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News from the Nail Bar

By Christy Powell

Paperback: ISBN 978-09569993-0-6 - PRICE £8.99

eBook: ISBN 978-0-9569993-1-3
- PRICE £6.99


Rebecca Harris is a single mum trying to bring up her four year old daughter, while running a company of unreliable staff, nightmare builders, demanding customers, a disastrous love-life and an over bearing boss. News from The Nail Bar is a romantic comedy set in an office of a nail bar company in London.


Christy Powell was born in Hong Kong and had a fairly unconventional upbringing living on a small island called Lamma in the South China Sea. Her family was the only non-Chinese family on the island, and Christy went to school every day by fishing boat. Her island life changed dramatically when at the age of eight she was sent to boarding school in Kent. At the age of eighteen Christy spent a year living in a remote village in the Sierra Norte Mountains of Mexico. It was a lonely experience, but to help her get through the frequent bouts of solitude she developed a love of writing.After four years at Brown University in America, Christy returned to England and began a career in Media. At the age of twenty-five, she left her job at Conde Nast to start up a chain of American style, Nail Bars. News from the Nail Bar is a work of fiction taken from the five years Christy experienced running her nail bar company. Christy is married with three children and is living in Hong Kong

News from the Nail Bar by Christy Powell
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