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By Julian Myerscough

ISBN 978-0-9559589
PRICE: £14.99 (paperback), £19.99 (spiral-bound)


Some golfers have terrible golf swings and hit the golf ball well and some have beautiful golf swings and cant hit the ball at all. Thousands of people who take up the great game of golf give up frustrated not because they dont know where the ball will fly to, but because they dont know IF it will fly. If you dont know where the ball will fly golf is exciting. If you dont know IF it will fly golf is stressful.

To hit a golf ball correctly requires the golf club head to be delivered by the hands and wrists to the golf ball with accuracy of a few millimeters and degrees at high speed. Most golf books are written using world class golfers as models and discuss their particular method of playing. These players take the ability to control the club head and deliver it to the ball correctly for granted. These players can therefore concentrate on the gross motor skills which optimize the performance of their individual swings technique .This golf book concentrates on helping you to aquire the skills to strike the ball well enough to enjoy yourself and play stress free golf. A good swing is not a guarentee that you will hit the golf ball properly. The nuances in the actions of the hands through the ball are a fine motor skill and need to be trained before they can be taken for granted.


Julian Myerscough was born in Southport England in 1958. After years of caddying as a teenager Julian became apprentice Professional at The Royal Birkdale Golf Club. Julian has been teaching golf to both men and lady golfers as a Head Professional and PGA qualified Professional since the age of 23 and has worked extensivly throught Europe for the last thirty years. Julian has given over 40000 hours of golf instruction in the past 25 years to individuals, groups, week long clinics in exotic destinations, corporate groups and players of every ability from complete beginners helping them to enjoy their golf, to players on various ProTours. Julian has been Head Professional and teaching golf at two of the Migros Public Golfparks in Switzerland for the past 13 years during which time he has contributed to the development of public golf in Switzerland. He is also a Fellow of the British PGA. Learning golf by having fun has always been a priority.

Nice Swing - Just Can't Hit It? By Julian Myerscough
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