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Nothing Else Matters by Steve Robbins
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By Steve Robbins

ISBN 978-0955817700
PRICE: £9.99


There have been many sad stories written or told about depression, some tragic, many of courage and bravery. This is a story of mental illness and it's life long effect on our family. It is a story that will either make you weep, scream or want to shout out in frustration at the mental pain you will read about in each chapter. There are emotional and traumatic events within this story that will leave you speechless, dark clouds inflicted from childhood that have left scars for life.

It broke our hearts as we watched Father crawling about on his hands and knees, begging for help as he could no longer stand what was going on inside his head, but we, as little frightened children, could do nothing to help him. As little children we just thought it was normal behaviour when someone had had a drink but to our detriment we soon found out as we grew up that it was our Fathers manic depression that was causing him to behave the way he did. It was much too late in his illness that we realised what a horrible disease this was and how much he had suffered. This was just one episode of a thousand that we had to endure because poor Father didn't have the sort of medication that is available today.

I would strongly advise anybody who suspects that a member of their family is suffering from mental illness seeks professional help and advice. Please don't leave it too late as we did in this sad story.

Acceptance is the first step to recovery.


Steve Robbins, the author of this book, was unfortunate in being diagnosed with manic depression over thirty years ago. He began writing because of his illness and has found that it has helped him a great deal in coping with the illness.

He was brought up in a small town in Hampshire, England, and is married with two daughters and three grandchildren. Steve is a published author of crime fiction and poetry for children and adults. In writing this book he hopes it will help fellow sufferers in coping with their everyday lives.