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By Anastasia Vasileiou

ISBN 978-0956290502 (Paperback edition)
ISBN 978-0956290519 (Spiral-bound edition)
PRICE: £19.99


Healthy-Yummy-Easy Greek Food by Anastasia gives a lot of information about the Cretan diet and the reason it is considered as the HEALTHIEST diet, an introduction to herbs and medicinal values and the reasons we use dried herbs rather than fresh and of course about 150 recipes that you will love. They are tasty - easy to make and healthy.

If you love cooking and entertaining at home then you should have this book in your kitchen.  Because inviting friends for dinner is more about looking after them in your own way - not just paying the bill...

Research has shown that the Cretan Diet offers people good health and long life. It is based on the consumption of olive oil, vegetables, wild greens, pulses cereals and, of course, our wonderful herbs.

The secret to great flavour is the use of good herbs and good olive oil. I always use fine Extra Virgin Cretan Olive oil and a lot of Herbs, this is my secret for a lovely taste. Herbs don't add extra calories but they do give a full taste, and if the herbs come from good sources then the outcome is "divine".

To ensure you can get the best herbs I set up my website,

Here you can find out about my cookery courses and order specially selected and pre-packed herbs and herbs  blends designed to make your life easy and your cooking delicious.

So please visit the site and enjoy the best of Cretan food.


Anastasia was born in Crete in 1968. She speaks five languages and has worked in the travel industry in both Crete and England. She now divides her time between England and Greece.

Her passion is to share her love for Greece by creating special-interest tours―culinary― botanical―or archeological, for her clients.

For Anastasia, Greece is something more than just a holiday destination.

“It is a bouquet of pictures full of colours, flavours, tradition and history.”

Because of her love for England, she has established a niche business selling dried herbs and herb blends which originate from Crete. She also organises cooking classes in England based mainly on the Cretan diet—which is considered to have the healthiest nutritional basis—and culinary trips to Greece.

Her recipe book “HEALTHY–YUMMY–EASY Greek Food by Anastasia” is a way to share her passion for cooking with all those who love to create a relaxed meal at home for the people they love.

Healthy - Yummy - Easy Greek Food by Anastasia Vasileiou
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