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By David Bloomberg

ISBN 13: 1-904181-97-X
PRICE £6.00


The true emotional story of a survivor of the Holocaust. He fled Poland and Belgium, fought in the French Resistance, saved many lives, and survived Auschwitz, Buchenwald and a Death March. After being liberated from Buchenwald, he started life with nothing and went on to become successful in business and is an astute and fascinating man.

This book is not intended to be another detailed account of the Holocaust. The bibliography on the Holocaust is extensive and complete, and where words are inadequate, Yad Vashem and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, and other Holocaust Museums, provide immensely important graphic historical evidence of the systematic murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and their allies. Whilst all this material will provide a deep understanding of the Holocaust, only a survivor can fully know and understand what happened. All survivors are eye-witnesses and every one of their memories is unique and important. Jacques Graubart's account is a valuable addition to the available evidence and his experiences in Poland before and during the Second World War, and his business and personal life thereafter, reveal a courageous, astute and fascinating man. In order to give relevance to some episodes and place them in historical context, limited background explanations have been given (usually in parentheses).


This is David Bloomberg's second book. He has had a diverse and distinguished career. A former mayor of Cape Town, he is a retired lawyer, company director, theatre director, politician, newspaper columnist and businessman. He now travels greatly but is based in London.

Won't Forgive...Can't Forget: The story of Jacques Graubart By David Bloomberg