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Spells by James Merry Davidson
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By James Merry Davidson

ISBN 978-0956145802
PRICE: £12.99


A giant beetle, a gloomy sad frog, a proud nose are three of the magic creatures found in Spells by Merry Davidson. Enter at your peril! The world of spells is a place of mystery where things are upside down and inside out, like the house with the tea floating over the cup. Be prepared for danger - to battle with monsters, to go on a journey in search of the deepest of deeps, where the sun never shines, where old Neptune sleeps. If you succeed, you too can call yourself a friend of spells.

Read them as children's poems, or enter the spirit of spells, the magic circle, and bring one to life, then watch it take flight like a dragon awoken. Come see for yourself the secrets of this world, the door to another guided by a crow, an unassuming donkey and even a magic bean. Rediscover the mystical power of words - for words can move mountains when said with intention.

Merry Davidson's Spells are for all who believe in the magic of life, for all who are ready for magical flight.


Merry Davidson lives in a world not far from our own - in a jungle of words, in the roots of a tree. He was employed as a knight and dragon slayer, but has since mended his ways. He now works in public relations, serving monsters and ghouls. His hobbies are spellcasting and helping magic creatures who want to become human.