OK and that we are happy with the process and progression of the book. We are and you could do far worse than choose WRITERSWORLD to help you self-publish your book. I have ideas for another two books which I am going to discuss with Graham Cook with a view to going gown the same pathway – many thanks Graham

Title: Love Letters From World War Two
Author: Robert Stevenson
ISBNs: 9780995574908 & 9780995574915 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I had spent four years editing my book and it was now time to publish. But how? This was my first book and I really had no idea what was involved. I chose WRITERSWORLD and have not regretted it. I had considered a number of other self-publishing companies, but as I examined them in depth a number of things worried me. Some of them couldn’t print A5, a size for which I had carefully formatted the book. With others, the copyright and ownership of the ISBN number were hazy and plainly deceptive. In the case of American self-publishing companies I would be paying in dollars and, should any difficulties arise, phoning them would be difficult on account of the difference in time zones. Moreover, should things go wrong, my contract would be litigated under American law! UK-based self-publishing companies were mostly in the east of England, a long drive from where I live in Hampshire, and few of them could print A5.

Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD is based in Woodstock near Oxford, UK, and an easy drive from my home. I went to meet him as I like to know the person I do business with. I was favourably impressed with both Graham Cook and his free Self-Publishing Guide which emphasised that everything was in my name including the ISBNs. Also, I liked his insistence that there would be no extra charges, no matter what. Having met with Graham Cook I ultimately gave WRITERSWORLD the go-ahead.

Graham Cook has always been on the end of the phone and very helpful, regularly checking that I was happy with progress. I had not realised just how much was involved. WRITERSWORLD has arranged proof reading and editing, book cover design, proof copies, purchase of the ISBNs, book publicity, legal deposit libraries and much more. We encountered technical issues with Microsoft Word and the conversion to PDF - in no way the fault of WRITERSWORLD - but Graham Cook was always available and, true to his promise, I incurred no further costs. I would therefore confidently recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone wishing to be led through the whole process of self-publishing a book.

Title: Pack Up Your Troubles: A Kitbag of Leadership Skills for Practical Managers
Author: Andrew Sargent
ISBNs: 9780995482401 & 9780995482418 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I decided on self-publishing because I thought it would be the best solution for publishing my book. I have had book publishers before but they take too much of your money, and they don’t tell you what they’re up to. Where to start? I looked at a few self-publishing companies but in spite of the fact that at first glance WRITERSWORLD are not the cheapest, they do in fact provide the most comprehensive self-publishing service. I never hesitated in wanting to use them. After I contacted WRITERSWORLD, Graham Cook, the owner and founder, rang me straight back. Graham clearly understood what I was writing about and where I was coming from. After I contracted to use WRITERSWORLD Graham was always at the end of his phone for me, which is a comfort for those of us who only do the writing bit and have no idea about the technical stuff. Graham Cook is a businessman who’s written his own book and run successful businesses, so he knows how to get his clients’ books to market. However, the other half of the package is his production team. He gave me Ian Large as my dedicated copy editor; editors are like midwives, they help you through the labour pains. Ian Large was patient, competent, long suffering and is very contactable. Graham Cook also gave me a dedicated book cover designer called Jag Lall to design my cover, who produced for me a brilliant, colourful and humorous book cover, which does exactly what I had hoped for. I’m so pleased with WRITERSWORLD. I don’t know how well my book will do but Graham Cook and his team has given it a great chance.

Title: Touching Base With Trauma
Author: Elizabeth Adalian
ISBNs: 9780995574809 & 9780995574816 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I discovered WRITERSWORLD through the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook 2016 and have not looked back since deciding to use their services to self-publish my book. In fact, I have already recommended two fellow authors to WRITERSWORLD, one of whom has already signed up. It was the WRITERSWORLD Self-Publishing Guide which made me aware of their expertise in the field and their generous sharing of this information. Graham Cook who runs the company has been attentive every step of the way and ready to deal with any enquiries I have presented to him as a first-time author. The copy editor he allocated to me – Ian Large – and the artist to create the front cover – Jag Lall – could not have been more suitable in understanding the very specialised contents of my work with their very impressive respective skills. I found them to be very professional, collaborative and patient in their dealings with me. The quality of the print and paper is second to none and it is important to me that ecological materials are used by the company in the book production. Launching the book will be less daunting with the backing of the company and in the knowledge I can still call on them any time once the book is released. It has been quite a remarkable ‘journey’ working with this company and I shall continue recommending them to other potential authors.

Title: Acts of Courage
Author: Phil McDermott
ISBNs: 9780995553101 & 9780995553118
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Although I have gone down a traditional publishing route in the past, we decided to publish this book directly to raise more money for the charitable cause it support. Graham Cook has a good reputation and was recommended after not just reviewing his testimonials but speaking to one of the other authors listed. Working on a very short timescale we managed to achieve the date we wanted. From the initial meeting I knew we could work together and had a good deal of confidence that the book would have its biggest audience using WRITERSWORLD I have to also give a great deal of thanks to Sue Croft, my copy editor, and Jag Lall, who designed the cover of my book – simple yet powerful I spent 17 years researching the book and it now I have to say looks the most impressive of the books I have written on medals. I highly recommend WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Nicholas - A Cats Tale
Author: Nancy Morris
ISBNs: 9780950718309 & 9780950718316
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

To publish or not to publish? In my case, not an easy decision. Thirty years ago, having been rejected by half a dozen publishing houses, I chanced upon part of my story, together with accompanying illustration, in the children’s section of an inflight magazine! Having finally made the decision to self-publish, I decided to pore over the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook and came across WRITERSWORLD. Their ‘Self-Publishing Guide’ appealed greatly because, for a novice like myself, the publishing process was laid out step by step. Also, authors received 100% royalties. I was shocked to find this was often not the case with other publishers. Most importantly, in regards to WRITERSWORLD there was and is a strong emphasis on business ethics, a subject dear to my heart. After signing up, the whole process got under way at a cracking pace. There was always courteous and helpful support at the end of the phone or by email from Graham Cook and his copy editor, Sue Croft, and Jag Lall the book cover designer. I think Jag Lall deserves special mention. My children’s story was 2000 words long with 30 black and white illustrations. I had done a ‘rough draft’ to show Jag Lall where I thought the text should be positioned in relation to the illustrations. He asked if he ‘might be creative’. I had no idea how he would approach this question except to say that I was completely thrilled with the end results! It was obvious that Jag Lall had become deeply involved in every aspect of the book and this was reflected in the meticulous designs. I was concerned that black and white interior pages may have lacked ‘impact’ but this was not a problem to Jag Lall. He used the text itself as an artistic medium to great effect. It changed in shape and size and moved position to reflect its function or for dramatic effect. The text also highlighted the humour in the illustrations. I had requested a deep blue night sky for the cover of the book but Jag Lall came up with a purple one and it looked amazing. It had a quality of ‘The Northern Lights’ about it. Everyone who has seen the book has been very impressed with it, from the story and its text and illustrations, to the stunning cover. The quality of the paper is often remarked on. The process has been an emotional one. Here was something that had been ‘gathering dust’ for thirty years suddenly springing to life! It was exciting to see the book unfurl, finally revealing something that was far more than I had imagined. My grateful thanks go to all at WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Occupational Psychology
Author: Allan Williams
ISBNs: 97809954621014 & 9780995462007 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The poor service I received from a previous publisher since encouraged me to explore the self-publishing option. After searching the internet and talking to colleagues, I decided to approach Graham Cook at WRITERSWORLD. I had completed my book over a year ago, and was keen for it to appear in print by June/July 2016; in spite of the incompetence of my initial publisher. There was no need for me to worry; Graham Cook and his colleagues (the copy editor Ian Large and the cover designer Jag Lall) were quick off the mark. The interactions that took place between us were always amicable and helpful. I am now very pleased with the outcome, and optimistic that my academic colleagues will agree. Self-publishing involves rather more than I imagined, but the pathway can be smoothed out by the excellent service provided by Graham Cook WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Vicky and the Magic Wood
Author: Mike Clegg
ISBNs: 9780995482302 & 9780995482319 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having tried unsuccessfully to have my first children’s book accepted by a number of publishers I decided to try self-publishing. Of those providers listed in the Children’s Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook WRITERSWORLD seemed to be the best choice given the company’s aims and ethos, and its very comprehensive guide to self-publishing. Based on this information I made an appointment to meet the founder and owner of WRITERSWORLD Graham Cook and subsequently enjoyed a very informative and convivial meeting in Woodstock, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. This convinced me that WRITERSWORLD was indeed the way ahead and I signed the contract the following day. On that same day Graham Cook gave me the names and contact details of my copy-editor and cover illustrator, both of whom contacted within hours – a swift and most impressive start to the publication process. Over the next few weeks I was able to discuss in detail the book’s content and cover illustration with copy-editor, Sue Croft, and illustrator, Jag Lall. Sue Croft did an outstanding job in proffering useful advice and suggesting improvements to my text while Jag Lall produced a wonderful cover, cleverly capturing the atmosphere of the Magic Wood and Vicky’s meeting with the ethereal Ephelia. Throughout the entire process Graham Cook kept in touch to monitor progress and to answer any questions I had. He was clearly fully involved in the procedure, the head of a courteous, committed and professional team but a few weeks after the initial meeting my sample book has just arrived. I could not be more pleased: it is beautifully produced with a striking coloured cover illustration, good quality paper and finely printed text. If you want to go down the path of self-publishing look no further than WRITERSWORLD; you will not be disappointed.

Title: On the Buses: The Filming Locations
Author: Craig Walker
ISBNs: 9780993453213 & 978993453229 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Thanks to all at WRITERSWORLD for helping see On the Buses: The Filming Locations through into publication. The process was clearly explained via reams of information via the website prior to any contracts being signed. A meeting with Graham Cook served well to allow any further queries to be met before leaving my book in the hands of WRITERSWORLD. Normally, the copy editing phase can be laborious and time-consuming and I feared the worst considering my book contains so many photographs but this phase was smoother than I could have hoped for and the book cover design hit the nail on the head within days. A very well done to WRITERSWORLD Graham Cook and all the editing and designer team. A thumbs up from me.

Title: Speedy and Splash Have a Race
Author: Helena Harper
ISBN: 9780957053038
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having gone through the publishing process four times now with a variety of books for both adults and children, I know that it is one thing to write a manuscript, but quite another to get it published. I also know that each book is unique in its requirements, and picture books – like Speedy and Splash Have a Race (where two raindrops race each other down a windowpane) - are no exception. I am immensely grateful to Graham and his team (cover designer, Jag, and copy editor, Ian) for their patience, perseverance and professionalism in dealing with my queries and ironing out problems, and the end result is a high quality book that I am very happy with. So, if you are wishing to publish your own book and are trying to find a company who will produce a high quality end product, then look no further than WRITERSWORLD.

Title: More Cotswolds Memoirs
Author: Diz White
ISBNs: 9780957116245 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD is the best one stop shopping for all that is needed by an author to turn out a totally professional book of the highest quality. I was so impressed with Graham Cook and his excellent team that after I had used their services for my first book Cotswolds Memoir that there was no question that I would use them for my second book in this series More Cotswolds Memoirs. Authors need look no further as WRITERSWORLD takes care of all those endless details that publishing a top notch book generates and the headaches that can accompany them. In addition, WRITERSWORLD was the only company of this kind that gives the author 100% of author’s royalties. WRITERSWORLD is integral to the success of my books and I am so appreciative of their services. Authors run, don’t walk to place your next book with WRITERSWORLD. You will be richer and more successful if you do.

Title: Under the Sea Stories
Author: Stuart Lightman
ISBNs: 9780993457302 & 9780993457319
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I am very happy with my choice of publisher for my book Under the Sea Stories. Graham Cook, the founder of WRITERSWORLD, has proved to be the most courteous and efficient person I could have chosen. He has gone above and beyond to manage the production of my book and has always been cheerful and proactive when working with my assistant. His recommendations of illustrator Jag Lall and copy editor Ian Large were just right. Jag Lall has produced some fantastic illustrations and took great care to get to the heart of my text. Ian Large was extremely patient with all the alterations to the layout of the book. Both were always very quick with their communication and happy to make alterations and adjustments. I am happy with the way Graham Cook has undertaken all other aspects of the operation. WRITERSWORLD provides a consistent and friendly service and I would recommend it to any other author who is interested in pursuing self-publishing.

Title: Building Blocks to Raise the Separation of Natural Sciences and Humanities
Author: Helga Hasse
ISBNs: 9780993288012 & 9780993288050
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After we made our contract with WRITERSWORLD, I was always confident that this would come to a good end. However, it was better than this. How come? Very simple. The smooth , un-bureaucratic way of running your business and just doing what is necessary, correctly, faultlessly, in time: this is unique. It surprised me, how perfectly everything came together by simple verbal or written instructions including all the excellent collaborators and staff of WRITERSWORLD. I recommend WRITERSWORLD to anybody who wants to edit his own book. I had an excellent experience with you and I cannot thank you enough you WRITERSWORLD for this.

Title: Digital Clock
Author: Elizabeth Lavers
ISBN: 9780957205338
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I came to look for a publisher for my book of poems, ‘and there was Light’, I knew nothing about publishing except that one must be careful not to fall into less than trustworthy hands. Fortunately, I was firmly directed to Graham Cook, founder and CEO of WRITERSWORLD by the late Very Reverend Alex Wedderspoon, who kindly took an interest in my work. A friend of his had done careful research into publishing firms before applying to WRITERSWORLD with a request to publish his own book, and was pleased with the outcome. Alex assured me that this was a firm based in England and using only homebased associates, that Graham Cook was always personally there to oversee and coordinate operations, and that the quality of paper and the standard of printing were both excellent. I also found that WRITERSWORLD takes pride in its ethical and transparent modus operandi, and acts for the client to comply with the legal requirement to send copies of each book to the British Library and elsewhere on publication. Graham Cook has built a reliable network of people with the required skills - printers, copy editors, illustrators and more. Ian Large made my book available on Kindle and contacts with booksellers were part of the package. I formed a productive relationship with my intelligent, imaginative and endlessly patient copy editor, Sue Croft, who spent many hours on the telephone and at the computer before she was satisfied with the end product. Graham Cook is, however, selective, reserving the right to turn away any book he does not feel appropriate for publication under the WRITERSWORLD imprint. I had no hesitation in taking my second book, ‘Digital Clock’, to him and am delighted with the result.

Title: Jem the Fowey Pirate
Author: Jennifer Bell
ISBN: 9780993403231
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Reading of the troubles that some people have had with self-publishing companies, I am so relieved that I found WRITERSWORLD. The owner of the company operates with empathy, patience and attention to detail and his staff are both professional and efficient. I have found WRITERSWORLD very pleasant to deal with throughout and have had no hesitation in using them again for my third book…

Title: Discovering the Great British Truffle
Author: Marion Dean
ISBN: 9780957032309
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I published my book with WRITERSWORLD because of the helpful and friendly approach of Graham Cook. My sales figures increase year on year and at every opportunity to help me, Graham Cook acts with swift courtesy. His relationship with the book wholesaler is very impressive and Graham Cooks ability to gain orders on my behalf is something I could never achieve on my own. Graham Cook’s standard of help is wonderful.

Title: Pot Luck – Living the Dream in the West Country
Author: Jennifer Bell
ISBNs: 9780993403200 & 9780993403217 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I had looked at several web-sites about self-publishing my book but none came near the clarity of presentation and comprehensive service offered by WRITERSWORLD. From the moment of meeting Graham Cook I knew that he was the man for me. Graham Cook keeps his word, does what he said he would do when he said he would do it and has that rare quality of integrity. He is backed by an efficient and patient (very patient in my case) team. With WRITERSWORLD there is no need to worry; help and reassurance is always at the end of the telephone. I have 2 more books underway and have had no hesitation in asking WRITERSWORLD to handle them.

Title: True Plantagenet. The Life of Edmund Mortimer: Praedicat Rex Part 1
Author: Norman Pen
ISBNs: 9780993280818 & 9780993280801 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Previous experience with noted educational publishers had left me disillusioned, so I knew to be wary when seeking a publisher for my new novel. Fortunately I was introduced to WRITERSWORLD, which has given me a splendid service, from start to finish. I’ve benefited from having a copy editor and book cover designer provided by WRITERSWORLD who proved accessible and accommodating, regular inspection/amendment facilities prior to print run; and finally a professional press release and back-up publicity, so essential to any aspiring author, but for which I would have been at a loss if left to my own devices. I would recommend the services of WRITERSWORLD without hesitation.

Title: Winds of Change in a Sleepy Sussex Village (Rustington)
Authors: Graeme Taylor & Mary Taylor MEB
ISBNs: 9780993355516 & 9780993355509 & Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

My son Graeme and I first contacted my original book publishers to arrange publication of our new book, only to find they had virtually gone out of business. My son then tried to contact other publishers, but after keeping us waiting months, not weeks, for a reply, we found we were getting nowhere. My son then went onto the Internet and found WRITERSWORLD, and was so impressed by what he read, he contacted them immediately, speaking to Graham Cook. He said that they would publish our book for us, and take away all of our worries, which he has done. I can honestly say that I am justifiably amazed at the wonderful service that we have received from all concerned at WRITERSWORLD, and for Graham Cook’s valuable support throughout. We both heartily recommend WRITERSWORLD to all authors either new or old, struggling to find a publisher; you won’t find a better one than WRITERSWORLD.

Title: The Air I Breathe - It’s Classified!
Author: Bearnairdine Beaumont
ISBN: 9780993302503 & 9780993302510
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

While trying to figure out how to get my book published, especially after a couple of let-downs from a previous publisher (of my first book) and another by a self-publishing company, including getting rid of a substantial amount of money for nothing, I was on the verge of throwing in the towel, when I came across the WRITERSWORLD website. I was attracted by the colour blue which is the website’s main theme. I read some of the glowing reviews, and thought: “Ok, just do it.” I received an answer from Graham Cook within a few hours, followed by a phone call. After chatting with him, with Graham Cook insisting I read the whole downloadable PDF file to make sure I understood what WRITERSWORLD is about, and only then make my decision, that is what I did. And was I impressed. Graham Cook called me again; due to me not living in the UK I couldn’t make an appointment to meet with him, so we chatted on the phone. Graham Cook managed to give me back my trust and I am very happy to have chosen WRITERSWORLD. I am really impressed with how they work: Graham Cook says he will do something, and he does it. And he does it ‘now’. He said I don’t have to worry about a thing – and true to his word: I don’t. From ISBN number to uploading on Amazon and everything else that is promised within the PDF file, without fail – everything is done, and that goes for his team as well. Thank you Graham, to you and your team. I can highly recommend WRITERSWORLD – not only, but especially for new authors: look no further!

Title: The Blanket Book
Author: Elizabeth Caush
ISBN: 9780993091308 & 9780993091315
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I met with Graham Cook with a view to finding out more about self-publishing. He was very encouraging about my initial book idea and I decided to work with WRITERSWORLD in order to see a dream idea come to reality. All through the process Graham Cook has been very consistent, especially with the weekly phone calls, which I needed in the beginning so that the timescale didn’t slip. When we made good progress, the publication date was able to be brought forward. I have enjoyed a professional relationship with everyone involved with my book at WRITERSWORLD and have been empowered to say exactly what I thought and make as many changes as I wanted. Nothing was too much trouble and I’m looking forward to seeing my book on the shelves very soon. The other aspect about working with WRITERSWORLD was that they did everything for me from obtaining the ISBN number through to putting the book on Amazon and all other leading booksellers’ websites. They also send the press release to thousands of papers and magazines which helps considerably with the marketing of the end product.

Title: Charlie’s Cream Tea
Author: Victoria Hart
ISBN: 9780993257001 & 9780993257018 & 9780993257025
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I spoke to Graham Cook at WRITERSWORLD on a couple of occasions about publishing my book. He immediately impressed me with his advice and honesty. My instinct was to meet him to discuss this further. We arranged to meet and then within a couple of hours Graham Cook and I were shaking hands and I was confident that I had made the right choice. Graham Cook performs like a conductor with a finely tuned orchestra. Graham Cook and Ian Large, my Copy Editor, together with Jag Lall, my Book Cover Designer, and Marika Buttigieg, my Account Manager at the printer, gave me options to choose from and were always available to advise as and when necessary. Graham Cook really has a fantastic and dedicated team where their priority is the author’s thoughts and wishes. Graham Cook would involve me and give me regular updates so I was fully aware of everything that was happening and what the next stage would be. The whole process was smooth and everyone at WRITERSWORLD was a pleasure to deal with. I read some of the reviews on WRITERSWORLD before we had our meeting and am delighted with the choice I made. I look forward to working with Graham Cook and his team again in the future.

Title: l hope they all manage to get a small plastic toy from the cereal box
Author: Gareth Morris
ISBN: 9780993202506 & 9780993202513 & 9780993202520
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Late last year I began my first attempt to write a book. The book would be a story of my 42 years working in the prison system within the United Kingdom and Western Australia. Nearing completion I had to think how I was to go about finding a literary agent and a publisher. This was almost impossible as they all seemed to just rely on their present/usual customers. I decided to self-publish and visited many Internet sites to find a suitable company to assist. Finally I came across WRITERSWORLDand from that time it was a journey that I found a pleasure in dealing with WRITERSWORLDand their associates. I wish to compliment Graham Cook on his continual professionalism and assistance given to me. At each stage in the process Graham Cook would contact me and advise me of the progress. Any question asked was responded with sufficient information that I knew all was going well. Graham Cook would contact me on a weekly basis, not only to advise on progress but also in order to ensure I was happy with all aspects of the process. Through Graham Cook, I was introduced to Ian Large who would be my copy editor. Not fully understanding the process Ian Large, as was Graham Cook, was a consummate professional and kept me fully informed at each stage. Any question or query was responded to. The manner in which Ian dealt with me was a comfort as his manner was always reassuring. Further, Graham Cook also introduced me to Alan Cooper who was to design the cover. From the information given Alan Cooper was quick to submit several drafts of possible covers. His experience was evident as within his first set of drafts I (with a little jiggle) was able to choose an appropriate and professional cover. Again, Alan Cooper demonstrated a quality service.

From my initial contact with WRITERSWORLDto date I have only received the utmost professional service. Graham Cook ensures I am aware of all aspects. Initially I, for some reason, expected some bumps along the way. No ‘bumps’ have been felt, and everything has been a smooth journey. Working with Graham Cook, Ian Large and Alan Cooper has been a pleasure. Should I ever attempt to write a second book, I don’t need to tell you who I will be contacting.

Title: People, Politics & Health
Author: Dr John Stephen
ISBN: 9780993127205 & 9780993127212
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

A good friend who had recently been involved with WRITERSWORLDin the publication of two of his books, had told me how pleased he had been with the result. I took his advice and contacted WRITERSWORLDand have never regretted my decision. I have found them utterly professional and straightforward, most attentive to detail and always ready to answer questions or problems you think you may have. The regular discussions on how satisfied I was and the progress that was being made was most reassuring. Above all though it was the attitude of the Managing Director Graham Cook and my copy editor Sue Croft which gave me complete confidence

Title: The Messiahs of Princes Street
Author: Moshe Elias
ISBN: 9781904181606 & 9781904181309
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I spent two years with an editor and one with an agent who thought they knew it all. They didn’t and, after a lot of heart ache, I ended up with nothing. I Googled self-publishing and up came WRITERSWORLD and a bunch of others. I looked up the lot and downloaded their spiel. Most made promises I would not believe but WRITERSWORLD had a document entitled PUBLISH YOUR BOOK which ran to 50 pages. It was the most detailed and honest exposé of the self-publishing business I had read. A week later I met with Graham Cook at the King’s Arms in Woodstock for lunch and signed up. The whole process from then and until my novel was published was real pleasure. The copy editor gave me several text options and let me choose. I wanted an unusual book cover – an original watercolour – and Graham Cook found a specialist illustrator who worked with me and turned my idea into a work of art at no extra cost to me. Then the printer sent me my sample copy and I knew I could not have got a better book or service anywhere else. Most rewarding of all was working with an honest man, namely Graham Cook.

Title: The Lion and the Eagle
Author: David Gregory
ISBN: 9780957286429 & 9780957286412 & 9780957286405
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Like many other writers, I shared the frustration of beating my head against a brick wall when trying to find a publisher, this is now a virtual impossibility unless you are either an already published writer, well known academic, or instant TV celebrity. The publisher will, in any case, not accept a manuscript unless submitted by a literary agent and the latter will not take on new clients unless they are ‘either an already published author’ etc., etc., effectively, the publishing business is now a closed shop run by, and for, a cosy little clique of privileged insiders who have erected impassable barriers to any potential intruders.

Having spent some time trying to find a solution to this problem, a friend suggested contacting a company called WRITERSWORLD, this I did, and received a comprehensive prospectus from Graham Cook a few days later, on the strength of this a contract was agreed, and the paperback version of the book is now at the printers.

Throughout the publishing procedure, Graham Cook and the WRITERSWORLD team have patiently and efficiently dealt with all aspects of a complex and demanding process that would have been nigh on impossible for a novice individual. At all times there was a high level of consultation and dedication, and Graham Cook was in regular contact with reassurance, advice, and updates on progress. Only the author’s illness and amendments prevented production within the guideline 60 days, and the budgeting of the project came out almost exactly in line with what I would have expected from the prospectus. All in all, it was a very impressive performance. I think any prospective author would be hard pressed to find a company that equals the standards and service provided by WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Mental Maths Five A Day
Author: Lorraine Cooper
ISBN: Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

It is only as you go through the process of self-publishing for the first time, that the details, pitfalls and complications become evident. I was very grateful, therefore, to have not only Graham Cooks attentive help throughout, but also his team of associates who were thorough in their editing, providing advice on artwork and printing. Joined-up communication at its best. No question was left unanswered, however trivial. I was also impressed with the understanding and response to the deadline I had to meet and everything that could be done, was done at great speed to help me achieve it. With WRITERSWORLD there is transparency at every stage, so there are no unpleasant surprises along the way - something you really don’t want when venturing into unknown territory. This is 5 star personalised service of the very best kind.

Title: Parodies Lost
Author: Glynn Leaney
ISBN: 9780992997205 & 9780992997212 & 9780992997229
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Once I had made my mind up that I would like to see my written works in print, I discovered that no standard publisher was interested in my style, i.e. parodies and comic verse. After trawling through the internet to find someone to assist with self-publishing, I decided on WRITERSWORLD after reading what they had to offer as well as being impressed by several of their testimonials. I’m certainly glad I did! From my first meeting with Graham Cook, I knew I had made the right decision. Graham Cook’s professional attitude and determination to succeed in ensuring his clients’ total satisfaction, are what make WRITERSWORLD the perfect place to help budding writers/authors. I am very grateful to Graham and his team for making my dreams come true. I look forward to cementing my relationship with WRITERSWORLD in the future and strongly recommend WRITERSWORLD to any aspiring author.

Title: Unpunctuated, Until Gill
Author: Mike Lacey
ISBNs: 9780992895303 & 9780992895310 & 9780992895327
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After many years of writing poems I thought that I should do something with them, and decided to publish a book – but where do you start? So I trawled the internet looking for self-publishing companies. After looking at sites which said ‘publish for free’ I came to the conclusion I did not know enough about the publishing world to do so. I was about to became disillusioned with the whole process; then I came across the WRITERSWORLD website which turned out to be a very good site, and which included a very useful document on self-publishing. After meeting with Graham Cook, the founder, I decided that WRITERSWORLD was the place to go. Everything Graham Cook told me he would do, along with his colleagues Ian Large and Jag Lall, has been done. Without their help I would never have produced a book of such quality in such a short time. Everybody I have shown the book to has commented on its quality. I found this company to be very honest and true to their word and would have no hesitation in recommending WRITERSWORLD to anybody who was thinking of self-publishing. I also believe that my book would never have been listed for sale on so many booksellers’ websites if I had gone to a free publishing site. I have even found my book listed at www.mightyape.co.nz

Title: International Developments Towards Improved Car-Sharing Services
Author: Dr. Bodo Schwieger
ISBN: 1904181376
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Cold Beer - Warm Hearts. Very serious and honest service, easy contact and direct communication. Fast delivery and in addition a Managing Director, Graham Cook who gets involved with the topics of the books he is publishing. Graham Cook gave helpful hints for marketing my book in Britain and gave a hand in promoting the book to British media. Thank you, Graham. Good luck and lots of customers for WRITERSWORLD.

Title: It Could Only Happen At This Level
Author: Garry Pierrepont
ISBN: 1904181376
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Good communication and support and a quality product.

Title: The First of Mark’s Volumes of Mark: Quotes, Philosophy & Poetry
Author: Mark Chirnside
ISBN: 1904181287
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD provided an excellent service. They were quick, efficient and courteous, and made the entire process of publication about as easy as could ever be expected. I only sent my book off in April 2004 and it was published less than two months later. I would certainly use WRITERSWORLD again if I was to write something similar in the future.

Title: Fourth Witness
Author: Kit Widdows
ISBN: 1904181333
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

From first contact with WRITERSWORLD, I received simple clear advice and help, a great deal of patience as I found my way into a new world for me, and very rapid results. My book was published within a month of the first phone call, and to my entire satisfaction - cover, text, layout and charts. There were no hidden extras, and I continue to receive (gratis) help and advice in selling it.

Title: Sow the Wind
Author: Peggy Larken
ISBN: 1904181252
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

A really helpful and caring service enabling someone who knew nothing of self publishing and print on demand technology to publish at very reasonable cost. Something which would not have been possible with conventional publishing.

Title: Another Day Will Dawn
Author: A.V.S. Williams
ISBN: 190418104 - X
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

In one word excellent. Another Day Will Dawn was my first novel. I tried 15 publishers but the best offer I had was that two of them, ‘would read the first three chapter’s in six months time without any promises’. I tried to self publish and almost fell into the trap of a vanity publisher who wanted £3,000 for 100 hard back books! I was strong enough to prevent the snap of the trap. I was given WRITERSWORLD’s website by a fellow member of U3A. I made contact with Graham Cook. He printed a first batch of 170 books at a fair price and within 3 months I had sold the lot. Subsequently over two years I have further consignments at a fair price and so far with some sales in the U.S.A, New Zealand, Ireland and France I have sold around 1,000 copies. I market sales by addressing groups of people in various Societies. Most Societies are always looking for Speakers. I have some sales from local book shops, but net profit from those sales is very low. Two people in my Writing Group are writing their first novels. As soon as they have completed their books I have no hesitation in introducing them to Graham Cook at WRITERSWORLD. He will get them into print at a very fair cost as he did for me.

Title: Spells
Author: James Merry Davidson
ISBN: 9870956145802
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD is everything it sets out to be - a great service for people like me who want to have their book published professionally. Graham Cook is the mastermind behind the process, ensuring a smooth passage from start to finish. He is able to do this because he has assembled a great team who work with commitment and integrity. What more can you ask for?

Title: The Stolen Christmas
Author: June Winton
ISBN: 1904181384
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Self publishing can seem very daunting to the beginner and every word of encouragement is worth its weight in gold. That’s why I would recommend WRITERSWORLD, because of the friendly and enlightening chats with Graham Cook and the staff who helped me along the way. Having just published, I am looking forward to watching what happens next!

Title: From Here To There (Walking Spain’s Coast)
Author: David Jones
ISBN: 1904181228
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD offers a professional and complete service for publishing your book. The quality of the finished product is exemplary. There is no difference between the book you see on the shelves of Waterstones and the copies you receive from WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Poems of the Spirit
Author: Yvonne Saunders
ISBN: 1904181406
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I am impressed with the friendly, honest and efficient service that is provided. The self publishing process is made so much easier with WRITERSWORLD-as the book cover design and editing pre-press services are readily available. I also found the website very honest and informative which is what gave me the confidence to choose WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Off the Village Matt
Author: Love Maya
ISBN: 1904181147
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Since I began using WRITERSWORLD as my only publisher, writing has become more and more enjoyable and gratifying for me. The competency and professionalism of the company is immediately evident to any client. It is a company that extends itself to offer the best possible service. In addition, the company goes the extra mile to get to know each client on a personal basis in order to render the appropriate service; and during each contact the client is treated with utter respect and dignity. I have been very satisfied with all the services rendered to me. The man who runs the company Graham Cook is not only charming and courteous it is obvious from my dealings with him that he is dedicated to his clients and his company.

Title: Dark Times and Lighter Moments
Author: Malcolm Hulatt
ISBN: 9781904181217
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The service I received from WRITERSWORLD was excellent. I particularly liked the co-operative way we worked together to produce a book and cover to meet my aspirations. The cover design has been widely acclaimed and it certainly stands out on a book shop shelf. I also wanted a specific font and layout for my poetry which we achieved successfully with no trouble. I would certainly use WRITERSWORLD again.

Title: Tales From A Kitbag
Author: Robert James
ISBN: 1904181430
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

To those of us, new to the world of books and authorship, the activity of producing books and offering them to a reading public is a daunting task. The team at WRITERSWORLD, Graham Cook, Steve Foote and Den Robinson have smoothed my path towards publication of my first book. Their support has gone beyond just doing the job. Writing is generally a lonely occupation, particularly for a first time author. Whilst technical support, layout, proof-reading and cover-design were essential, I have needed that extra advice about style, quality and some comforting re-assurances which were provided just when I needed them. I have no hesitation in taking my next book, now half written, to WRITERSWORLD.

Title: I’m Celibate.............Get Me Out of Here!
Author: Jo Elliott
ISBN: 9780956402400
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having had my book published by traditional means, I vowed never to repeat the experience again. The frustration of your book being in someone else’s hands and them not doing right by it is unbearable. However, the feedback and reviews I received about my book were so positive I knew I had to do something about it. Book publishing has changed significantly since then, so I decided to look into self publishing and print on demand. That’s when I stumbled across WRITERSWORLD. At first the information seemed daunting, but as soon as I phoned and spoke to Graham Cook knew it was the way forward for me and my book. Graham Cook has been a huge help along the way. He’s always been available to answer my questions and he’s kept me informed every step of the way. The WRITERSWORLD system and Graham’s Cooks service is excellent and I’d recommend it to any author thinking of publishing a book, over and above traditional means. WRITERSWORLD cuts out any frustration and disappointment, and the author retains complete control of their work from the ISBN number, to marketing and promotion. My book was available on Amazon within a few weeks which is a great feeling. I’ll certainly be using WRITERSWORLD for the next one.

Title: An Inconvenient Return
Author: David Kay
ISBN: 1904181414
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I found WRITERSWORLD very helpful to a first time novelist, personal phone calls from Graham Cook have guided me through all the difficulties in a pleasant and tactful manner. Direct e-mail communication with all involved created a quick and easy method of getting all my publishing needs solved. For a writer who wants to stay a writer and not become a businessman and is not good at dealing with people the WRITERSWORLD method is the ideal solution.

Title: Train Doors Slamming
Author: John Pearson
ISBN: 1904181465
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

From my first contact with Graham Cook and to the present day he has helped me more than I can say. As a newcomer to having my work published the tips on his website together with the help and advice which Graham has given me personally have obviously been invaluable. Graham seems to work all hours, tirelessly, for his authors. There has never been a time when he has not answered a query, hastening the process of publishing my work. On a general note, the standard of work which has been done for me from its editing through to the original artwork which he offered for the cover has, truly, excited me. I think that Train Doors Slamming looks something to be proud of, and WRITERSWORLD deserves most of the credit.

Title: Lean Organisations Need FAT People - How to Grow Your Human Assets
Author: Bay Jordan
ISBN: 1904181511
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Unlike many other budding writers I had not scoured the world for a publisher nor been on the edge of desperation and despair, after innumerable rejections when I encountered WRITERSWORLD. It was more simply a case of a time of an idea whose time had come for, while I find it one of life’s great delights to while away the odd hour in a bookshop, I have always wondered how many trees have been used for books that do not sell and questioned the self-conviction required to actually publish their books. For that reason it took me a long time to pluck up courage to ascertain whether my message merited that possibility. Consequently, I was delighted when, through my business networking, I was introduced to WRITERSWORLD and discovered the concept of print on demand. Of course this delight was multiplied infinitely when they accepted my initial submission immediately! Nevertheless, I cannot speak highly enough of the encouragement I have received and the support I have been given in translating this tremulous act of daring on my part into a reality - both practically and emotionally. An added benefit is that it has not been a major drain on resources I need for my business.

Title: Inspector Chris Hardie - Murder With A Scottish Connection
Author: Thomas Trump
ISBN: 1904181546
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Only one word fits the service and help given to anyone who is thinking about self publishing with WRITERSWORLD. Graham Cook, Managing Director, Steve Foote, cover designer, and Den Robinson, editor and book designer, all excelled. Excellent and all that the word implies.

Title: A Book of Folk Carols
Author: Paul McDowell & Kenneth MacKinnon
ISBN: 190418149X
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD’s service was excellent. Graham Cook’s honest, helpful and friendly service and advice were just what a new author needed, and he made sure the book arrived on time. The editor guided me through all the difficult processes of layout and getting the sheet music and illustration attachments correct. The book itself looks and feels splendid and I have had many complimentary comments about it. I will certainly be using WRITERSWORLD’s service again.

Title: The Frozen Sword - ‘Secret of the Veiled Power’.
Author: Patricia K Taylor-Shipley
ISBN: 1904181945
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD to me is ‘Graham Cook’. Over the last year, I have personally seen the immorality that ensconces the publishing arena. Behind many doors in the self publishing world, dark muddy pits await the next unsuspecting budding author. But I can say that walking through the door towards Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD, led me, to probably one of the most honest and reliable men I have ever had the privilege of working with. If I had to describe him in one word it would be ‘impeccable morals’. Hey, that’s two but who’s counting! Graham goes out of his was way to make sure he stays in contact with the author and if there is anything he can be doing to ensure the project is a success, he will do it. WRITERSWORLD offers authors an affordable vehicle to self publish, and to get their work on to the high street. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them, and their help in editing was invaluable. My planned book project consists of five books, and I will not hesitate in contracting to Graham for the rest of my series.

Title: Brass Monkeys
Author: Andrew Hatcher
ISBN: 1904181481
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have been pleasantly surprised and the attention to detail and the courtesy extended to me by all concerned at WRITERSWORLD. I have no hesitation in recommending WRITERSWORLD to any other author.

Title: Over The Hills and Far Away - The Life and Times of Thomas Norris 1778–1858
Author: Daren Wayne Norris
ISBN: 1904181740
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Following sixteen years of research I decided to write and publish my first book through WRITERSWORLD. I lacked confidence in my writing ability for many years and never thought I’d ever be able to complete a book that anyone would want to read. I also had no idea how to go about publishing or marketing my work - it was all just too much. I was confused and concerned about protecting my work too. I looked at several publishing houses and self publishing companies before carefully selecting WRITERSWORLD. I did this because they were the only company I could actually discuss my detailed needs with in person and they were very up front about what kind of service I could expect from them. They were honest with me. I was very particular about the quality and specification of my book and Graham Cook was extremely helpful in terms of guidance and advice. The company’s personal touch does much to reassure the novice author as does their high level of commitment and attention to detail. This is not a 9:00 to 5:00 office hours only outfit, and there have been times Graham has made himself and his staff available during evenings and at weekends to make sure things were done exactly as I wanted them. As I have said, my order was a tall one with such a high specification - but I have been more than pleased with the results. Using the services of WRITERSWORLD has been one of the best deals I have ever done in terms of quality and value for money! Would recommend WRITERSWORLD to any budding author as well as those who have previously published their work elsewhere. I would be happy to discuss this by telephone or email with any prospective WRITERSWORLD clients.

Title: Black Stories Beautiful Summaries
Author: Jide Shodimu
ISBN: 1904181937
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Upon initial discussions with Graham Cook, I was persuaded to utilise the services of WRITERSWORLD. It was Grahams honest and realistic approach to WRITERSWORLD service that persuaded me. I found the sales information guide very user-friendly, and the editorial assistance offered significant in the set-up of my book.

Title: Pearls of Bizdom: How to go from Grit to Great
Author: Kate Hull Rodgers
ISBN: 1904181821
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I knew I wanted to self publish. I wanted editorial control and a direct account with the printers. Also through HumourUs I have the infrastructure to market and distribute my book. I just had to find the best company to support me through the labyrinth of publishing. I chose WRITERSWORLD because of it comprehensive, one stop shop approach. They provide a service that took my writing from a word document to a beautifully presented book. Throughout the process I have found Graham Cook to be happy to answer all my questions and concerns no matter how naive. He has helped me to feel like a seasoned professional. I am now, with the help of WRITERSWORLD, able to add AUTHOR to my CV. And that is worth celebrating!!!! Thank you, Graham.

Title: The Wire Child
Author: Lawrence Clarke
ISBN: 9781920783372
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have found it very rewarding dealing with Graham Cook. He always replies to my queries with sensible suggestions. So far in our business arrangement, he has been honest and forthright, and I would recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone contemplating self publishing as their service is prompt and the treatment friendly. www.lawrenceclarke.com.

Title: Stumbling Along: A Journey with the Master of Surprises
Author: Eiona Roberts
ISBN: 1904181347
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I can describe WRITERSWORLD best in the following paragraph: This is my first proper venture into the world of publishing. Having looked in-depth at various publishing options and having read ‘Words to the Wise’; on the WRITERSWORLD website, I became convinced that compared with many other publishers WRITERSWORLD has integrity at the centre of its ethos. Having taken the plunge by contacting them with enquiries, it was soon to be revealed that this is indeed true. Every contact I had with WRITERSWORLD was treated promptly and with utmost respect and courtesy. Stumbling Along has been published in the highest professional manner. I would hasten to use them again in a forthcoming project and most certainly recommend WRITERSWORLD to others who aspire to write but are hesitant to do so.

Title: A Poets Oud
Author: Wael Al-Sayegh
ISBN: 9948032721
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I can describe WRITERSWORLD best in the following sentence: They are an island of morality in an industry that can be anything but. An example of this fact is found on their website under the section “Words to the Wise”; Its basically states that even if you did not use the services of WRITERSWORLD you would be wise to keep the recommend information found in that section in mind. This was the selling point for me. It illustrated a confidence and sincerity in what they do that I did not find anywhere else in the many businesses I visited. After having gathered the courage to send my book (a step most writers only dream of but never fulfil) to WRITERSWORLD they proved every bit as sincere as I hoped they would be. Their professionalism and follow up could not have been better. I would whole heartedly recommend WRITERSWORLD to any one wishing to publish a book. I am already working on my second book and will be assuredly using no one apart from WRITERSWORLD to get it published.

Title: Manor Farm
Author: Alan Jones
ISBN: 1904181347
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I finished writing my book I knew nothing about publishing and neither did I want to know. In WRITERSWORLD I found professionalism, dedication and diligence to a very high standard. I knew what I wanted my book to look like, and right through the process from copy-editing to layout, I was guided by a team committed to high standards and attention to detail coupled with a friendly and helpful personal service. Nothing was too much trouble for the Managing Director, Graham Cook, who was always available with encouraging, warm and genial words. A publishing process fraught with dangers for the inexperienced was made into a walk in the park. Thank you WRITERSWORLD and good luck.

Title: Project Planet Pie
Author: Herman Meeuwissen
ISBN: 1904181805
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

My association with WRITERSWORLD has always been amiable and productive, throughout the process of publishing my book, Project Planet Pie. I can recommend the service they offer to anyone looking for a quality publishing programme resulting in a good quality product and optimum exposure for any well written work.

Title: Your Choice
Author: John H. Leckie
ISBN: 9780957567603
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I spent about two years contacting publishers and looking at contractual agreements which were not in my best interest, before I was fortunate to find Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD on the internet. The website convinced me that this was a company that I wanted to do business with. Graham Cook makes sure that the author understands the full process of getting their book through to the market. He leaves no stone unturned and manages the process in a professional and helpful manner. He brings integrity and lightness to the process. Meeting with him is undoubtedly a must. The production team that Graham Cook brings to help an author produce the final document are highly professional, and easy to work with. I am grateful to his copy editor Sue Croft and cover designer Jag Lall for the excellence that they brought to the finishing of my book “YOUR CHOICE”. I will most certainly recommend WRITERSWORLD to others and use Graham Cook’s company again.

Title: Live Forever or Your Money Back: How We Age, How We Die, & How Not To!
Author: Gary Clark
ISBN: 9780955569609
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Recently, I discovered that ageing is not a natural condition, but is triggered by a mechanism not previously understood. You can find this trigger in your head and turn it off for yourself. The conclusion is as inevitable as it appears unlikely: you can live, at or below your current age, indefinitely. Outrageous? Silly? A con? That’s what most people and all of the publishing industry thought, except Graham Cook, that is, who put aside his natural scepticism and helped me publish it anyway, and it’s selling! I am deeply grateful to Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD. I recommend them to you. No matter how different your proposal might seem, go for it!

Title: Poetry from the Heart: An Anthology of Christian Poems
Author: Mr Chukwuka Oyem
ISBN: 1904181856
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD offered a sincere and effective service. They were easy to get in contact with and encouraged valuable communication during the publication process. One unique aspect of the service is the personal involvement of the Managing Director of WRITERSWORLD, Graham Cook, who possesses a very heart-warming persona and genuinely provided honest and sound advice. Many thanks for the publication and good luck with WRITERSWORLD for the future.

Title: Tell Me Another
Author: Jack Aspinwall
ISBN: 1904181317
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I was not surprised at the level of service I would get from WRITERSWORLD as that was a foregone conclusion. What did surprise me was the quality of my book after it had been reprinted. To think that they could take a slightly faded paperback published in 1986 take it apart, scan it page by page and create a new version as good as the original is simply amazing. As in my case WRITERSWORLD were even able to amend the front and back cover to make it current insomuch as it stated I was a MP which I am no longer and bring the about author up to date. I am told that this reprinted version of my book is now selling well again on the internet and I cannot wait to get my two other books into print again.

Title: Secrets of the Royal Detective
Author: Don Hale, OBE
ISBN: 1904181473
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I want to thank WRITERSWORLD for all the painstaking work and diligence of the layout and typesetting expert Den Robinson, cover designer Steve Foote, and especially the WRITERSWORLD Managing Director Graham Cook, for their continued support throughout the development of this project. The book was completed within 6-8 weeks and was successfully launched on schedule in the United States to great acclaim. I feel it has a highly professional appearance and hopefully will prove an interesting and popular read. If anyone else is considering using a small publisher, I would certainly recommend the services of WRITERSWORLD. The marketing and promotion ideas I got from WRITERSWORLD for my book was remarkable and no detail was to small for them.

Title: The Karma Sutra of Work
Author: Avril Millar
ISBN: 9780956897725
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

In my working life with many businesses from different sectors, I frequently come across ‘Mission Statements’. These purport to reassure the customer or client that they will receive the very highest customer service and experience, and that they will have all their expectations exceeded. They are rarely followed through. In terms of choosing suppliers generally, testimonials give you some sort of clue. But even then they often front a patchy service. As for the worry over choosing and committing to an unknown service, it is all the more critical when choosing a book publisher – the creative baby who has lived inside your head has to come into the world in the best possible shape. No matter the external audience one wants to reach or the motivation for the project, the biggest audience is in your own heart. Your book is an extension of you. I can tell you of my experience of WRITERSWORLD.

In a word, exceptional. Graham Cook and his team at WRITERSWORLD who worked on my book Ian Large, Jag Lall and the Dave Matthews at the printers have guided a very haphazard and frequently reluctant and tardy author through to a book better than any I might have expected. The writing is mine of course. But the patience was theirs whilst I got my thoughts in order. I paid for the service well over two years before I used it and there was no murmur of surprise at my prodigal return. Graham Cook even held to the original book publishing fee – which he had no need to do. (And that price is fixed and ridiculously low). The final product is my book, frankly, beautiful. It far outshines many of the traditionally published books on the shelf and no one can believe it is self-published. So would I use WRITERSWORLD again? Yes. Number two book is in the pipeline already. WRITERSWORLD won’t tolerate less than excellence. Why would you choose anything else but WRITERSWORLD?

Title: The Parent-Teacher
Author: Sabina Bashir
ISBN: 1904181538
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I would like to thank the team at WRITERSWORLD for all their efforts. Things in life never run smoothly as the unexpected can happen at any time, but I can honestly say when working with WRITERSWORLD you will not work with a more committed and dedicated team of people. From the very start of contacting Graham Cook, Managing Director, I came in contact with an approachable, yet professional team who listened to what I had to say and really did note my opinions, which is very rare when dealing with professionals these days. I really did enjoy working with you all, and hope to work with you all again soon on my next book.

Title: The Alternative
Author: G. Speke
ISBN: 1904181724
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Invaluable. I was struggling with a good book inside me. Every publisher I contacted did not want to know. WRITERSWORLD was the only company willing to talk to me about my project, taking it seriously. A big worry for me was that I had to get my book out there at a price people could afford. Thanks to WRITERSWORLD, this book was honestly costed- the end product cost 1/2 the amount charged by other companies, because WRITERSWORLD does not make 50% on top of the printed cost.

Title: Grain of the Wood
Author: Kingston - Cameron
ISBN: 1904181880
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

At 89 years old & having completed my first book, I tried sending it to a few publishers, but they didn’t want to know. I began to despair of ever seeing my work in print, but then someone mentioned self publishing to me. I knew nothing about it & looked at a few websites for information, but I was unsure of how to proceed. Then I came across the WRITERSWORLD site & I knew I had found the one for me. The site gave me all the information (& more) that I needed & was so well laid out, that I immediately phoned & spoke to Graham Cook. Within an hour I was on my way to having my book published. WRITERSWORLD have been everything I hoped they would be. I have my book published now & I couldn’t be more proud when showing it to family & friends & for it to be available to buy on the Internet & in bookshops worldwide. All through the process, if there was something I wasn’t quite sure about Graham Cook was happy to help me out, & very promptly too. He has been charming, courteous & thoughtful at all times, keeping in touch regularly & asking if there was anything he could do to help me. He could not have done more for me & his enthusiasm & love of his company shine through all he does. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending WRITERSWORLD to anyone considering self publishing. They are easily the best, most honest & sincere company in an industry where, sadly, there are many charlatans.

Title: Life’s a Buzz
Author: Richard Plant
ISBN: 9781904181446
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

This was important to me. My previous experience was not satisfying at all. I felt left out on a limb with no-one person to whom I could turn for advice or information. Communication lines were not cut - they were not set up in the first place. We always talk about the tyranny of distance between Europe and Australia. With sensible email contact and Graham Cook himself shuffling the cards, response time and content was excellent. The only hiccup we had was our publishing process began in sync with Australia’s white wash of England on the Ashes tour down under in 2006. But to his credit - obviously honed after a lifetime of cricket disappointments, Graham Cook displayed all the traits of the British stiff upper lip and got on with the job. So did his support staff and suppliers. It was a good job they did. My third book to finalise the trilogy, and possibly a reprint of the first, Life’s A Ball, will be offered to WRITERSWORLD first. That alone should stimulate Graham and his team to keep up the fine job they do, and encourage new and frustrated authors of all genres to give ‘em a go. I hope they do.

Title: Meeting Magic
Author: Katherine Woods and Ingrid Uden
ISBN: 9780955778803>
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Meeting Magic is a business book, aimed at the business manager market. We needed the book to be of a high quality, to reflect our business brand. We chose WRITERSWORLD as they offer a trustworthy service and give the authors control of their own books. Graham is very knowledgeable about the publishing world and all the people we dealt with in the process of getting the book published were professional and helpful. Thank you WRITERSWORLD for helping us get Meeting Magic into print.

Title: The White Witch series
Author: Tracey Rolfe
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

What I knew and understood about the publishing world you could write on the back of a postage stamp. The following is a not very subtle breakdown of my very frustrating situation four years ago: (1) print and collate three chapters of manuscript, with covering letter; (2) send out manuscript to agent; (3) wait with bated breath; (4) manuscript returned; (5) exhale at length and bang fists on table. I have a wonderful collection of rejections which I keep to remind myself of the bad times, a personal diary of my roller-coaster journey, of soul-destroying rejection and disappointment. I consoled myself knowing that there were thousands of authors out there, just like me, waiting nervously for the golden seal of approval. But that was the past.

My position to date, five years down that long and winding road, is one of great success, success that comes from hard work, sheer determination and self-belief. However, I also made a telephone call that changed my life. That call was to Graham Cook at www.writersworld.co.uk. OK, I gave in to something I said ‘never’ to, “self publish.” But let me tell you, it was the best decision I ever made. My childrens’ books, ‘The White Witch of Spiton and the Serpent of Anata’, ISBN 9780955702006 and ‘The White Witch of Spiton and the Book of Dreams’, ISBN 9780955702013 for age group 9 to 12 years, is now available to buy at worldwide websites, at local bookshops, and off-the-shelf at over one hundred Waterstone’s book shops, here in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland. I am currently touring the country, book-signing at Waterstone’s stores and loving every minute of it. The series of books is selling extremely well and, to my surprise, I have a new audience - adults. Yes, adults are buying my books as well!

So would I recommend self publishing? Yes, and with WRITERSWORLD absolutely.

Title: Three Months in Nepal: A story of travel teaching and child labour
Author: Hazel Roy
ISBN: 9780955945106
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

It was a friend who pointed me in the direction of WRITERSWORLD for help in getting a book which had been germinating for far too long, out of the cupboard and onto the page. I was attracted to the web site and in particular the professional and beautifully designed book covers and I thought the book would be in safe hands with the company.

There has been a fair bit learned in the process, largely that I should have handed over the whole production to the company, instead of trying to get the type setting done closer to home, causing a fair bit of delay and stress within the family, which I regret, although the resulting book cover and layout which is the work of my designer son is my pride and joy. In taking what turned out to be a particularly complicated route, WRITERSWORLD acted in a far from commercial manner towards me instead they treated me more like supportive and reliable friends.

In particular I must pick out my editor Sue Croft for special mention, who worked tirelessly into the small hours to get the first draft of the book out to a very tight schedule. She gets my vote every time for her professionalism accuracy and determination to get the editing just right, which vastly exceeded my expectations. Nothing was too much trouble. If I ever go down this road again I would hope to do so with Sue or someone just like her.

Graham Cook handled all queries and problems with good humour and patience and helped me throughout to keep things in perspective and work through the difficulties. It took some time before I could get from the printers exactly what I hoped (no one should under-estimate the work to be done after the author writes ‘the end’ on the bottom of a manuscript) but the final result is a good looking professionally produced book I feel proud to call mine. Having the book on Amazon and other web sites is also a tremendous marketing boost to a new author. I would like to think that author signing tours will also be possible in the near future. Thank you WRITERSWORLD for making it all possible.

Title: THE BIG BANG - Shameful Pseudo Science
Author: Geoffrey H Hutson
ISBN: 9780956057808
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

In writing I should like to pay tribute to you for your enterprise in setting-up WRITERSWORLD

It is a marvelous example of how one man, can be capable-not only of seeing the need for a way of by-passing the extremely frustrating attempt by many authors to ‘ find’ a Publisher-but thinking through and devising a method by which so many of us could have the satisfaction of seeing our work professionally produced and on-the-market.

As you remember, a copy of your Company’s fully descriptive publication ‘PUBLISH YOUR BOOK’ reached me from the Institution of Engineering Technology of which I am a Life Member.

Following through your system, my much larger book ‘LITTLEBROOK’ is well on the way through with the great help of Sue Croft and Charles Leveroni. Already the standard of the work is highly professional.

Many thanks Graham for your tireless work and organisational skill.

Title: Understanding Tajiki News
Author: Dr John Hayward
ISBN: 1904181570
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD provided an efficient, prompt, and personal service. I thoroughly researched the many POD publishers before selecting WRITERSWORLD and would recommend them unreservedly.

Title: Discovering Recovery: The Experiences of Mental Health Distress from a Mental Health Support Group
Authors: Rebecca Shaw (Author, Editor), Hugh Thomas (Author, Editor), Chris Heap (Author)
ISBN: 9780955959004
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

To Graham Cook, Sue Croft and Charles Leveroni at WRITERSWORLD thank you for also helping me publish my own book “ Wonderfully Strange” ISBN Number 9780955959103 plus the above book for my friends and colleagues at the Rushcliffe Support Group and for your patience and support. It has been lovely working with you all and I would recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone thinking of writing their own book.

Title: Bolter’s Grand-daughter
Author: Angela Culme-Seymour
ISBN: 1904181155
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

As the instigator of this republishing I have been very pleased with the service provided by WRITERSWORLD. They have been helpful in guiding me through the process and it is now reassuring that this book is available on a one-off basis to the many people who have seen the limited first printing and wanted to purchase their own copy. Considering the process that went into the reprinting the quality is extremely good and I have recommended not only this, but the full printing to several of my writer friends.

Title: Gentleness
Author: Aidan Duff
ISBN: 1904181619
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have never worked with an organisation before WRITERSWORLD came along that has allowed me to experience such decent and friendly folk. Not only are they all committed to high standards and have a mastery of their skills, but also each person I dealt with added the extra dimension of being able to make me feel valued as a human being. I enjoyed my initial chat with Graham Cook, who made me feel “at home” with the values of WRITERSWORLD, then I worked with Laurence and Steve, both of whom understood what I was trying to achieve with “Gentleness” and produced, respectively, an effective and perceptive proof-read and a staggeringly powerful cover design. Finally I had the pleasure of working with Theresa who, with quiet consideration formatted the pages in consultation with me. Thank you team. You are a credit to WRITERSWORLD. I’m sure we will soon be hearing that WRITERSWORLD is the leading exponent of publish-on-demand books.

Title: Understanding...keeping the human factor alive in the digital age
Author: Richard Brimble with Martin Clark
ISBN: 0955428904
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have never published a book and WRITERSWORLD made it very easy for me. As an international consultant I didn’t have the time to understand the process and wanted an organisation to help me deliver the book. WRITERSWORLD provided excellent email communication, often responding within thirty minutes. They have provided me with advice and guidance on the whole process and took time to understand my individual requirements. Self publishing can seem complicated but I now feel like a publisher and I thank WRITERSWORLD helping me through the journey.

Title: Ticklemice: A story for children to read their parents and vice versa
Author: G S Powell
ISBN: 0955428807
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Like many others who have come to WRITERSWORLD for help in publishing their work, I was a complete novice and unprepared for the business side of the world of literature. I can honestly say that without WRITERSWORLD and their managing director Graham Cook, I would have been at a complete loss. Graham has made the experience much easier and more enjoyable than it would have been, and has been the fulcrum and focus for all the activities associated with self publishing my book. Graham thanks for all your patience and efforts, it’s been a pleasure!

Title: The White Witch of Spiton and the Serpent of Anata
Author: Tracey Rolfe
ISBN: 9780955702006
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

From the very first moment I met Graham Cook, I knew in an instant that I would end up with an excellent published book. His warm and caring personality made me feel totally at ease. I always felt I had input into my work from beginning to end. Nothing was too much to ask. He was always at the end of the phone to help and listen and has tirelessly worked all hours on my behalf. Whenever I meet authors who want to pursue the idea of publishing their own work, I do not hesitate to highly recommending Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD Thank you for all your dedication and guidance, Graham and for helping a struggling author such as myself to achieve their ultimate dream.

Title: Meanderings
Author: MacLean Malcomson
ISBN: 9780955702105
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD offer a quality service and you will be delighted with the sheer quality of the finished book. Graham Cook will keep you well informed during the various stages of production. The copy-Editor and cover-Artist assigned to me both did impressive work, and, if you choose to put your book into WRITERSWORLD’s hands, you’ll be glad you did. I am very pleased with all they’ve done, at a most reasonable cost, too.

Title: The Image of God Restored
Author: Juliana Kuzoe
ISBN: 9780955745805
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

It was my first experience with publishing a book. Graham Cook, the Managing Director, and his team guided me through every step of the publishing process. The book is beautiful and I am pleased. I commend WRITERSWORLD for entering information about the book into the databases of distributors in UK, and Amazon, and the established procedures for the eventual payment of royalties. I recommend WRITERSWORLD to anyone who needs a publisher.

Title: Nice Swing, Just can’t hit it
Author: Julian Myerscough
ISBN: 9780955958911
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Whilst looking around for some help with publishing my book I was lucky enough to come across the website for WRITERSWORLD. From my first contact with Graham Cook it was clear that he is a true professional and has a passion for his business. All throughout the book publishing process I have greatly appreciated his support, he has been readily available when I needed to contact him and he has taken great effort to make the publishing process as easy and profitable as possible for myself, whilst helping me avoid the many pitfalls that a novice writer can experience when dealing with the publishing industry for the first time. Together with Richard Sexton (Copy-Editor) we have been able to produce something that I am pleased to be able to put my name to. It is pleasing and a relief in these strange times to find a company with some moral integrity.

Title: A Sailor’s Tales
Author: Captain William Wells
ISBN: 9870956290403
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The overall service I have received from WRITERSWORLD has been first class in every respect. Graham Cook has surrounded himself with a team of professionals who go out of their way to accommodate the author. My every query was dealt with understandingly, with the utmost courtesy and most of all as a novice author, I was treated with both respect and dignity. The book “A Sailor’s Tales” is an autobiography tracing the twists and turns in the life and adventures of a Master Mariner, ship’s captain and harbour pilot - one of the few people that actually lived his boyhood dreams.

Title: Of Sluices and Sisters Anecdotes of Student Nurses at a London Teaching Hospital
Author: Alison Collin
ISBN: 9780956293800
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Luck was certainly on my side when I came across WRITERSWORLD. Seconds after I had pressed the send button initiating my enquiry, Graham Cook was introducing himself by telephone and after speaking with him I felt sure that I was entrusting the production of my book, “Of Sluices and Sisters” to someone who really knows their way around the publishing world. What a remarkable experience it has turned out to be! The comprehensive website section “Publish your book” is so clearly written that it is a joy to read, and very easy to follow, even for a first time author with absolutely no prior knowledge of such things. Brian Stanton was my copy editor, and was so upbeat and positive, and encouraging about the book that I could hardly wait to get his emails each week as he reviewed the chapters. Charles Leveroni my designated book cover designer immediately grasped the concept of my idea for the cover, and the result of his design – both striking and witty – is beyond anything that I had hoped for. Indeed I found all those that I worked with very responsive, patient, interested in the project, and they certainly went the extra mile to produce a book of amazing quality. I cannot thank them enough! Previously I had enquired at some other publishing houses whose pompous sounding responses suggested that they felt they would be doing me a great favour considering my work for exorbitant fees, which would have meant that the book would have gone unpublished. What a lucky escape!

Title: The Christmas Story as told by Assellus the Christmas Donkey
Author: Janet Duggan
ISBNs: 9780956338907 & 9780956338914
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Have you written a book that deserves to be published? If so, you have probably sent it to numerous publishers already but received many rejection slips. If you are not already a published author nor a celebrity it is very unlikely that your work will be accepted. In these credit crunch times publishers are unwilling to take any risks. It’s hurtful, isn’t it? It’s frustrating when you know you have written something worthwhile and you’re not given a chance. I know how you feel because it’s happened to me. Happily, nowadays, there is another route. You can engage the services of a professional publishing team, headed by Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD. On the recommendation of an author at her book signing, this is what I decided to do and what a brilliant decision it turned out to be! Graham Cook’s company is small and he has the personal touch. Graham is approachable and accessible so I was able to contact him directly whenever I had a query. He appointed a team of experts to help me, including a copy editor, book cover designer and website designer, all of whom became very involved with my book, wanting to do their best for me. I was delighted with final result - a beautifully produced book. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Graham and his team. They have made the process of publishing fun,as well as an interesting experience and helped me to realize my dream. Thank you. This is a better route than the traditional one as I retain the control of my project and I own the copyright. I can wholeheartedly recommend Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD to potential authors who have high standards and want the best publisher for their work.

Title: Clay Target Shooting for Beginners and Enthusiasts
Author: John King
ISBN: 9780956346100
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

A few months ago I decided to pursue the self publishing route for my second book, the first one was produced by a main stream publisher, and other publishers wanted to take on my current one. I however did not relish the inevitable loss of control; and definitely was not enamored by the prospect of the miserable financial returns offered by main stream publishing. Within hours of beginning my on line research into self publishing; I found myself entering into a minefield of confusing information. Continuing my research during the next few days, the minefield seemed to grow into murkier and muddier waters: Then luckily ! Eureka ! I was hugely relieved to find myself in safe waters, where Graham Cook the founding owner of WRITERSWORLD had spent 8 years creating a totally clear ‘ swept channel ‘. What a relief , and what a joy to have Graham and his super crew at the helm : they are truly the friendly professionals to whom nothing is too much trouble, and daily contact is the norm: I am thrilled with my recent WRITERSWORLD published book which is of the highest quality; and will soon be jumping aboard again with my next book.

Title: The Language of Silence
Author: Merilyn Moos
ISBN: 9780956646705
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

If you can cope with a few ups and downs there is a lot to be said for WRITERSWORLD my novel “The Language of Silence” looks wonderfull: it has been professionally produced on high quality paper, the cover is eye-catching, and the copy editor spent as much time as it took to sort out the knots in my script and the inevitable crises. Graham Cook has ensured my book is on all the relevant lists, so I don’t have to worry, as can happen with self-publication, about distribution.

Title: Born to Whisper
Author: Nicole Golding and Adam Goodfellow
ISBN: 9780956444004
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

We published our first book through a large publishing house, but were very disappointed with certain aspects of the experience. We felt very let down with how the book was handled, but we received so much positive feedback about the book that we wanted to write another one. We looked on-line, and came across WRITERSWORLD. Reading through the information we realised that this company really knows what its doing. It felt like a big leap to publish independently, but from our very first meeting with Graham Cook we knew we were doing the right thing. What mattered most to us was to be able to retain control over the process, and we were delighted to realise that we would have the final say in everything from the cover to the font to the content. We immediately felt confident to proceed.

There was one slight issue, however, and that was the timescale - we wanted to get the book out before Christmas, but we met Graham Cook in mid October, when we were at the stage of having a draft manuscript. He wasn’t fazed, however, and with incredible dedication from him and his excellent team of editors and cover designers, we had the books in our hands by the 16th December. It’s hard to imagine anyone else, certainly not a big publishing house, meeting such a tight deadline, and throughout the process we received outstanding support from Graham Cook and his team. The editor he chose for us to work with was very well suited to the subject matter and skilled. Graham Cook was always available on the end of the phone, seven days a week, in contact almost daily, and reassuring at every stage. He is an outstandingly polite individual. To anyone who is thinking about self publishing, I would recommend they go to WRITERSWORLD, although I’m sure Graham Cook would appreciate a longer run in to the deadline! There are such horror stories around about other companies, but you’ll be safe, and retain full ownership of your work, with WRITERSWORLD.

We are delighted with our book, we think it looks fantastic, and as one person said “ooh, it looks like a proper book!” I think she was thinking it would look like a pamphlet, but in fact with the high quality paper it looks much better than anything you buy in the book shops these days.

Title: Dr Darwin’s Waterloo Pigeon
Author: Henry Quinn
ISBN: 9780956519009
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I started on my great journey to publish my book I went to Google and asked “Find me the best self publisher” and up came WRITERSWORLD. Well after completing the publication of my book I can say they are the best, also in my journey I found the perfect navigator in Graham Cook whose patience and understanding of an old grumpy man was to be applauded. Without Graham Cook’s help and the rest of his team I do know how I would have got on I would certainly recommended WRITERSWORLD to all and sundry.

Title: The History of the Shih Tzu
Author: Gay Widdrington and Christian Garforth-Bles
ISBNs: 9780956403704 & 9780956403711
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

To anyone who is considering going the ‘self publishing’ route, WRITERSWORLD are the answer. I have had experience with other self publishers, none of whom have provided as full and as helpful a service as Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD

I was listening to a program on BBC Radio 4 on self publishing where one of the questions asked was. ‘Do self publishers help with editing and graphics?’ The answer was ‘No, it is all up to you, but you control all rights and profits from sales.” That is not the case with WRITERSWORLD. Graham Cook has a team who provide excellent editing and graphics service whilst great attention is paid to quality. WRITERSWORLD handle all aspects of production – ISBN numbers, listing on Amazon and distribution through the wholesalers Gardners. The author retains all rights. Graham Cook and his team could not have been more patient and helpful, especially with my aunt’s delightful little book ‘The History of the Shih Tzu.’ Which is full of sketches, photographs and impossible foreign names. (Written by Jennifer Murray who published the book on behalf of the now deceased authors.)

Title: Dha-Byet-See: The Gun That Saved Rangoon
Author: Myoma-Lwin
ISBN: 9780956964403
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

As a first time author I was at a loss to find the best way to publish my book, and tried contacting well known agencies in the Internet. I did not find any to my satisfaction until I came across WRITERSWORLD website by chance. I needed to have my book published before a deadline and WRITERSWORLD not only accepted my challenge but also made it within a matter of three weeks including book cover, retouching old photos, and copy editing. I am happy to say that the finished product was to my entire satisfaction. I am also happy to mention that it was only possible entirely due to the personal devotion to every detail by Graham Cook, with whom I had the pleasure to meet as well, and his team of specialists.

Title: Out of Bounds
Author: David C Robertson
ISBN: 9780956527004
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I first contacted WRITERSWORLD I had three main goals. Firstly I wanted to get my book ‘Out of Bounds’ published, secondly I wanted it produced to a high standard, and thirdly I wanted to know precisely how much it would cost. My previous experience of publishing had convinced me that new writers have little, if any, chance of having their carefully produced work even read, let alone published. Indeed, I suspect the current economic climate makes it very difficult for even established authors to secure publishing deals. WRITERSWORLD self publishing offers a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to get your book into print.

Graham Cook was in touch with me on a regular basis, ensuring that the publishing process was kept on track. The detailed guidelines on how to publish your book, along with two helpful and easy to follow flowcharts, proved extremely valuable. I worked with my copy editor, Jeremy Renals, to ensure the book was produced to the highest standards and the book cover designer, Charles Leveroni, developed my visual ideas into an arresting, and exciting, book cover well suited to a children’s adventure story. In short, I am delighted with the final results. I have learned a great deal about the publishing process and I would like to thank Graham Cook, and the rest of the team, for helping to turn my novel into a reality.

Title: Why does my dog do that? Because its a dog!
Author: Caroline Spencer and Robin Glover
ISBN: 9780956763907
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

We were asked by colleagues and clients to write a book to explain in a reader friendly way the principles of, and a guide to, PURE Dog Listening. Well we set to and after numerous additions, amendments and extraction’s we completed the task.....or so we thought. If you think writing a book is hard just wait until you try and get it into a form that can be accessed by your hoped for readership. Unless you are a known writer or ‘celebrity’ you have more chance of winning the lottery than being picked up by a mainstream publisher and promoted as the next JK Rowling or Bill Bryson. That was a lesson we learned very quickly, so that left us with two options, either put the manuscript at the back of a cupboard and dream of what might have been or, self publish. We didn’t have a spare cupboard and so went for the second option. Once again we had to make big decisions, there are many people out there on both sides of the Atlantic very keen to take your money and offer you the earth. Many are blatant ‘vanity publishers’ who would happily turn a weekly shopping list into a book and tell you that you’ll make a fortune from it. Caroline has a Nursing and I have a Police background, we are both well used to research and investigation so that’s we did. Whenever we found a company that ‘ticked all the boxes’ in a given area the name WRITERSWORLD appeared. We rapidly became convinced that WRITERSWORLD were the people to go with and we’ve been proved right. From our first contact with Graham Cook who heads the company to seeing the finished article on sale has been a hugely enjoyable experience. You can, if you wish, meet with Graham at the start of the process to discuss everything in depth. No matter how small or large your question is he’ll give you a full answer. He’ll also buy you a very fine breakfast. A piece of advice here, Graham will offer you an extra sausage. Accept, I didn’t and have regretted it ever since, they were magnificent. Once you’ve met Graham and agreed on the way forward then other members of his team come into play. We are particularly indebted to Brian Stanton for his editing skills and amazing patience in dealing with not one but two novice writers. Also to Charles Leveroni for designing the cover. What can we say about WRITERSWORLD? Probably the most important thing is that they have delivered everything that they promised. They have always responded promptly to any inquiry in a positive manner and they have produced a book for us that is selling exceptionally well, due in no small part to the marketing advice they gave us. Would we use WRITERSWORLD again? Due to the success of our book they are already in the process of producing it in ebook form for us. We also intend to write a second book relating to PURE Dog Listening and unless we meet Ms Rowling or Bill Bryson down the pub and they take us under their wing, we’ll be with WRITERSWORLD again.

Title: Sorry Darling, It’s Way Past Time
Author: Thomas Bunn
ISBNs: 9780956807403 & 9780956807410
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

It was a minefield for me when it came to seeking out the best way to self publish and so I did what I expect most people do, I trawled the Internet. I phoned one London-based print on demand book publishing company and yes, they seemed helpful at first. But at a later stage they had not completed the task and I felt no real interest was forthcoming from them with little explanation as to what they would do for me in regards to publishing my book. The prices they had quoted seemed ok, but due to the lack of response from the other company I then hit upon WRITERSWORLD and spoke directly on the phone to its owner/founder Graham Cook, I liked what I heard instantly.

I liked Graham Cook’s direct, no-nonsense approach and his guidance throughout was beyond the call of duty and in my view he wasn’t making some huge personal profit from this involvement – the process was on its way. I signed with him immediately. I read through the WRITERSWORLD “Publish Your Book” PDF file and anything I couldn’t or didn’t understand was made clear to me with no hidden agendas with WRITERSWORLD. A meeting took place in mid-November 2010 and by the end of February 2011 the books (both hardback and paperback versions of the highest possible quality) were available for purchase by the public via the Waterstones, WH Smiths and Amazon websites and many more websites. My contacting WRITERSWORLD as to publishing my book was the best thing I could have done, as without them I don’t think I would have pursued this venture and certainly could not have wished for a better service.

Title: Another Space in Time
Author: Richard Bunning
ISBN: 9780956293732
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have written four books, and now I am working on a fifth, all under the umbrella of WRITERSWORLD. It is hard to say what this says about me, but it says a great deal about my confidence in “self publishing” through WRITERSWORLD. Their system, which continues to represent extraordinary good value, has made the impossible possible for so many interesting writers who have been shut out of the traditional publishing industry, or who simply prefer a more independent approach. There is little more rewarding in life than seeing one’s efforts bear fruit, and this is particularly true when it comes to producing a book. There is only one greater joy, and that is in selling the fruits of one’s labour. On this score one has to be realistic. Nowadays, book sales have far more to do with already-accrued fame than with the quality of writing. Everyone has to build their own path to success.

If one likes reading, why not take a risk on one of the books that WRITERSWORLD have published, on a range of subjects as diverse as the collective pool of authors. These exceptionally high quality books are available through Amazon, through all good retailers, (in some cases off the shelves, but always within a few days of ordering), and increasingly through a diverse range of electronic book formats. If one has ever enjoyed speculative science, mild sci-fi, and everyman philosophic conjecture built around a police chase and terrorism, one might just enjoy my latest book “Another Space in Time”. Or for example, if one rather prefers to read classic French plays in modern English, and is equally interested in strong female roles in biblical contexts, then one might like to read “Esther and Athaliah”. There is nothing typical about a WRITERSWORLD book, any more than there is anything typical about you, the reader. Perhaps one likes the idea of publishing one’s own tome, but first wishes to see real evidence of the WRITERSWORLD quality production; then purchase one of the books and see for yourself.

Title: Wayne’s Tour “A Big Bloke’s Tour de France”
Author: Wayne Howard
ISBN: 9780956953209
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After careful research I chose WRITERSWORLD for publishing my book- ‘Wayne’s Tour - A Big Bloke’s Tour de France’ and am extremely satisfied with the result. There are clearly many unscrupulous and unprofessional self publish companies out there, and I have found Graham Cook at WRITERSWORLD is not one of them. From start to finish his full service has been prompt, professional, honest and polite. He certainly keeps you well informed at every stage of what is a very complicated process. There are cheaper companies out there, but I did not want my efforts of writing something I am very proud of, to be soured by a poor product or worse still, being ripped off. The services of my allocated copy editor Sue Croft and my cover designer Charles Leveroni were superb. I have worked out a comprehensive marketing strategy for my book and e-book utilising good tips and information provided by WRITERSWORLD. It takes real effort from an author throughout the publishing process and Graham Cook and his team give you the best chance of success and have certainly lived up to their good reputation.

Title: It’s a Teacher’s Life...!
Author: Helena Harper
ISBN: 9780957053021
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I initially approached Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD with a view to self publishing my third book (a children’s picture book, entitled Pep, Polish and Paint). Graham Cook was aware that the publisher of my first book (a collection of poetic stories based on my teaching experiences, entitled It’s a Teacher’s Life...!) had gone into liquidation and he suggested his Book Rescue Plan. I thought this would be a good idea because it would give me complete control over the book with myself as the publisher, so I would never again be left high and dry by another publisher going out of business. The Book Rescue Plan process involved removing all mention of my previous publisher in the book and on the cover and inserting the new ISBN and publisher details. Graham Cook, however, went further, he suggested that the extra space created by this on the back cover could be used for endorsements/reviews I had received for the book. This was an unexpected bonus and illustrates Graham’s Cook’s high level of customer service. He also asked Nielsen to point the old ISBN numbers to the new number, so that I would not lose the reviews I had received on Amazon. Again, this shows Graham Cook’s willingness to accommodate clients’ wishes. I now have a book that is not only under my control, but which also has an improved layout because of the cover changes (the author biography was moved as well from the back cover to the last page of the book, to free up still more review space).

In short (and to use the words from my poem “Amy, the Able” in It’s a Teacher’s Life...!), if you also have a ‘dead’ book and are looking for

‘coolness and calmness
served with a smile,
for honest directness
and willingness
to go that extra mile’

then I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD in their Book Rescue Plan. The customer service is second to none and you have nothing to lose.

Title: Connecting Dors
Author: Niema Ash
ISBN: 9780955030123
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I wanted my book on Diana Dors, the UK icon, to be launched on the day of her 80th birthday. With this in mind I booked the venue for the launch and sent out the invitations to coincide with that day. The only problem was that only 3 weeks before the launch I had not finished writing the book let alone arranging for its publication. Extremely stressed by my predicament I contacted Graham Cook at WRITERSWORLD, who assured me he would see to it that the book was published in time and that all would be well. He took full charge of the publishing details and made all the necessary arrangements, freeing me to complete the manuscript. He talked me through the decisions I had to make, like choice of fonts, of paper, of photographs. He was calm and reassuring throughout the process, phoning me each morning with the cheery announcement, “motivator calling”, to be sure that any problems I had would be attended to. Against the odds, with his patience and skill and the skill of his team, a well-produced, handsome book was delivered in time and I was spared the humiliation of cancelling the launch. I couldn’t have done it without WRITERSWORLD. Thank you Graham Cook.

By Marny Shuster:

I have just spent several seeks watching the fruition of my cousin’s book, “Connecting Dors” as it morphed from the computer into a beautiful book under the careful guidance of Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD I have been involved in every aspect of publishing for a dozen years and have not come across a professional in the business of printing books more earnest, conscientious, available and hard working than Graham Cook’s company. His communication skills, willingness to listen, comprehend and turn out the desired end product has made the venture a great success. Many thanks, Graham. From one of those difficult Northern California girls.

Title: News from the Nail Bar
Author: Christy Powell
ISBNs: 9780956999306 & 9780956999313
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I owe so much gratitude to WRITERSWORLD for publishing my book. The team were extremely professional as well as good fun to work with and the whole process has been a real pleasure. I was uncertain about self publishing at first but I couldn’t be more pleased about the decision I made. Thank you WRITERSWORLD for making my book look so much better than I could have ever hoped.

Title: Pep, Polish and Paint
Author: Helena Harper
ISBNs: 9780957053007 & 9780957053014
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When I had been let down by a small independent publisher who had been promising me for 9 months that he would publish my book, I decided that enough was enough and – taking inspiration from the main character in my story (Sammy, a sun that’s lost his shine) – I decided to take some action and find another way to get my book published, that’s when I approached Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD.

I already had a layout, which my illustrator had done, but corrections needed to be done on several pages where my old publisher was mentioned and on the cover. I did not have the original Indesign files from my illustrator, just pdfs, but my layout designer (Ian) overcame these difficulties very professionally. Both he and the cover artist proved to be very willing and helpful, and Graham kept me informed at every stage - a welcome change to the long periods of silence I had endured in the previous months from my initial publisher! There were problems with getting the correct book details listed online (due to circumstances beyond the control of WRITERSWORLD, but Graham Cook showed great patience throughout.

I am more than happy that I decided to self publish the book with the help of WRITERSWORLD. self publishing a book, as I have now learnt, can be fraught with pitfalls and problems, and to do it all yourself as a newbie is a tall order, so it is good to have the guidance of someone who has been doing it for a long time. I am happy that I now have complete control of my book and, should I require amendments to the layout in the future, then these will be done free of charge. So, if you’re looking for someone who gets things done, then I have no hesitation in recommending Graham Cook and the services of WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Sex and Drugs and Squash’n’Roll
Author: Aubrey Waddy
ISBNs: 9780957097902 & 9780957097919
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Regarding the huge contribution of WRITERSWORLD to the success of my project, what I would point to is the confidence generated by the relentless attention to detail, everything was taken care of and all the unknowns addressed. I’d done the writing; WRITERSWORLD did all the rest.

Title: Death’s Door: Ignorance Likes Company
Author: Jag Lall
ISBN: 9780957178601
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having had my book previously published by a publisher who went bust, I decided to take the plunge and take my book to WRITERSWORLD. Even though I am a sub-contractor with WRITERSWORLD, I never fully realised just how much background work Graham Cook and his team do for the author to make life as easy as possible in publishing their book. It is quite a relief not having to worry about ISBN numbers and sending copies to the likes of the book distributor, thus giving me time to solely concentrate on my book and leave the formalities to WRITERSWORLD. All in all, publishing with WRITERSWORLD has been a worry free experience which I think is essential in today’s market. Lastly, the finished sample I received was very impressive and I could not be more thrilled with finding such a reliable publisher as WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Cotswolds Memoir Discovering a Beautiful Region of Britain on a Quest to Buy a 17th Century Cottage
Author: Diz White
ISBN: 9789957116207
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

WRITERSWORLD is the best company worldwide for the self publishing author! The personal and very attentive service from Graham Cook, the WRITERSWORLD founder, is beyond compare; the finest there is, no matter where an author is located in the world. Self publishing is a steep learning curve for the uninitiated but with this company there is help every step of the way from Graham Cook and his excellent team. I was six thousand miles away from WRITERSWORLD’S headquarters when I used this company’s services to publish my book and this proved to be no problem at all. Graham Cook and his team answered every question I had with courteous patience and friendly, expert professionalism either by telephone, on their dime, or by email. In addition, many helpful suggestions were made that saved me from numerous pitfalls that could have sabotaged my efforts. I searched far and wide for a company that would set me up with my own ISBN. WRITERSWORLD was the only company that would do this for me in combination with a long list of extra excellent services, including the author keeps 100% of their royalties (this is unheard of and no other self publishing company I researched could offer this). WRITERSWORLD sets the author up with the biggest book wholesaler in the U.K. and WRITERSWORLD sets the book up with all the major book retailing outlets. Also, the on-going service that WRITERSWORLD provides in managing book distribution for the author is extraordinary and takes away every headache that occurs without fail in the journey of self published authors. Just as important is the quality of final product – the book – and in this WRITERSWORLD excels. Every phase of putting a book together is handled with the utmost care from the standard of line editing, through book and cover design to the quality of the paper, everything is top of the line. I consider WRITERSWORLD to be the Harrods or Tiffany’s of self publishing companies and would highly recommend its services to any author who is considering becoming his or her own book publisher: look no further, this company is worth every penny of their fee!

Title: Another Space in Time, Returns
Author: Richard Bunning
ISBN: 9780956293787
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I had no hesitation in using WRITERSWORLD for the fifth time, and availed myself of their e-Book service into the bargain. The deciding factors, for me, in staying with this particular publishing service were both the high standard of support and the quality of their finished books. It is tempting to go with the “free” publishing services, especially for those like me who have no fear of the technological issues, but I am very pleased that I stayed on-board, ensuring the maintenance of previous high standards. The best evidence of the WRITERSWORLD qualities is easy to see for yourselves when you check out the products at Amazon and other book retailing websites. With the WRITERSWORLD standard package one gets a very high level of technical editing, along with extra eyes to support one’s own proof reading. A cost component of production is the cover design, which is subjective, and many of us have some ability, but the professional involvement is invaluable and I like covers that are strikingly different, and I hope you agree that that is what I got. The world of publishing has changed, and is still changing at an unbelievable speed. WRITERSWORLD is keeping up with the pace of change, but whatever the changes, core things have to be done right to get our hard work into people’s hands and WRITERSWORLD achieves this with panache.

Title: The Presenter’s Handbook
Author: Phillip Adcock and Ian Callow
ISBNs: 9780957190900 & 9780957190917 & 9780957190924
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After spending time and effort crafting my first ever book (Supermarket Shoppology), I was thrilled with my manuscript and set about finding a publisher. Well let me say this, that isn’t easy. After months of synopses, meetings and even utilising the services of a literary agency, it became apparent that there’s much more to getting a book to market than just writing a manuscript. And that’s when I discovered the services of Graham Cook and WRITERSWORLD. They were like a breath of fresh air; they took the manuscript and nursed it through professional proofing, adding illustrations and managing the creation of hardback, paperback and e-book versions. The whole process was straightforward and hassle free from my point of view; and nothing was too much trouble for Graham Cook. Having now co-written a second book (The Presenter’s Handbook) I had no hesitation in introducing my co-author Ian Callow to WRITERSWORLD and lo and behold, just like last time WRITERSWORLD did an excellent job: they even add value by providing extra publishing-related services such as enhancing the listings on websites without passing the costs on to us. They have a great business and are a total pleasure to deal with. If you are considering having a book published, I really do urge you to contact WRITERSWORLD to discuss how they can assist you.

Title: Fresh, Clean Men
Author: Sarah Louisa O’Looney
ISBNs: 9780957197909 & 9780957197916 & 9780957197923
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I would recommend everyone who is self publishing a book to do so with WRITERSWORLD the service they provide is first class, the attention to detail and the very fast efficient work that is done around the clock is second to none. The team around Graham work with the same ethics as he does which means an excellent job well done, I was blown away with the expert advice that has helped me progress forward in the right direction of sales of my book. Graham Cook has a lot of wisdom and shared this openly with me to help you achieve my objective of producing a great book. The true value that was behind the service I received from WRITERSWORLD was overwhelming as I felt like everyone cared for the book as if it was their own, yet didn’t take over in any way. Everyone worked so hard to get my book exactly how I wanted it and I will always be grateful for the outstanding service I received from WRITERSWORLD, thanks to Graham Cook, Jeremy Renals and Jag Lall.

Title: Retailers Guide to Claims Brought by Customers and Employees
Author: Innes Ebert & John Morrell
ISBNs: 978095603718 & 9780956503725
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

On behalf of the team at our law firm DWF we would like to thank you and WRITERSWORLD for being an absolute pleasure to work with, you have made the whole process of producing our book stress free and an enjoyable experience. Your enthusiasm and professionalism from start to finish for helping produce a quality book really was a great inspiration to getting the book completed on time. May I wish you and your team all the very best and we will certainly be using you again for our next books we produce.

Title: Public & Private – the arts of Roy Newby
Author: Michael Newby
ISBNs: 9780957319806 & 9780957319806
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

When you start to write a book, publication is not usually the first thing which comes to mind. As you come to finish it, finding the right publisher becomes very important indeed. The idea that I could publish this book myself is, for me at least, a new and liberating one. I’d heard of people doing so, but had no idea where to start. I was interested to see what WRITERSWORLD could offer and delighted to find, within minutes of my sending a first, tentative, email asking for some basic facts, to discover a real person - Graham Cook - responding later that day. ‘Whatever else you do,’ he said, ‘don’t worry! That’s something I do so that you don’t need to.’

I’m now at the publication stage, and he’s been quite right: this has been one of the most pleasurable and smooth-running projects I’ve ever engaged in. Mine is a book about my late father’s art, so it includes - in fact, it’s built around - a great many colour reproductions. The quality of the printing matters a great deal and so I was grateful for the helpful way in which Graham Cook organised the printer to send me samples so I could choose the best paper for the reproductions. Small details like that were typical of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD. I was allocated a skilful cover designer, who helped polish my own design; and I was supported over several weeks to perfect the whole book by an excellent copy editor, whose meticulous attention to detail was reassuring and effective. This too was typical of the service offered by WRITERSWORLD.

I’ve published before. Then, I worked with large organisations and, helpful though they were, I always felt a little overwhelmed by the publishers’ presence - those long corridors in office blocks, that sense of being a very small cog in a large machine. With WRITERSWORLD it’s been quite different. The message all along has been: ‘This is your book, and you’re in charge of how it turns out, but we’ll help you achieve your ambition to make it happen.’ Graham Cook has been a charming, effective and efficient master of ceremonies, building trust, knowing what he’s doing, jollying the process along and always being there when I had a question to ask. His years of running the company show in everything he says and does.

Is WRITERSWORLD good value for money? I think so. There’s a lot behind the scenes as well as in the shop window. Would I use WRITERSWORLD if I ever wrote another book? Certainly – it would be my first choice. Would I recommend WRITERSWORLD to other potential self publishers? Yes indeed. Did WRITERSWORLD pay me to write the above. Not a penny!

Title: The Bride in Leafyland
Author: Ibrahim Nelson Kaggwa
ISBN: 9780957329102
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I approached WRITERSWORLD with much trepidation and fear. I was scared that my script would never hit an editor’s desk. I was fearful that the cost would be impossible to meet. Yet a face-to-face meeting allayed these fears and there were options that I had not even dreamt of. Before long I had been given a kick start to have my script read, with guidance to improve presentation, edit and injections of styling towards publishing. WRITERSWORLD are not just a publisher, they nurture budding and first time authors. There is real personalised customer care to take the novice into a professional writer with the support of script and illustration edit. I recommend WRITERSWORLD to writers, more so those desirous of professional personal support, without paying through the teeth.

Title: Blacker’s Boys
Author: Nick Metcalfe
ISBN: 9780957269507
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

You will probably be reading this on the WRITERSWORLD random sample of testimonials web page – if you are, my first comment is that you should read some of the other testimonials here as well as mine. Graham Cook has earned a loyal following through his dedication to making authors’ dreams come true through honest, transparent, professional and good-humoured dealing at every part of the publication process. My search for a self publishing company identified WRITERSWORLD early and I used his guide to self publishing to ‘score’ other options. None came close to WRITERSWORLD I knew I had made the right choice from my first phone call. I live in the United States, an added complexity that I was concerned about – I need not have been. I managed to meet up with Graham Cook over lunch when I was back in the UK and that cemented my opinions. I have also to comment about Sue Croft, my copy editor, and Jag Lall, who designed the cover of my book. I could not have had better service. All I did was write the words – it was Graham Cook, Sue Croft and Jag Lall that turned them into the book that I am proud of. I cannot recommend WRITERSWORLD highly enough.

Title: Discovering the Great British Truffle; Nature’s Best Kept Secret Brought to Life for the Contemporary Kitchen
Author: Marion Dean and Marion Pennington
ISBN: 9780957032309
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

The one fact that many people know about truffles is that their location is kept highly secret. I felt I had to keep my book secret too. I simply could not risk sending my manuscript round to all the publishing houses. Nearly all the work I have done with truffles has been self taught and the thought of someone with a big, cheffy name stealing my efforts was out of the question. Admittedly, no-one else could come from quite the same angle as I have done, but the news-worthiness of truffles might have led some to try.

What impresses me the most about WRITERSWORLD is the book production system that Graham Cook has single-handedly devised, where he has brought together many authors with his team so that authors like me can reap the full benefits of the WRITERSWORLD organisation. This service, coupled with the book distribution arrangements WRITERSWORLD has made on our behalf, puts us in a position that we could not possibly individually achieve on our own and after a superb Sample Copy my first print run is due in a few days time.

Title: Not a Single Excuse
Author: Alan Ward
ISBN: 9780957205208
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have had no previous experience of writing or publishing a book but was aware that now with the internet it was quite simple some research provided a variety of organisations offering this service one of which was WRITERSWORLD. I was immediately impressed by the detailed and clear manual explaining the things involved in publishing your own book; what shone through to me was the clear and honest explanations of what to expect from a publisher and might or might not be included in different publisher’s offers. I decided to go and meet with Graham Cook who showed me a variety of work carried out by his company. I was impressed and decided to go ahead. Throughout the entire process I was supported and there were no unexpected surprises of hidden extras. The finished product is not only one I can be proud of but is one, which has amazed my friends with its professional look and appearance. Graham Cook checked regularly that everything was going to my satisfaction and my copy editor Jeremy Renals and cover designer Jag Lall saw that my ideas evolved into the finished product. I would thoroughly recommend WRITERSWORLD together with Graham Cook and his team of associates to anyone contemplating self publishing.

Title: Why We’re Not Benefit Scroungers: Life with Chronic Illness or Disability in Modern Britain
Author: Stephanie Benstead writing as Aida Aleksia
ISBN: 9780957459700
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

A massive thanks to WRITERSWORLD I could not have had a better service.

The WRITERSWORLD team cheerfully coped with all the changes I made to the book (tip: try to make sure your book is genuinely finished before you ask someone to get it ready for printing!), and turned what was a raw manuscript into a professional book. As promised, there were no extra charges and the whole process was always about making the book be how I wanted it, regardless of the cost to WRITERSWORLD.

There is no way I could have done what WRITERSWORLD did for me. There are so many little things to organise – ISBNs, registering with Nielsen, sending copies to the Legal Deposit Libraries, getting it on Amazon and all the other major book retailers, getting the distributor to stock it, sending out press releases… so many things beyond just getting it into a format that a printer can use, there are a whole host of little things that I wouldn’t have known to do, but WRITERSWORLD did them, and did them well.

Having Graham Cook sort everything was fantastic. He kept everything on track and managed the whole process superbly so I didn’t have to worry about things getting done properly or on time. He was in contact a lot to make sure I was happy and that things were going well and on time, which was very reassuring. The whole approach of Graham Cook was one of honesty and professionalism; where other companies made me feel they were trying to sell a bad service, Graham Cook made it very clear what his company provided and ensured that the aim was always to make a book of which I would be proud.

I am very happy with the service; a friend used a different company, and the book was not well produced, but everyone who has seen my book has been impressed (it does look amazing!). WRITERSWORLD provide absolutely everything you need (apart from actually writing the book!) so you can be confident that your book is getting the expert treatment it needs to be successful in print.

Title: My Journey to London
Author: Mariam Bibi-Kaggwa
ISBN: 9780957329119
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

A massive thanks to WRITERSWORLD I could not have had a better service.

Yippee I have published my book: “My Journey to London.” When I wanted to publish my book I did not know what to do. I have had a poem included in a book published by local young writers for school before; but I wanted to do my own thing. So I asked my dad to help. My dad said that because I was only 9 years old it may be difficult. He contacted Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD to help. Graham Cook and his team helped fix the editing, illustration and published my book and because it is about a journey to London I am planning to send a copy to the Lord Mayor of London. I am ever so chuffed; Thank you WRITERSWORLD.

Title: Secret History of Twin Planet Earth
Author: Errol Hawkins
ISBN: 9780957101814
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

After years and years of rejection in the attempt to get my book published with no experience at all, I first took the self publishing option with another book publisher. It turned out to be a really bad experience and a massive and very costly experience. After having this bad experience with my previous book publisher it came as a great relief to actually speak to someone with detailed knowledge of the publishing world, Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD and I had a face to face meeting with Graham Cook, the founder of WRITERSWORLD. My book was not a standard size; the first money-saving advice was a reduction in the size of the book. What followed was in complete contrast to my previous book publishing experience. I had the constant personal input from Graham Cook and numerous phone calls – asking if WRITERSWORLD was doing a good job, and am I pleased with the progress so far. This level of reassurance was priceless. It is difficult to find this level of service elsewhere– I am well pleased. The result is I now have a re-worked, new and much improved version of my book that I am proud that the public can buy. Well done WRITERSWORLD.

Title: The Gold on Board U-534
Author: David A. Thorp
ISBN: Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I wrote the first draft of my book in 2006, and over the next three or four years spent endless hours writing to literary agents and then publishers that I gleaned from the Writers and Artists Year Book, and then on the telephone to those who would speak on the phone, all to no avail. This year I resurrected the book and finished it and, whilst trolling through publishers on Google, I came across WRITERSWORLD. I had spoken to many contacts in publishing companies over the years and they all sounded interested, but as soon as I spoke to Graham Cook, I knew I had found the person I wanted. His quiet, calm and sincere approach to what I was trying to do was very impressive. My budget would not allow me to have a book published by WRITERSWORLD as a paperback, although WRITERSWORLD terms (when you compare other publishers like for like) are very reasonable. However, WRITERSWORLD offered me their Amazon Kindle service where it was published electronically via Amazon.

At first, being a lover of books I was not really excited about the idea of an electronic book. But then I realised that it was like when people look for a birthday present for someone and they say, “Oh, I am not buying that, I don’t like them”. It is what the recipient likes that matters, so I went for Amazon Kindle, there are masses of people out there that love them. WRITERSWORLD put me on to Ian Large their Amazon Kindle technician who handles anything to do with Amazon Kindle. I edited the book one last time and got the cover sorted out with help from Ian Large (I supplied my own on this occasion, but I needed help on the text) and I have to say that these guys are so good, that it was a real pleasure to work with them, and what really impressed me was that about one hour after I had e-mailed the manuscript to Ian Large, Amazon Kindle emailed me to say that my book was now online for sale! If you have written a book and want to get it published, I would strongly recommend that you give WRITERSWORLD a call, don’t waste your time trolling around online. David A Thorp www.battlefields-art.com

Title: I’m Celibate.............Get Me Out of Here!
Author: Jo Elliott
ISBN: Amazon Kindle
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have been wanting to make my book available for Amazon Kindle for some time, but due to the nature of its layout, I was concerned it wouldn’t be possible. Graham Cook of WRITERSWORLD assured me that WRITERSWORLD could do it, so I left it in their capable hands. It was a complicated job as my book contains emails and other types of media that need to be differentiated from the text. Easy in print, but difficult to achieve in HTML. After liaising with the Amazon Kindle expert at WRITERSWORLD I got an Amazon Kindle version of my book that I’m really happy with. I would definitely recommend WRITERSWORLD as they go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy.

Title: Zackery Mackerel
Author: Kate Poels
ISBNs: 9780992955304 & 9780992955311 & 9780992955328
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

Having written several books and being continually disappointed by agents and publishers who wouldn’t read my synopses or sample chapters I decided to bypass them and take my latest book to paper print myself. I scoured the internet for a company I would trust enough to help me reach my goal and chose WRITERSWORLD as the website was honest and straight talking. On my initial meeting with Graham Cook I found him to also possess these attributes so I was convinced to use his company above all the others out there. I have not once been regretful of my decision as I have found the whole process a stress free and enjoyable journey. Graham Cook appointed me a copy writer and cover designer who worked with me throughout the process, listening to my comments and helping me end up with a book that is even better than the one I had been dreaming about at the outset of my adventure. I have found the team at WRITERSWORLD to be a well oiled machine, doing everything I expected and a lot more besides without once making it feel like hard work. I would definitely use WRITERSWORLD again for any further projects and owe them a huge thanks for doing such a good job with this one.

Title: The Lion and the Eagle Volume Two
Author: David J. Gregory
ISBNs: 9780957286443 & 9780957286436
What I think of the service I received from WRITERSWORLD

I have previously given a review to Graham Cook and to WRITERSWORLD, his personal creation, on the occasion of the publishing of my first book and the efforts of himself and his production team to bring my work to fruition. As the second volume of the Trilogy comes out, I would like to restate my gratitude and appreciation of the service his company has provided to myself and the many other authors whose efforts would otherwise have never seen the light of day. The mainstream publishing business nowadays is a cosy little clique of established, already published, authors; celebrity TV historians and academics, and retired politicians. Add to that ghost written autobiographies of meaningless, self publicising TV celebs and sportspersons, and there is little else. For a putative author, there is absolutely no prospect of having his manuscript considered by a publisher unless it is submitted through an established literary agent. In the current climate, it is impossible to get a literary agent to take you on unless you fit one of the above mentioned categories. It is an almost perfect example of the Catch 22 principle. You cannot be published without a track record, and you cannot get a track record without being published. The cosy little literary coterie is impenetrable without suitable connections.

In the circumstances, it is people like Graham Cook and his WRITERSWORLD company that offer the only opportunity for outsiders to get their works published, and, as such, he offers a great service to the community as a whole – which otherwise would only have served up to them the menu as presented by a closely knit self satisfied, self interested, and self serving clique of writers, agents and publishers. It gives me considerable pleasure to say, as the second volume of my work becomes available, that Graham Cook and his organisation WRITERSWORLD have been absolutely crucial to the success of the enterprise. His professional knowledge, attention to detail, and unvarying support to the writer, have carried the project through its worst moments and enabled its completion.

To any putative author, I would have little hesitation in recommending the WRITERSWORLD set-up as a first alternative if you cannot find a contractual arrangement with an established publishing house. This is granted only to a very few privileged and lucky people with the right connections. Graham Cook and his WRITERSWORLD team give the rest of us the opportunity to at least get a foot in the door.. Without the likes of WRITERSWORLD this facility would have been unavailable for so many people with so much to say.