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By Anthony Bird

ISBN 978-0-9566597-0-5
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Pointing to the figure of Christ on the cross the parish priest spoke to the small boy sitting with his classmates: "That's what your wickedness does to God's Son." The child in question belonged to the poorest in the village and was the victim of relentless bullying and abuse by violent parents.

An obstacle to faith, insuperable to many, is that the suffering endured by the innocent is incompatible with the existence of a compassionate and just Creator God. The remedy is indicated in the book's title: the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus is seen as God's apology to the victims of evil, the recompense owed to them by a righteous and loving Creator whose responsibility for evil is ultimate, whatever the responsibility of humans may be. Biblical evidence is examined throughout and attention to the gospel of Mark shows divine apology to be central to the power of Jesus to overcome evil and to make dignity hope and healing available to the innocent in their pain. "The God Who Says Sorry" may irk those who make guilt and repentance preconditions of access to the God who loves enough to say sorry.

The God Who Says Sorry by Anthony Bird
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