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By Angela Culme-Seymour

ISBN 1-904181-15-5
PRICE: £13.99, €21


The autobiography of Angela Culme-Seymour, grand-daughter of Trix Ruthven - a noted British High Society beauty who famously deserted her first and second husband and children and became known in those circles as 'The Bolter'. Angela Culme-Seymour's own life of privilege included various travels abroad, four husbands, many lovers and turbulent times between both easy wealth and her more usual precarious financial existence.

This story covers a lot of ground from a conventional English education to a season as a debutante of the 30's, part of the War spent if the WAAFs, travels in Europe and Turkey. She now lives in Scotland close to where her last husband taught and is buried.

Bolter's Grand-Daughter By Angela Culme-Seymour
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