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Living a Lie

By Kevin Nilon

ISBN 978-0-9570570-0-5 (Paperback)

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Sean Daly was the product of Irish Catholic ancestry. He grew up on a farm in Australia in the care of an embittered grandmother an two unmarried uncles. When Sean reached adolescence he sought refuge in a religious order. For twelve years he lived by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. When appointed to a Catholic boys school he began to question the motives of his religious brothers, some of whom found the boys schools an opportunity to indulge  in the evil of paedophilia. This lead to severe doubts about his convictions and eventually to his departure from the religious order.Sean tried to live a normal life through marriage and work but he continually questioned his belief in religious doctrine and ultimately God's existence. He searched for enlightenment at home and by travel to foreign lands. But he finds much self deception among the people he meets in his life's journey. He develops his own roadmap for life. When his wife died of cancer the convictions of his new philosophy were sorely tested. His travels open a new door for him.

Inspiration behind the story

Kevin Nilon was born in 1940 and lived his younger years in country New South Wales, Australia. At 17 years of age he left his family's farm and joined a religious order where he lived for 12 years. Doubts about religious dogmas prompted his departure from the religious order. He married,  had two children and travelled to some unusual destinations around the world. After his wife died from a melanoma he continued to travel.  Living a Lie is a compilation of some historical events, some recollections from his life and some imagination used to tie events together.  Kevin wrote this  book to give people some insight into some unusual life styles that he has experienced and to give empathy to people who have gone through doubts and have suffered the same qualms of conscience when trying to break away from the clutches of religious observance.

Living a Lie by Kevin Nilon
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