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Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond

By Caroline Tracey

ISBN 978-0957061200 (Paperback)

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Just as chemists need to know the atomic numbers of the elements, and physicists need to know the laws of mechanics, linguists need to understand the structure of the language: the grammar.

Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond has been written in order to help students make the transition from GCSE (where, often, little or no grammar is learnt) to the Sixth Form, and to provide a guide for grammar studies up to university entry standard and beyond. It aims to provide a pragmatic approach to grammar learning and will be an invaluable resource for both students and their teachers, particularly as it can be used for and by all Sixth Formers, whatever the examination for which they are studying - any of the A level boards, the International Baccalaureate (both Standard and Higher level) or the Cambridge Pre-U. It assumes very little previous knowledge of grammar, and progressively takes students up to the use of those sophisticated structures which are required for top grades in examinations.

This single volume provides:

  • clear explanations and numerous examples of the main grammatical structures which are essential to French in the Sixth Form, providing a sound basis for university studies;
  • progressive exercises which refer directly to the explanations and examples, guiding students from passive understanding of the structures to their active use;
  • an answer section with additional notes highlighting those areas where mistakes are commonly made, enabling students to work and learn more independently.

About the Author

Caroline Tracey, B.A. (Hons), Maîtrise-ès-Lettres, P.G.C.E., has had twenty-five years' experience of teaching French at Sixth Form level. She runs residential French revision courses for Sixth Formers in France and this has given her a unique insight into the grammar needs of modern students. Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond is the fruit of this experience.

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Essential French Grammar for the Sixth Form and Beyond by Caroline Tracey
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