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Stumbling Along by Eiona Roberts
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By Eiona Roberts

ISBN 978-1904181347
PRICE: £10.00


"Stumbling Along" is an autobiographical compilation of tales written in humorous vein about a middle-aged woman's life with Multiple Sclerosis. The theme running is that of life seen as a journey incorporating the physical and emotionally stumbling along, the trials and tribulations of a life with Multiple Sclerosis. 'Master of Surprises' is the phrase coined by the author to describe her condition; this becomes self explanatory on reading.


Eiona Roberts is a middle aged woman with a condition known as MS (Multiple Sclerosis). Her previous writings include factual webpages for the 3rd largest UK MS Charity, The MS Resource Centre, Colchester, Essex

Since publishing Stumbling Along she had futher work published, this time, poetry in MS Talent Volume 1 and is awaiting news of further submissions to MS Talent Vol 2.

Eiona Roberts currently volunteers her skills at the UK MS Society firstly online as one of the team of discussion forums moderators but also as part of a team who edit and proof constantly updated free public information leaflets about the condition.

Furthermore she continues to feature write for MSRCs New Pathways Magazine and any other MS related publications when asked to do so.