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Life's a Buzz by Richard Plant
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By Richard Plant

ISBN 978-1904181446

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Whether you travel pre-organised, escorted or DIY, you’ll find it’s the people who make the places rememberable. The author draws on his considerable experience of all three. The settings are Australia’s east coast, then during business trips to US, a wedding in New Zealand, a tour of the British Isles and western Europe, and almost five years living and working in the UK spending weekends and holidays in Europe and Ireland.

Narrated in four parts, this book isn’t just travel. It’s an inspired series of events combined in fun and jest. True tales - some verbatim, others tall - embellished a little or a lot but all based on fact, if only in the setting at times.

And if you try to exact how large is the pimple on the truth, remember fact is often more outrageous than fiction!

Feel the chill of the frozen Cotswolds. Enjoy the turn to autumn and spring spectacular colours. Experience the vitality of Jubilee London. The romance of Paris. The gentle bustle of Bruges and Lille. 120mph train to magnificent Marseilles and the Mediterranean coastline. And a bone chilling St Patricks Day march that left watchers white and frozen until they warmed up in the people-packed Irish pubs in Dublin.

Author’s Note:
It’s a joy to travel. Certainly inspect and record the history and local magic - and who makes magic in their local! It’s those people who make the memories memorable!