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By David Kay

ISBN 1-904181-41-4
PRICE: £8.99, €14


The story is about Philip who is tricked into believing that a nuclear war has broken out to make him go into a bomb shelter. When he comes out he finds his family have all been murdered. He meets the circus strongwoman Cathy Smallwood who teaches him the principles of contemplative action. She helps him take refuge with the circus but the assistant manageress Ingrid Dubois, who seems unable to remember her nationality, warns them that Philip must leave or he will be killed...


In a world disintegrating from absent-mindedness, the hero is imprisoned by the army for reasons he does not understand. Falling in with an Amazonian circus strongwoman in similar straits, he makes his escape and the pair embark upon hilarious adventures to discover the cause of their imprisonment. Against the background of an occult war between a matriarchal spiritual order and an international society plotting to reduce the human race to the animal level, and aided by a secret agent who isn't certain of her own nationality, Philip and Cathy overcome revolution, obfuscation and apathy to emerge triumphant.

An Inconvenient Return cover
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