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By Alison Collin

ISBN 978-0956293800
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As the 40th anniversary of the “August ’65 Set” approached I conceived the idea of jotting down some of the more vivid experiences of my nurse training to share at the reunion. It then occurred to me that it might be fun to include those of my classmates too.

The suggestion met with such an enthusiastic response among my fellow students that the envisioned couple of printed pages rapidly took on the proportions of a book. This is our story.

The book contains memories – many funny, some extremely poignant - submitted by one intake of student nurses at Saint Bartholomew’s, a London Teaching Hospital and a prestigious Nursing School, in the 1960’s. The hospital dominated our lives; we lived, ate, worked and slept there for three years. Those were the days of starched aprons, Matrons and Ward Sisters, when students were required to do much of the cleaning and could be reprimanded for even having too much hair showing under their caps. Centuries of Bart’s traditions had to be observed, yet the nursing techniques that we learned were at the forefront of nurse training at that time - a time before MRI’s, Ultrasounds, PET scans, before computers were generally available, before the rise of “super bugs”, and when nurses were truly at the bedside of their patients.

Readers certainly don’t need a medical background in order to enjoy these anecdotes, but those who trained as nurses during that era will find many nostalgic moments with which they can identify, while contemporary nurses are given insights into how different their profession was in the not-too-distant past.


Alison now lives with her husband in California, where she has worked for an ophthalmologist for the past twenty years.  When she is not keenly tending her garden, she enjoys giving of her time working as a volunteer manager for Westwind 4H Riding-for-the-Handicapped, and loves being around and riding horses. Her other activities include hiking among California's spectacular mountains, and camping in the wilderness, not to mention writing and compiling books!

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Of Sluices and Sisters by Alison Collin
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