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The White Witch of Spiton and the Serpent of Anata by Tracey Rolfe
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By Tracey Rolfe

ISBN 978-0955702006
PRICE: £7.99


Karlad has been defeated and banished for all eternity to the Dark Dimension, destined never again to return to the little village of Spiton. But in the year 1936 Lady Ludroth’s grandfather, the archaeologist Harold Ludroth, discovered an Egyptian tomb, the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Akhanatu. Secretly buried within the tomb is a powerful relic, known to the Egyptians as the Serpent of Anata. This ancient relic not only has the ability to heal, but also to return the dead back to the living. It once belonged to an evil High Priestess called Sekhmet. This fearsome sorceress cold-bloodedly murdered Akhanatu and was sentenced to a most painful death.

The young white witch, Isobel, journeys to the mysterious land of Egypt with her close friend, Lady Ludroth. But hot on her trail follows Nemor, who has been sent to find the Serpent and use its magical powers to save his father, Karlad.

Karlad is stronger than ever before and has acquired a powerful new friend. It is up to Isobel and her friends to find the priceless Serpent, but time is not on their side.

Meanwhile, back in Spiton, young witches and would-be witches practise their spells….


Tracey Rolfe has created a 13-year-old white witch called Isobel Ashwell. Isobel lives in the village of Spiton, which Tracey has modeled on Waltham Abbey, Essex, of 50 years ago. The first book in the series is called The White Witch of Spiton and the Serpent of Anata. It tells the story of Isobel's adventures with a wicked wizard called Karlad who is banished to a Hell-like place called the Dark Dimension. The second book is called The White Witch of Spiton and The Book of Dreams. Both books reflect Tracey's down-to-earth sense of humour and are packed with delightful, quirky characters, and magical adventures.

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