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As a long-established (15 years) print on demand UK self-publishing book publishers, we believe we provide the premier service and we are also featured in the highly respected Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook. We do all of our book publishing work in the UK, albeit we have clients from all around the world who have used our services. Why not click here for a free copy of our Publish Your Book self-publishing guide.


For the unwary the self-publishing industry is a minefield with all sorts of unsavoury practices, may we respectfully suggest that even if you do not intend to use WRITERSWORLD you print our Publish Your Book Pdf and have a good read so you can be aware of what to look out for, which may save you a lot of grief down the line. About Us.


(1) Your book's ISBN registered to you (2) 100% of the royalties (3) copies of your book at print cost and at contract rates (4) a Complimentary Hardback and Amazon Kindle version of your book (5) Full book distribution to major book retailers and local book shops through the United Kingdom's largest book wholesaler (6) Your book submitted to Amazon Look Inside the Book programme (7) Your book submitted to Nielsen Enhanced Service, which potential book purchasers will see a full description of your book and author biography at the relevant book retailers' websites (8) The attention and services of your own dedicated UK based copy editor and book cover designer (9) Full international press release going out to many thousands of print and radio media outlets (10) Your book printed on no less than 100 gsm Ultra White Bond paper with a 350 gsm cover for paperbacks, and all colour and black and white photographs and illustrations printed at 1200 dpi. Of course there are many more good reasons to choose WRITERSWORLD including £185.00 worth of complimentary copies - our Publish Your Book section will reveal all. To read our Self- Publishing Guide on line please click here.


It is our policy that everything WRITERSWORLD does must be ethically, professionally and physically better than our competitors; it is as simple as that, no 'ifs and buts' – this is our policy, of course our clients love “Our Golden Rule” and some of our competitors loathe it.


"I published my book with WRITERSWORLD because of the helpful and friendly approach of its owner and founder Graham Cook. My sales figures increase year on year and at every opportunity to help me, Graham Cook acts with swift courtesy. The relationship WRITERSWORLD has with the book wholesaler is very impressive and the ability of WRITERSWORLD to gain orders on my behalf is something I could never achieve on my own. The standard of help I get from WRITERSWORLD is wonderful" Please read some more of our clients' testimonials.