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By Jenny Vanbergen

ISBN 978-0956236104
PRICE: £9.99

Do you believe in life after death?

Nor did Jenny Vanbergen … until the unexpected death of her mother, that is.

As she wrestled with her bereavement, all sorts of unusual ‘things’ began to happen until -finally - she was persuaded that her mother really was attempting some sort of final communication.

“The burning question for me now became, ‘how?’ How could such survival possibly be explained by the ‘rational’ world that I experienced all around me? Could it really, really be so? For my own sake, I felt compelled to answer this question. Only a ‘proper’ explanation would satisfy my (modest) intellect; no airy-fairy, spiritualistic waffle for me!

I began to read in earnest and was amazed to discover that there is indeed a potential ‘rational’, albeit extraordinary explanation describing whole new worlds of which I had no previous knowledge.”

This short book is a readable, entertaining, but deadly serious exposition that compares the different ‘layers’ of the human personality with the extraordinarily different physical realities as described by Newton, Einstein and Planck. Perhaps not all of our thoughts are confined to our bodies in the normal, familiar three dimensional way …

“Why, after all, should there not be ghosts?” – C G Jung

Homes of the Soul by Jenny Vanbergen
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