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Out of Bounds

By David C Robertson

ISBN 978-0-9565270-0-4
PRICE: £9.99


For young Ben Harper and his friends, the fun and excitement of a ski resort turns into danger and adventure when they go 'Out of Bounds'. Their disappearance triggers the local search and rescue team into a hunt for clues and a race against time. However, it is the children who use teamwork and ingenuity to overcome the serious dangers they encounter, in this mountain adventure, as they try to reach shelter and safety, high up on a stormbound glacier. This dramatic tale is a roller coaster ride packed with unexpected twists and turns, a lesson in mountain know-how and a heart warming story of loyalty, bravery and friendship. Packed with educational themes, this book is a great choice as a group study novel and a valuable addition to a school's fiction and reading resources.


David C Robertson has spent most of his life in Edinburgh working in education, with more than 20 years experience as a primary head teacher. In addition to writing, composing and recording school musical productions, he has introduced many children to the excitement of outdoor education and, in particular, skiing. Now retired, David has used his wide experience of skiing in the Scottish Highlands and resorts throughout Europe to produce a thrilling story about skiing that will appeal to children with a taste for adventure.

Out of Bounds by David C Robertson
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