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Manor Farm By John Alan Jones

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By J. A. Jones

ISBN 9780955-555404
PRICE: £9.99


This book covers very serious issues threatening our planet. It is a prequel to George Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 and discusses certain events from the past, the present and also raises perceived events which may or will happen in the future. Pollution of the planet with chemicals and carbon dioxide is an ever present danger. Manor Farm although raising serious issues covers them in a refreshing style which at times is funny, enigmatic, heart-rending, is always thought provoking and is always entertaining and informative.


Mother Gaia has assisted nature in the development of the planet Gaia. Following her creation of the dinosaurs, which she was forced to exterminate as she knew they would eventually destroy the planet, she created many forms of different animals that she hoped would develop and live happily together on the planet: but she was wrong. The living species were now so advanced they were beginning to destroy the planet and she was forced to decide whether to exterminate them also. Time was running out. This book will leave the reader with plenty to think about . It covers the past, the present and the future and raises many present problems that unless we do something about, will destroy our planet. At times, it is funny, enigmatic, heart-rending, and always thought provoking and an essential read for young open minds from fifteen to one hundred and fifteen.


John Alan Jones was born in 1945 in the North Wales coastal village of Ffynnongroew in Flintshire. Educated at Ysgol Glan Clwyd, he went on to work at Point of Ayr colliery where he became an active member of the National Union of Mineworkers and was on strike for twelve months from 1984/85 in the struggle to prevent pit closures. Following an accident down the mine in which he sustained back injuries, he left the industry after thirty years. He now lives with in Berthengam, Flintshire, with his Irish partner Joan.