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The Great Shift - You Have the Power to Be - Freedom from Fear and Abundance of Health, Wealth and Love

By The Thought Revolution

ISBN 978-0956480705
PRICE: £14.99


Compassion and love for humanity are at the root of this book to bring about freedom from fear, from every lack, limitation and poverty, to be empowered to receive happiness, love, health, wealth and success and to have it in abundance through the creative energy of thought.

The restless humanity is on the move for change success, breaking the chain of bondage to fear and poverty and usher in a creative new era, a new hope, a vision of a better future. This book and all the following publications reflects the desire of the majority, a desire for freedom from fear, from limitations and social and racial segregation, from conditions of lack, limitation, sickness, poverty, oppression, substance abuse and many other influences that stand in the way of individual empowerment, happiness and success and harmony with Universal Mind usually called God.

Only true knowledge and understanding of your identity, and your purpose in life as well as the powers that can be had to accomplish what is good, will open up the gates of your mind to an understanding of a new beginning with unimaginable prosperity and success. You will be able to obtain the power that will make for change and causes you to reach out for a new life to attain new levels of power, wealth, health and happiness never before imagined possible.


A civil/structural Professional Engineer who lived most of his professional life in South Africa where He met his wife and raised his three children. He left South Africa in April 2002, and immigrated to the United Kingdom to continue for a while in his engineering profession on a variety of projects. In July 2009, he retired and to consider his future to write about the important changes taking place in all Humanity. Studying the progress in mans understanding of thought power and man's prospects and relationship with the Greater Whole and in particular Universal Mind, it became clear to him that the vast majority of mankind had little or no understanding of the power vested in him. This resulted in a strong desire to share this knowledge with as many people as possible, and to bring the prospect of a better life to as many people as possible. Harmony with Natural Law was the key element of Understanding.

The concept of 'The Thought Revolution' was formed with the resultant writing of the first book under the title 'The Great Shift' - 'You have the power to Be' - 'Freedom from Fear and Abundance of Health, Wealth and Love' journal.

The Great Shift - by The Thought Revolution
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