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- as told by Assellus the Christmas Donkey

By Janet Duggan
Illustrated by Catherine Robertson

ISBN 978-0956338914 (Hardback edition)
ISBN 978-0956338907 (Paperback edition)
PRICE: £14.99 (hardback); £9.99 (paperback)


Assellus is no ordinary donkey; he is immortal. This is because of the role he played in the lives of a very special family.

Just over 2000 years ago he went on a mission which became one of the most important historic events ever.

He has chosen now to tell us his story...

All children love stories whether they are being read to or reading for themselves. The more familiar the story the better. Children are very clear about their favourite stories; they want to hear them again and again. One story, of course,that has been a favourite for centuries, is the Nativity. Animal stories,too, are very popular. So, this book is bound to appeal to children because it is the well-known story of the Nativity but with a difference - the story is told by Assellus, Mary and Joseph's lovable donkey, from his point to view, addressing his readers directly, in an engaging way. Assellus is timeless and tells the story in the present tense to take his readers with him through all the extraordinary events. The beautiful coloured illustrations complete the experience.

This book is available in hardback and paperback. It makes the perfect Christmas gift for primary school aged children (between the ages of four and eleven) depending on whether they are having the story read to them or reading it for themselves.

This book has been produced and printed entirely in the U.K.

The Christmas Story by Janet Duggan

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