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Sorry Darling, It's Way Past Time

The Life of Thomas Bunn

By Thomas Bunn known as "Bunny Thomas"

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Thomas Bunn known as "Bunny Thomas" embarks on a reflection of a life lived with a companion of 36 years, Dennis Docherty whose support never wavered. Life in showbiz, psychiatry and his beginnings in the Black Country from adoption, growing up in the 1950s and the adjustments that had to be made. A personal journey, not done on the back of instant celebrity, but on reflection of good times and bad. Moving accounts of patients in his care and the progression from institution to community life. A simple but heartfelt story of both comedy and tragedy that may move you, shock or just simply make you laugh. The fun and heartache that we can all share and feel where infidelities and loyalties combined withj love and pain are explored and revealed.

Amazing friendships with Larry Grayson, Joan Turner, Dorothy Squires, Peter Wingarde and Bob Monkhouse.Meetings with contemporary stars and times together including Paul O'Grady, Sir Terry Wogan, Sir Norman Wisdom, Jean Ferguson, Isla St Clair and countless showbiz stories of personal insight and reflection.. Memories of Alan Leighton, Dame Thora Hird, The amazing Mrs Shufflewick (who was Rex Jameson), Britain's top piano entertainer Bobby Crush all crop up in this personal journey and reflection, together with the artist Sarah Jane Szikora who painted the cover original picture for the book.

Anger rage, infidelities, a story we all have inside. The need to excorsise it for the memory of friends past and present. Weaving a tale not ghost written. The need and motivation to tell a tale before the memory fails and decays, and motivation lost forever. With illustrations and photographs. Enjoy this readable account of a life lived to date.

Sorry Darling, It's Way Past Time
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