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Pearls of Bizdom - How to go from grit to great By Kate Hull Rodgers
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Pearls of Bizdom - How to go from grit to great

By Kate Hull Rodgers

ISBN 1-904181-82-1
PRICE: £9.99, $14.99 Canadian

Read this book carefully.
It could change the way you do business...

From the forward by Alan Powell, Pearls of Bizdom is a compilation of simple observations and lessons that culminates to create a whole new perception of work. An excellent "dip in, dip out" read, it is filled with wit and wisdom. Perfect for the train or the toilet or the tired, Pearls started life as a monthly column in the business section of a provincial weekly. It soon became a must read chronicle, inspiring those wishing to find more enjoyment in their employment.

"Kate's work is simple but profound. She is insightful and inspiring." Jenny Shipley, former health and prime minister of New Zealand

Kate Hull Rodgers is managing director of HumourUs Limited, Europe's foremost experts on Humour in the Workplace. Over the past 18 years her advice has been sought by businesses, governments and health organizations in 29 countries on 5 continents.

She is an award winning comedienne and playwright.
Kate's work is the subject of ITV's documentary LAUGHTER IS THE
BEST MEDICINE. Visit Kate on