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SPECIAL OFFER: Complimentary professionally set up Amazon Kindle and hardback versions for new book titles for which the contract is sent in and accepted (Paperback included).

Welcome to WRITERSWORLD UK book publishers

As self publishing UK book publishers our philosophy is simple: we are here to publish extremely high quality books and to provide a self-publishing service via our website for people who are thinking of self publishing a book. Also, as print on demand publishers, we provide the following publishing services: unique cover and jacket design; copy editing and proof reading; advice on copyright protection; legal deposits to the Legal Deposit Agency and British Library; Amazon Kindle e-books; full book distribution; thesis publishing; advice on promotion and signings; submission to Amazon's 'Search inside this Book'. As UK book publishers we can take your manuscript all the way through the publishing process from start to finish, using our digital print on demand publishing services with a finished printing quality second to none, as the authors' and WRITERSWORLD reviews on our website, written by people who have previously self published with us, testify. ABOUT US.


It is our policy that everything WRITERSWORLD does must be ethically, professionally and physically better than our competitors; it is as simple as that, no 'ifs and buts' – this is our policy, of course our clients love “Our Golden Rule” and some of our competitors loathe it. Please read some of our clients' reviews.


For the unwary the self-publishing industry is a minefield with all sorts of unsavoury practices, may we respectfully suggest that even if you do not intend to use WRITERSWORLD you print our Publish Your Book Pdf and have a good read so you can be aware of what to look out for, which may save you a lot of grief down the line. The alternative is to make use of the 'flipping book' section below where you can pick the sections of the Publish Your Book Pdf that you want to read.

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