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Please Never Leave Me By Prince Lawrence Onyiuke
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By Prince Lawrence Onyiuke

ISBN 1-904181-86-4
PRICE: £9.99, €15


PAULINE, an exceptional beauty, sensual, intelligent, very hardworking. She was born poor but she was destined to control a vast fortune. However, what she wanted above all else was her love, Chris.

JOHN, her brother, a great athlete, tough, ruthless. He was forced by unfortunate circumstances into the underworld but he survived it and straightened out and became a Preacher.

CHRIS, physically endowed, strong, intelligent, sensual, strong-willed and ambitious. Pauline was to fall in love with him but both being of different tribes in their harshly tribalistic society there was pain and sorrow and rebellion.

This is the story of the life of these great characters, their childhood, their growing up, their adulthood.