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The Image of God Restored by Juliana Kuzoe
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By Juliana Kuzoe

ISBN 978-0955745805
PRICE: £9.99


God's original intent at creation was to fellowship with man and out of this relationship, humans would rule over the earth as God Himself ruled heaven. For this reason He created man in His own image and likeness. However man fell, acquiring a different image which was not compatible with God. The Fall of man did not alter God's plans and purposes. In His foreknowledge He had prepared the Cross as the instrument for the redemption and restoration of man to his original position, and the fulfillment of His eternal purposes concerning His Son Jesus Christ and the church.


Juliana Kuzoe was born and bred in Ghana. She trained as a medical laboratory technologist in Liverpool in the UK, and thereafter worked as a technician in medical laboratories in Ghana for many years. Eventually she set up a small diagnostic laboratory in a private clinic in Accra. In 1981 she moved to Geneva in Switzerland to join Felix, her husband, who was working with the World Health Organization.

Juliana is not a writer by profession. Writing has been thrust upon her. This, she says, is by providence, for both The Image of God Restored and its sequel - which she is currently writing - are commissioned books.