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By Jide Shodimu

ISBN 1-904181-93-7
PRICE: £11.99, €18


A factual book of reference summarising information on people, places and events that are celebrated across black nations around the World. Black Stories Beautiful Summaries identifies and reveals the many joyous moments and major achievements that people of black origin can celebrate. These moments of achievement are described over a calendar year, linking different events based on black nations to each day of the year. This book links the fame, fortune, and success of people of black origin who have positively influenced the development and advancement of black nations around the world. Black Stories Beautiful Summaries features Philosophers, Politicians, Scientists, Authors, Athletes, Musicians, and many more.

Black Stories Beautiful Summaries describes people, places and events within Africa, the Caribbean, UK and USA.

For every purchase of this book, 20% of the author's royalty will be donated to the Holy Ghost Father's charity. “Jide’s work is simple but profound, borrowing from history the positive facts based on black nations. These facts are all too often hidden by the problems that we see on our television sets today.” Tunde Bankole, Director of Africa’s Western Society. Jide Shodimu is a Engineering professional who has dedicated much of his career to the aviation industry. His passion for history, culture, language, and education, form the foundation of  BLACK STORIES BEAUTIFUL SUMMARIES.

Black Stories Beautiful Summaries By Jide Shodimu
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